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Capt. Ahab Broadus finds loads of speckled trout willing to bite live shrimp and plastic this time of year.

Make Delacroix your May trout destination

Live shrimp under a cork the ticket, guide says
May 12 at 8:55am

Get knotty with the FG knot

Learn to tie the FG knot
May 10 at 8:47am
Capt. Matt McCabe flips another keeper aboard his Skeeter along the Trestles.

Braid or fluorocarbon? Best options for speckled trout

Two experts weigh in on when to use each
May 05 at 9:47am
Capt. Mike Gallo caught this pretty speck last year on Mother’s Day on the outskirts of the Biloxi Marsh bouncing a soft plastic lure off the bottom.

Pontchartrain specks set to bust loose

Lake Catherine is a good option for windy days, guide says
May 02 at 9:36am

LDWF: Pontchartrain anglers over speckled trout limit

Three ticketed in two separate cases on Monday
April 20 at 8:38am
Green often fishes the lake when it is so rough that he has difficulty standing on the bouncing deck of his boat.

Forrest Green is a fishing fool

April 15 at 7:00am
More than 5,600 derelict crab traps were removed from Louisiana's coastal waters during the 30-day crab season closure earlier this year, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

LDWF’s Crab Trap Rodeos yield more than 5,600 traps

Since program started in 2004, more than 33,000 derelict traps removed
April 06 at 10:17am
Forrest “Mr. Green” Green fishes 300 days a year and looks for more.

Lacombe Spring Fling — Tips for speckled trout fishing out of Bayou Lacombe

The window for crazy speckled trout action out of Lacombe is only about four weeks, but you don’t want to miss it. And this die-hard angler shares all you need to know to load the boat.
April 01 at 7:00am
Capt. Mike Gallo with a speckled trout caught at The Castle.

Raid the Castle — Fishing tips for catching trout at The Castle

Speckled trout and reds roam the old ruins of what for decades was known as ‘The Castle.’ So take some tips from this guide and catch your fill.
April 01 at 7:00am
Coastal Conservation Association Louisiana announced that construction of a new 5- to 6-acre artificial reef on the south end of Big Lake is expected to begin later this spring.

CCA plans new artificial reef on south end of Big Lake

Construction set for later this spring
March 22 at 4:17pm
Both commercial and recreational crabbers in Louisiana can return their crab traps to state waters beginning Wednesday, March 22, 30 minutes before legal sunrise, according to the LDWF.

Recreational, commercial crab traps good to go again on March 22

30-day closure ends Tuesday night, LDWF says
March 17 at 3:58pm
Walter Thompson of Ponchatoula caught this 'snub-nosed' speckled trout with a Rat-L-Trap last Thursday morning under the lights near the drawbridge on The Trestles in Lake Pontchartrain. Its appearance is likely the result of a congenital abnormality.

‘Snub-nosed’ speck caught at The Trestles

Trout likely had congenital abnormality that resulted in deformed upper-jaw, biologists say
March 14 at 10:49am