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Redfish and black drum have been steady in the Lafitte area despite recent strong winds, according to Capt. Kris Hebert. Recent winds have muddied the waters near Lafitte, guide says
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Windy conditions have muddied the waters near Lafitte, but the redfish and black drum bite remains steady, a fishing guide said.

Jules Ballanger catches lots of speckled trout on Carolina rigs in beach waters fronting the gulf side of Grand Isle and its neighboring islands. Barataria Bay/Grand Isle
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Barataria Bay is a vast estuary ranging from near-freshwater Lake Cataouche in the north to near-marine habitats at Grand Isle in the south.

While some kayak tournaments require anglers to bring fish to weigh-ins, many are photo-and-release events. Gulf Coast Kayak Tournaments 2014:
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• March 29 — Boats on the Bayou, New Orleans. New this year, a special kayak division is added to the City Park Big Bass Rodeo. Kayaks will compete for trophies fishing Bayou St. John. Go to for more.

Vermilion Bay can provide a lot of fishing action, as user reelin1 discovered. Who doesn’t want a fishing edge?
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Dear Capt. Paul:

Do you have the GPS position coordinates for Vermilion Bay and the Boxcar Reef?

– Thanks, WA

Robert Shamblin with a Breton Island bull red. Barrier Bulls — How to catch bull redfish at Breton Island
2385 Views - Posted: March 01 at 7:00 am

So, I’m at this media event, at Theophile Bourgeois’ lodge in Lafitte. Bourgeois invited all his sponsors and a few media guys to spend a couple nights at his place, where he’d provide food and lodging, give us all a chance to mingle and talk shop, and then pile us into a fleet of bay boats to see if we could do more than talk the talk.

Fishing stories, product discussions and general conversation lasted late into the night between the couple dozen of us there, and after an early breakfast came the boat assignments. Call it the luck of the draw, but my assignment was to take a seat in Bourgeois’ Cessna float plane along with Mercury Marine’s Kevin Brown and Power-Pole’s Robert Shamblin for a flight out to the barrier islands for some March wade-fishing for bull reds.

Subsiding marsh and man-made canals south of New Orleans. The blame game
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words or, in the case of New Orleans attorneys Gladstone Jones and Jim Swanson, untold damages that are well into the millions.

At the mid-January meeting of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, Louisiana’s guiding coastal board, the two men offered up a PowerPoint presentation with 100 slides. But it was 11 in particular that helped explain the reasons why Jones and Swanson are representing the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East in its suit against 97 oil and gas companies. 

They displayed aerial photographs of St. Bernard’s unincorporated community of Delacroix, beginning in the 1950s and ’60s. While trappers and fishermen had come to define the area back then, the discovery of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico helped redefine it with canals cut across the marshes.

A female bald eagle found injured in Beauregard Parish after apparently being struck by a vehicle was rehabbed and returned to the wild last month. Injured bald eagle in Beauregard Parish returned to the wild
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A female adult bald eagle found injured in Beauregard Parish by a work crew late in October was rehabbed and returned to the wild, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Although most of the trout had pushed out because of a warm spell, Wilson and Zimmer were able to pick at a few in the backs of the canals. Tropical weather pushes trout toward Lafitte
1403 Views - Posted: November 15, 2013 at 6:00 am

To say you’re hoping for a hurricane to blow through South Louisiana just to make the fishing better would be a tad bit insensitive.

Before this trip, Capt. James Wilson had a streak of 30 trips that ended in limits of speckled trout. Clovelly Oil Field offers best of both worlds
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The particular area that produced all these limits of speckled trout for Capt. James Wilson is a part of the Clovelly Oil Field. The canal that comes out in the middle of Little Lake is a part of it, but the other part, where we fished, is the south end by Brusle.

While under the birds, the angler's corks went down just as soon as they hit the water. Clovelly two-step — Speckled trout fishing gets hot at Lafitte’s Clovelly
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I couldn’t figure out why my son wasn’t making a cast.

Capt. Theophile Bourgeois' seaplane offers easy fishing access to barrier islands from Lafitte.
Theophile’s Flying Circus — Seaplane offers easy fishing access to barrier islands
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Did you ever go to the circus when you were a kid? There really wasn’t anything else quite like it.

Joe Lavigne of Independence checks the Tangipahoa nearly every day, and will fish it any time of year, but no season is better than the fall. River Rat — Bass-fishing tips for the Florida Parishes rivers
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Joe Lavigne saw more deer than probably half the Louisiana hunters who had humped their way up trees one morning last October.

Garry Leblanc (left) and Capt. Mike Daigle display two beautiful Lafitte reds. Lucky 7 — Top Lafitte fishing hotspots
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October changes everything. In gaming parlance, you’d say it reshuffles the deck and ups your odds for a winning hand.

Not all the catfish that swim the Mississippi River are huge, and a box full of fish this size makes for an excellent fish fry. Internal Alarm — Catfish go on a feeding frenzy when the Mississippi River begins to fall
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Aaron Langlois has an internal alarm clock set by his ancestors through Canada all the way back to France.

A lifelong Jeanerette resident, Elvis Jeanminette has been a tournament angler both fresh and saltwater for 37 years. No Tails Necessary — Redfishing options for Vermilion Bay
3358 Views - Posted: August 01, 2013 at 7:00 am
Surrounded by boats, raucous gulls and terns dived into the green waters of Vermilion Bay near Weeks Island. And as quickly as lines could be cast, anglers were landing speckled trout.

The state’s $50 billion Coastal Master Plan includes many projects aimed at stemming the loss of marshes. Coastal Master Plan ‘worth following,’ state’s top restoration official says
4312 Views - Posted: July 22, 2013 at 4:30 pm

According to Dr. E.L. Corthell, former president of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the breakdown of the Mississippi River Delta’s coastal wetlands is in part a debate of commercial use and flood control versus conservation. It’s about short-term benefits versus long-term benefits and finding a way to battle a rising sea and disappearing earth.