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Denham Springs angler Darren Cooper seined the Pointe-aux-Chenes marsh for redfish Saturday, getting deeper into the marsh than he'd ever been thanks to sky-high water levels.

Best tips for summer Pointe-aux-Chenes marsh

Last week's torrential downpours couldn't stop the redfish action in the Pointe-aux-Chenes marsh. In fact, the stiff westerly winds backed up the water, making it even easier to get to the fish.

"I never fish when the water is this high," said Denham Springs angler Darren Cooper, who owns a camp minutes from Pointe-aux-Chenes Marina. "When it's high, I usually stay at that camp."

He was happy he did't sleep in by the time he returned to the launch Saturday.

16 hours ago
Five-year-old Caleb Kellum managed to catch a few nice specks while riding in the back of his dad’s kayak. Trolling is a great way to get young children involved in fishing.

Trolling for trout - Tips for putting more fish in the ’yak

You’re slowly making your way across a small lake. Suddenly, both lines dragging behind the kayak go tight.

It’s a problem, but a good problem.

May 18 at 9:00am
Capt. Jared Adams poses with the 9.64-pound speck he caught in a marsh pond near Big Lake that ultimately won first place for heaviest trout in the Yellow Mouth Fever tournament earlier this month in Mississippi.

World Trout Championships excludes Louisiana waters west of the Mississippi River

Capt. Jared Adams has been putting the hurt on 7-, 8- and even 9-pound specks in Big Lake, and in doing so the guide recently collected more than $20,000 in cash and prizes from two Mississippi-based trout tournaments.

May 17 at 9:44pm
Capt. Nick Poe, with Big Lake Guide Service, caught this 27-inch, 7 ½<br />
-pound speckled trout last month. Fresh water from record March flooding hasn't adversely affected the speck bite, he said.

Big Lake in May: Guide says to head south to catch more specks

When Capt. Nick Poe contemplates catching Calcasieu Lake speckled trout during the month of May, factoring in the typical prevailing wind this time of year plays a big part in his daily plan of attack. 

May 16 at 4:52pm
Ricky Richoux (on right) and Jody Auenson formed a friendship with knives in their hands over piles of fish at marina docks.

The friendship of the guide and fish cleaner

Although Jody Auenson and Ricky Richoux have been friends for at least 15 years, this was the first time they fished together.

“I was really looking forward to this trip,” Richoux said.

“I’ve invited him before,” Auenson said, “but he’s always busy cleaning fish.”

May 15 at 7:00am
Speckled trout can fight very aggressively when water temperatures are in there prime-zone for trout, like they are in May.

Inside specks still plentiful in Dularge this month

Catching trout in the big bays and outside waters isn’t for everyone, and not every angler has a nice large bay boat to overcome choppy seas.

May 15 at 7:00am
A feeding red cruises the edge of a Montegut pond at low tide.

Tip for flyfishing for redfish

Now that shrimp have flooded the marsh ponds, better pack those shrimp flies into your box. Among the many choices are Kwans, Charlies, Crystal Shrimp, Borski Hair Shrimp, Popovics Shrimp and Coma Shrimp.

May 15 at 7:00am
The Matrix Mini allows anglers to scratch the angling itch when trout are lethargic.

The Matrix Mini

Chas Champagne wishes it would have been as simple as pointing a futuristic-looking device at one of the most-popular speckled trout soft plastics on the market and reducing the size significantly, like in the 1989 movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.”

May 13 at 10:47am
Capt. Marty LaCoste said when conditions are right this month, Raccoon Island is a great place to target speckled trout with double rigs.

Raccoon Island means trout this month out of Dularge

May is typically moving month for speckled trout along Louisiana’s coast, as they make their transition from inside waters and head offshore to spawn. 

May 13 at 8:30am
Hagan Delaune, 6, caught this trout fishing with his grandfather, Capt. Keith

Grand Isle birds + beaches = boatloads of fish

Capt. Keith "Herk" Bergeron said May is probably the best month of the year to fish for trout in the Grand Isle area. 

May 11 at 5:02pm
You can catch all the school trout you want this month by targeting flocks of birds, but there also are solid fish patrolling the shorelines and reefs.

Trout invasion is on at Lafitte, charter guide says

Lafitte anglers have to make long runs most of the year to reach hot trout action, but this month everything is happening near the little port south of New Orleans.

"In reality, 35 minutes from the marina you can catch plenty of trout," Capt. Theophile Bourgeois said.

May 10 at 5:15pm
Big, hungry trout are waiting in the surf across Southeast Louisiana, but before you head out get in on the one-day BOGO 50-percent flash sale on Sportsman Cool Breeze shirts.

They. Have. Arrived.

Head to the surf this month on Grand Isle, Elmers or Breton Island and there’s a good chance you’ll find huge hungry speckled trout like these waiting.

Those huge trout are what keeps Capt. Theophile Bourgeois with Bourgeois Charters flying from his home base in Lafitte to Breton Island.

But before you head to the surf, check out our Cool Breeze shirts and caps – hot off the truck. And the shirts are on a BOGO 50-percent sale today only.

May 03 at 9:28am
Speckled trout came early and came on strong for Ricky Richoux.

The trout whackers — Grand Isle guide shares trout-fishing tips

It was a sight to see in the dim light of dawn. There were untold thousands of birds.

Wide-bodied pelicans occupied every rock fringing the island. Many more of the big birds’ white-crowned heads stuck up out of the island’s grass.

May 01 at 7:00am
The falling tide seemed to trigger the speck bite.

Fishin’ the short cut — Where to fish between Myrtle Grove and Grand Isle

“Good luck with DAT!” Artie laughed as Spencer and Doc unveiled their fishing plans at the “Pre-Memorial Day Paaaw-ty Luncheon” (which itself turned into a pretty nice paaaw-ty).

“Tell you what,” Artie continued while putting down his oyster po-boy and looking around with a chuckle. “We’re going with Plan B — OK?

May 01 at 7:00am
Joel Weathers shows off a nice speck he managed to catch before the fish moved out to those large bays.

Kickin’ it old school — Trout will still fall for old-school equipment

My plan seemed simple enough: I wanted to fish with some old gear to see if it’d still function and produce the way I remembered.

By “old gear” I don’t mean ancient 100-year-old stuff but the stuff I grew up with. The old Mitchell 300s spun with monofilament line and shad rigs.

May 01 at 7:00am
The Kamikaze Vortex Shad is one of Capt. Travis Miller’s favorite baits to throw on his double rigs.

Miller Time — Guide shares tips for Dularge trout fishing

Capt. Travis Miller learned a few years ago that one of his favorite — and perhaps his favorite — platforms was going to be removed from his Dularge waters.

Miller caught beaucoup specks around this platform, but his Picket fish would only be a distant memory. 

May 01 at 7:00am