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Breton Sound waters produce big trout for Charlie Thomason as soon as the weather allows him to get that far into open water. St. Bernard/Upper Plaquemines
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This area of the state has developed the reputation for providing the closest thing that exists to a 12-month-a-year speckled trout fishery.

Jules Ballanger catches lots of speckled trout on Carolina rigs in beach waters fronting the gulf side of Grand Isle and its neighboring islands. Barataria Bay/Grand Isle
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Barataria Bay is a vast estuary ranging from near-freshwater Lake Cataouche in the north to near-marine habitats at Grand Isle in the south.

Wreck Bay should be marked on the GPS of any angler fishing out of Delacroix or Point a la Hache. Pinpointing Wreck Bay
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Dear Capt. Paul:

Where is Wreck Bay out of Point a la Hache? What are the coordinates for the bay? I can’t seem to find it on my map.

Capt. Paul’s response:

The fish in Delacroix’s Oak River are so thick in February that you can drift and cast almost anywhere and catch fish. Winter Retreat ­— Delacroix’s Oak River provides great trout fishing
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Last year the winter action in Oak River was good. In fact, better-than-good.

Capt. Ron “Ahab” Broadus (504-914-6063) said his February calendar from last year records some outstanding redfish catches and some decent speckled trout catches in a month not known for much in the way of productivity.

The majority of his action came from up in the Orange Bayou section around Bay Lori and in Lake Batolal, where he caught fish at the cuts in Oak River and drifting around points in Lake Batola while fishing plastics under a cork.

But last winter didn’t bring much in the way of cold down here to the southeastern part of Sportsman’s Paradise — at least not like this winter.

This winter is one for the books. We don’t often hear phrases like “polar vortex,” “arctic express” and “Hercules” in reference to extreme weather conditions. With summer heat waves or tropical storms, yes, but with winter?

Who woulda thunk it?

Lake Cataouatche once was choked with hydrilla, and its disappearance has mystified many — including the experts. Sometimes nature is just fickle
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Three short years ago, a little lake snuggled into the crescent of the Mississippi River southwest of New Orleans rose to world prominence when Kevin VanDam boated 20 fish worth 69 pounds, 11 ounces to win the Bassmaster Classic by a stunning 10 pounds.

Before this trip, Capt. James Wilson had a streak of 30 trips that ended in limits of speckled trout. Clovelly Oil Field offers best of both worlds
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The particular area that produced all these limits of speckled trout for Capt. James Wilson is a part of the Clovelly Oil Field. The canal that comes out in the middle of Little Lake is a part of it, but the other part, where we fished, is the south end by Brusle.

Dr. Wynn Russo fishes every week when possible, and he does so with no GPS, no depth sounder, no trolling motor and no Power-Pole. Doctor’s Orders — Fall speckled trout and redfish hotspots mapped out
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You’ve heard of situations described as “win-win-win.” How about one that’s “Win-Wynn-when?”

While under the birds, the angler's corks went down just as soon as they hit the water. Clovelly two-step — Speckled trout fishing gets hot at Lafitte’s Clovelly
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I couldn’t figure out why my son wasn’t making a cast.

Garry Leblanc (left) and Capt. Mike Daigle display two beautiful Lafitte reds. Lucky 7 — Top Lafitte fishing hotspots
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October changes everything. In gaming parlance, you’d say it reshuffles the deck and ups your odds for a winning hand.

Larger specks haven't arrived in great numbers yet in inside coastal bays and marshes near the Biloxi Marsh and Lake Borgne, but Capt. Mike Gallo said conditions are setting up for a great fall. Still waiting for big speck push near Biloxi Marsh, Lake Borgne
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After the first cool front of the season, the redfish bite remains consistent in the Biloxi Marsh, but conditions are setting up right for speckled trout to begin making a more definitive push inside coastal marshes and bays, according to a fishing guide.

Delacroix redfishing heats up in the fall. Eat More Red Meat — How to catch Delacroix’s fall reds
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The winds were already blowing when I stepped out of my truck onto the dock by Capt. Ron “Ahab” Broadus’ boat dock down in Delacroix Island.

Northwest Islands Northwest Islands
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Dear Capt. Paul:

Shilling started finding a lot more bait around Lafitte in May, and that bait brought some bigger redfish out of hiding. Harvey Cut holds big summertime redfish
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Even though we had a limit of redfish in Jason Shilling’s boat, my son Matthew still wanted something more pulling on his line.

If the weather cooperates, it could be a great weekend of fishing in Black Bay, according to Ron Delacroix heats up as water temperature cools
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Recent rains and a persistent, light easterly wind could mean good news for anglers looking for speckled trout in Black Bay this weekend, according to Ron “Capt. Ahab” Broadus.

When redfish aren’t stacked in one spot, Jason Shilling continues to catch them by quickly fishing lots of spots to find scattered fish. Snow Days — How to fish Lafitte depends on weather in the frozen North
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Storm clouds loomed over Capt. Jason Shilling’s head as he idled away from Seaway Marina in Lafitte with the intention of heading toward Lake Salvador.

The trout have been sparse lately but anglers can go home with a good number if they move around and catch them on the drift. Target best weather days to up fishing odds for trout and reds in Hopedale, Delacroix
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The fishing around Hopedale has been a little spotty lately, and the stormy weather has not helped out much. Specks and reds have been landed sparingly in the lakes and marshes surrounding Hopedale and Delacroix on warmer, calmer days.

But even then it’ not a sit-in-one-spot-and-load-the-boat kind of thing.