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18th Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo set for July 28-30 out of Venice Marina

The 18th Annual Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo is set to roll next week out of Venice Marina, and this year’s event features a brand new five-fish red snapper stringer division made possible because the state waters line has been pushed beyond the old 3-mile boundary.

July 22 at 10:02am
A survey of all Gulf states by reveals Louisiana is the only one concerned about a potential lack of federal funding in overseeing the red snapper fishery if control is ultimately stripped from the federal government.

Louisiana is only Gulf state not supporting regional red snapper management bill

Louisiana currently stands alone as the only Gulf state indicating it would be unable to afford to oversee red snapper management if oversight authority of the fishery is ultimately stripped away from the federal government.

In interviews with, marine fisheries representatives from the other four Gulf states have confirmed they are still supporting H.R. 3094 from Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves and had no reservations about moving forward because federal funding was stripped from the bill last month.

July 15 at 10:22am
Patrick Banks, LDWF's assistant secretary in the Office of Fisheries, told the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Thursday the price tag for Year 1 of regional red snapper management would cost $10,039,000.

Red snapper management would cost Louisiana $10 million-plus in first year, LDWF says

If red snapper management is ultimately turned over to the individual Gulf states through Garret Graves’ bill currently moving through Congress, the program would come with a $10,039,000 price tag for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in its first year, according to the state’s head fisheries biologist.

July 07 at 6:22pm
State management of red snapper likely will require more money than the LA Creel program provides, the state's highest-ranking fisheries biologist said.

LA Creel not enough to cover full snapper management, biologist says

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Charlie Melancon’s opposition to a congressional bill to hand over red snapper management to the Gulf states hinged on the bill’s lack of federal funding and what he estimated could be a $10 million annual price tag.

But that flew in the face of previous statements by his predecessor’s administration, which said in a congressional hearing that the agency had plenty of money for state management thanks to a saltwater fishing license increase instituted to fund the data-collection program known as LA Creel.

So who’s correct?

July 05 at 11:33am
Julie Hebert's was dismissed from the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission earlier this year, and she claims the reason stems from her resolution to support a congressional red snapper bill.

Hebert claims dismissal from LWF Commission payback for red snapper resolution

Former Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission member Julie Hebert attributed her dismissal from the governing board earlier this year to her April resolution supporting Congressman Garret Graves' bill giving control of red snapper management to the Gulf states, a New Orleans-based website reported.

"I said, 'You know what? As a commission, we need to support this,'" Hebert told "Well, I got absolutely no feedback from the (Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries). I asked for feedback, and it was coming, it was coming, it was coming."

July 02 at 5:00am
Bluegills are suckers for worm-tipped tube jigs.

Atchafalaya fruit salad — The Basin offers multi-species fishing opportunities this month

When the winter-spring floodwaters fall out of the Atchafalaya Basin, everything that swims bites.

Unless a fisherman is a single-species snob, a day’s catch can include, largemouth and spotted bass, white bass, yellow bass, two species of crappie, three or four species of bream, blue catfish, channel catfish and the odd flathead catfish.

July 01 at 7:00am
Most of the fish around a platform tend to concentrate on the upcurrent side of the rig.

Pulling the trigger — How to catch triggerfish out of Grand Isle

“But nobody actually fishes for TAAAW-PON during the Grand Isle TAAAW-PON Rodeo!” Artie roared. 

“Yeah!” Doc laughed, as a baffled Anthony (Trisha’s Floridian brother-in-law) frowned and looked around. “So who’s the wise guy who named a fishing tournament in a place famous for its seafood eatery after a fish NOBODY EATS!” 

July 01 at 7:00am
Rep. Garret Graves said he plans to continue to push regional red snapper management despite LDWF's concerns over the lack of federal funding.

Funding objections to regional red snapper management ‘political crap,’ congressman says

The Baton Rouge author of a congressional bill that would transfer management of red snapper to the five Gulf of Mexico states fired back this week at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries secretary, who last week issued a statement saying a lack of federal funding could prevent the state from participating in any regional management program.

“Obviously this is political crap going on, and we’re just trying to figure out where it’s coming from and why,” Congressman Garret Graves told “This isn’t a partisan issue, and it shouldn’t be something that becomes controversial. If they want to play political games, they can play them by themselves.

June 30 at 5:25pm
Secretary Charlie Melancon said he's in favor of regional red snapper management, but didn't know if the LDWF could afford to tackle the program now that federal funding has been removed from Rep. Garret Graves' bill in Congress.

Funding concerns reason for Melancon’s opposition to red snapper bill

In an interview Thursday from the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meeting in Clearwater Beach, Fla., Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries secretary Charlie Melancon clarified his position on a bill in Congress that would transfer management of Gulf red snapper to the five Gulf states.

June 23 at 4:51pm
LDWF secretary Charlie Melancon has came out against Rep. Garret Graves' bill in Congress that would give management authority of Gulf red snapper to the five Gulf states, saying the program could be too costly to implement without any federal assistance.

Melancon opposes bill giving Gulf states control of red snapper management

A surprise statement this week from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries secretary Charlie Melancon opposing a bill in Congress that would transfer management of red snapper from the federal government to the five Gulf states has dented the previously unified front between the LDWF and Coastal Conservation Association - Louisiana, which has long-advocated for the switch on behalf of recreational anglers.

June 22 at 4:38pm
Step 1: Make a fillet cut on one side of the bait fish starting near the tail and ending near the head, leaving the fillet attached to the head. Repeat the cut on the opposite side of the fish.

How to make a butterfly bait for snapper

Butterfly baits are highly effective for targeting large bottom fish such as groupers and large red snappers.

June 15 at 7:00am
While Ricky Ruffin looks on approvingly, Hayes Newcomb hoists two big red snappers he took on a chicken rig off a deepwater pipeline crossing.

Frekey’s snapper gear

Flipping tidbits of bait to mangrove snappers just beneath the water’s surface is an entirely different game than dredging their red snapper cousins up from the deep.

June 15 at 7:00am
Chris Macaluso, left, and his crew caught easy limits of red snapper Wednesday out of Grand Isle. Because of Tropical Storm Colin, NOAA extended the Gulf red snapper season in federal waters by two days — the federal season ends on Sunday at 12:01 a.m.

Red snapper anglers looking forward to one more Saturday in federal waters

Across South Louisiana, hurricanes and tropical storms are despised. There’s always a chance for one to hit home when they form in the Gulf, and if that happens, local residents have to pack their things and wait in approximately 143 hours of traffic to get to their hurricane-free destination.

June 09 at 9:02am
NOAA announced Wednesday afternoon the 2016 recreational red snapper season in the Gulf would be extended by two days due to Tropical Storm Colin. The season now closes at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, June 12.

Feds extend Gulf recreational red snapper season for two days

Recreational red snapper anglers will get one more full Saturday of fishing — thanks to Tropical Storm Colin.

June 08 at 2:37pm
Chasing big speckled trout has become a passion in Tony Bruce’s life.

Spotted fever — Top tips for catching Venice’s trophy trout

He’s got it. He’s got it bad!

Tony Bruce has spotted fever — a burning desire to put big spotted seatrout in the boat.

The sine qua non of his fishing existence is to win the 100-day long Coastal Conservation Association STAR.

June 01 at 7:00am
Both Bull and “pig” frogs abound in the more open, grassier regions of the Maurepas Swamp.

Midnight run — Tips for frogging in the Manchac Swamp WMA swamps

“Wind from the WEST!” Artie yelled, waving his arms crazily and looking around. “Fish bite BEST! Who on earth came up with DAT?”

He pointed at the flapping Saints flag on the porch of Doc’s camp as he yelled.

“Whoever it was sure didn’t live in Southeast Louisiana!” Eddie answered, pointing at the exposed mud stretching about 2 feet from the edge of the spartina grass to the muddy canal right below us. “Gonna be a skimpy Father’s Day fish fry!”

June 01 at 7:00am