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The Pearl River gets full of speckled trout in the fall when the white shrimp move through the area, Capt. John Falterman said.

A low Pearl River is perfect setup for trout

When many anglers think of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin in October, they think of the Trestles.

October 04 at 10:47am
Most of us started our hunting “vocations” by stalking squirrels. The thrill is NOT gone! It’s easy to recapture.

Blasting Bachman’s — Where to hunt Bachman’s fox squirrels

Artie suddenly put down his basting brush, clapped his hands, and bellowed.

“So who wants squirrel sauce piquante next week for the LSU-Florida tailgate PAAAW-TY?” he howled.

All heads turned — but remember Otis Day in Animal House? Remember his reaction when Boon yelled, “Otis! My Man!”

October 01 at 7:00am
A lot of factors, including its massive size, make Richard K. Yancey WMA your best chance at a quality buck this season in the MAV SOUTH.

2016-17 WMA Forecast

As excited as public-land hunters must be as the 

2016-17 hunting seasons approach, there were some anxious moments over the winter and into late spring as floodwaters inundated some of the wildlife management areas.

September 01 at 7:00am
Capt. Kris Robert with One Last Cast Charters said both the L&N Train Bridge and the Hwy. 90 bridge are solid spots for speckled trout this month. His go-to setup is a drop-shot rig with live shrimp, and he said plan on being early to get a good spot.

Arrive early at L&N Train Bridge for July speckled trout action

Capt. Kris Robert said he thinks speckled trout act a lot like people when dealing with summertime heat: If they get hot, they go somewhere where they can cool down. And they prefer not to gorge themselves during the height of the heat of day.

That means early morning trips where cooler, deeper water and easily accessible bait are readily available. 

July 01 at 2:47pm
Both Bull and “pig” frogs abound in the more open, grassier regions of the Maurepas Swamp.

Midnight run — Tips for frogging in the Manchac Swamp WMA swamps

“Wind from the WEST!” Artie yelled, waving his arms crazily and looking around. “Fish bite BEST! Who on earth came up with DAT?”

He pointed at the flapping Saints flag on the porch of Doc’s camp as he yelled.

“Whoever it was sure didn’t live in Southeast Louisiana!” Eddie answered, pointing at the exposed mud stretching about 2 feet from the edge of the spartina grass to the muddy canal right below us. “Gonna be a skimpy Father’s Day fish fry!”

June 01 at 7:00am
Peace Marvel has been one of the great innovators in offshore charter fishing business.

Venice fishing guide marches to his own drum beat

The man whose name has become almost synonymous with swordfish has the look of someone who has lived a lot of life and enjoyed every bit of it.

May 15 at 7:00am

Pearl River WMA reopened after river recedes

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has reopened the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area, but three side roads remain closed.

April 01 at 3:17pm
Nice catches of speckled trout can be found at the rigs in Lake Borgne during the summer.

The Forgotten Lake — Tips for Lake Borgne success

It seems that in every family there is one child who gets all the attention. The kids are outspoken, witty and interesting. At family gatherings, they keep everyone entertained.

Then there is the other child: quiet and bashful, sitting in the shadows.

April 01 at 7:00am

Father, son found guilty of deer hunting violations on Kisatchie National Forest

A father and son from Pearl River were found guilty in Second Judicial Court in Claiborne Parish earlier this month for deer hunting violations in connection with a case earlier this year in the Bucktail Campground on Kisatchie National Forest. 

March 22 at 3:54pm
Look for diving birds to give away the school specks when the water starts clearing up on a falling tide.

Paawty Time! How to catch Buras reds, trout in the spring

“No! “the women shrieked, while swiveling their heads from Doc to Artie. “Not another one!”

Doc was dumping yet another sack of crawfish into the purge bin, while Artie tapped another keg.

That made three sacks of crawfish and two kegs.

March 01 at 7:00am
Tuesday morning, Chas Champagne was using lemonhead Matrix Shad with a ⅜-ounce jighead to catch 15- to 17-inch speckled trout at the Trestles on Lake Pontchartrain. Noah Lepine, 15, above, shows off a typical speck from the day's take.

Don’t expect many springtime trophy trout in Lake Pontchartrain

As of right now, the Lake Pontchartrain-based creator of the popular Matrix and Vortex Shad soft plastic paddle tail baits isn’t expecting a record-breaking spring for trophy trout on his home waters.

February 23 at 11:23am
When fishing on the Pearl, Jeff Bruhl likes varying the weight of his jig based on the depth of water he is fishing.

How to fish a jig on the Pearl River

A jig is one bait a lot of bass anglers don’t understand how to fish, and because of that they have poor results with it.

But Jeff Bruhl has mastered the art, and he said it is critical to pick the right size lure for the situation.

February 15 at 7:00am
Jeff Bruhl targets drains and points in the marsh off of the Pearl River when looking for bass in February.

Don’t forget marsh bass fishing

When going into the Pearl River system, many anglers think of woods and big cypress trees. And, while the Pearl certainly has these, one place that’s overlooked is the marsh just south of the Pearl.

February 15 at 7:00am
Jeff Bruhl uses a 1-ounce weight, a punch skirt, a 5/0 hook and a soft-plastic whenever he is punching the grass mats.

Punching the Pearl River for bass

Punching could arguably be one of the most-fun ways to catch bass. There is just nothing like having to wench a fish out of thick cover. 

February 15 at 7:00am