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Fried Snapper Throats with Pam’s Remoulade Sauce.

He talks Mississippi but cooks Louisiana

Ricky Ruffin carries the twang of rural Mississippi, but make no mistake: He cooks as well as any born-and-bred Louisianan.

In fact, he ought to be an honorary Cajun. Besides doing all his fishing in South Louisiana, he cooks like the best of the bayou chefs.

Yesterday at 9:00am
Kevin Diez (front) and Gene Hoover have been friends for many years and love to fish in the Atchafalaya Basin.

The making of two Atchafalaya Basin bass-fishing experts

Kevin Diez is an old friend.

I first met him fishing. We were both belly deep in the water at Elmer’s Island, clobbering speckled trout and white trout.

We were the only two on the island and the fishing was easy, so we started talking.

June 15 at 7:00am
Capt. Brian Sherman with Kayak Venice said June is a great month to target speckled trout and redfish via kayak out of Joshua’s Marina in Buras because fish are typically not far from the launch.

Great kayak angling options in Buras

In a typical kayak, there just isn’t a whole lot of extra room for a vast array of pre-rigged rods, or multiple tackle boxes crammed with an insane variety of hooks, topwater lures, soft plastics and other items you never use but couldn’t pass up during your last visit down the fishing aisle.

For the most part, it’s a minimalist sport — which makes Buras an ideal June location for speckled trout and redfish because of both close paddling proximity, and the ease of using artificial lures this month.

June 07 at 8:29am
Giving crappie a bigger range of choices in terms of jig and grub colors on double rigs can increase your catch rates.

How to double up on crappie

With the exception of largemouth bass and catfish, guide Maynard Edwards of Lexington, N.C., has given up on using just one bait or lure at a time.

“I double-rig everything now,” Maynard said. 

June 06 at 10:00pm
Morgan City can be seen in the background while Charlie Bergeron fishes for catfish with Bill McCarty in the lower Atchafalaya River.

Enjoy Morgan City catfish haul

As fickle as the Atchafalaya River stage has been most springs and summers in the 2000s — well, and much of the time before that — it’s a challenge for an avid Morgan City outdoorsman to predict what the best fishing might be in June.

June 06 at 9:48am
Josh Chauvin shows off a big alligator snapping turtle he caught using a noodle constructed with a non-stainless hook, untarred line and a ½-inch hex nut for the weight.

Apex Predator: How to make noodles to catch alligator snapping turtles

Catching turtles is something I’ve done since childhood. In fact, I used to catch and sell them with a reptile collector’s license as a kid. 

May 24 at 2:30pm
They aren’t as glamorous as a big bass or a slab crappie, but channel catfish provide a great fight for fishermen and excellent table fare.

Lake to table - Lake D’Arbonne’s catfish are hard to beat

The appeal of catching an 8- to 10-pound bass or a cooler full of slab crappie brings most visitors to the 16,000-acre Lake D’Arbonne in Farmerville.

May 19 at 11:08am
This stream may not look like a fish haven, but it and others like it provide great bank and wade fishing.

LDWF biologist is small-water enthusiast

Ricky Moses knows what Scott Long is talking about. And he totally agrees.

May 15 at 7:00am
One of the prizes of small creek or bayou fishing is tasty sunperch like this one.

Best fishing hotspots on the state’s only national forest

Public access to small bayou and stream fishing in North Louisiana is almost unlimited when you consider the resources available in the five ranger districts of the Kistachie National Forest, located within an imaginary triangle between Winnfield, Natchitoches and Alexandria.

May 15 at 7:00am
Speckled trout came early and came on strong for Ricky Richoux.

The trout whackers — Grand Isle guide shares trout-fishing tips

It was a sight to see in the dim light of dawn. There were untold thousands of birds.

Wide-bodied pelicans occupied every rock fringing the island. Many more of the big birds’ white-crowned heads stuck up out of the island’s grass.

May 01 at 7:00am
A mixed bag of crappie, bass and catfish typifies a late spring or summer creek fishing trip.

Up a creek — State’s scenic rivers offer awesome fishing opportunities

Scott Long has a fishing secret. He and his family discovered it years ago.

Everybody who fished used to know, but apparently Long is one of only a few who retained this knowledge. 

His secret?

May 01 at 7:00am
Rhett Buteau is totally absorbed by the pursuit of sac-a-lait, fishing for them over 120 days a year, mostly in the Atchafalaya Basin.

Ten feet high and fallin’ — Best Atchafalaya Basin sac-a-lait tips

“In a perfect world, it would be 10 feet on the Butte La Rose gauge with a slow fall, year around,” the rakish young man told me with an infectious grin. 

The Butte La Rose gauge on the Atchafalaya River is what most fishermen — whether for sac-a-lait, bass, bream or catfish — go by to decide when and where to fish the vast Atchafalaya Basin.

May 01 at 7:00am
The author’s son, Darin LaCaze, with a nice crappie.

Fishing facts vs. fiction

Isn’t it strange how some myths and misinformation seem to enjoy immortality? Some myths arise regularly, just to confirm they are still out there waiting for the perfect opportunity to create fresh confusion.

April 22 at 3:38pm
Justin Coco, of Monterey, poses with the 120-pound blue cat he snagged in Concordia Parish on April 17. The big fish doesn't qualify for the state record books because it was not hooked in the mouth.

Snagged 120-pound blue cat doesn't qualify as new state record

Justin Coco reeled in a giant blue catfish for the ages early Sunday morning, but the big fish won’t qualify as a new No. 1 for the Louisiana record books because it was snagged — not hooked in the mouth.

April 22 at 11:25am

Target Lake Borgne’s freshwater cats for guaranteed fish fry

During the late winter and early spring, catching enough fish to have a fish fry can be tough — but not if you go after freshwater catfish.

April 15 at 7:00am
When females enter the shallows to join the males on their beds, it means that the spawn, a short-lived event, is starting.

What you need to know about fishing Lake D’Arbonne

On the way to the Highway 15 boat launch, John Odom provided a quick primer on fishing Lake D’Arbonne.

April 15 at 7:00am