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One advantage to using pogies for speckled trout bait is that they can be sized for the fish being targeted. Why pogies for speckled trout fishing?
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Steve Shook is known for two things: using live pogies to catch big speckled trout and fishing the rocks of East Timbalier Island.

When tied correctly, the treble hook will stay pointed at the fish and will not twist. Tackle and rigging
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Rigging the hook and weight is crucial to successful snagging.

Spoonbill catfish, or paddlefish, are often snagged, but they must be immediately released upon landing. Snagging laws
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There’s no way to control what fish your snagging hook contacts, but it’s important to understand that most species have to be released immediately.

Brandon Carter is one of the guides that has developed the Mississippi River delta’s reputation for big speckled trout. Mississippi River Delta
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Everything seems magnified down the river. Long boat runs are common. Frequent fogs seem thicker there than elsewhere. Navigation can be tricky because sandbars seem to shift on any whim.

The author has caught many thousands of chinquapin on fly rod using only a few adjustments to flies and tackle. Tippets
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April is one of the best months for both freshwater and marsh fly fishing. In which water shall you cast your fly?

Keith Thibodeaux caught this 4-pound bass in the Flat Lake area last month. Atchafalaya Basin bass action slowing down post-spawn
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The bulk of the spawn appears to be over in the Atchafalaya Basin, but anglers are still catching bass in the Bayou Pigeon area, according to a local angler.

Rudy Horne (left) and Jacob Coldiron rely on heavy surf fishing rods for snagging. Springtime diversion — Catfish snagging tips
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There are about as many ways to catch catfish as there are ways to cook them. Rods, yo-yos, jugs, trotlines, nets, traps and limb lines are all employed by Louisiana sportsmen.

Loupe’s Turtle Sauce Piquant is simple, delicious and not dominated by tomato sharpness in spite of being made with a lot of tomato products. Turtle Sauce Piquant recipe
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Turtle soup is considered one of the great classical Creole dishes of yore in New Orleans. Most Louisianan’s who try it today wonder what all the fuss is about. If they find a piece of turtle in it, it’s seldom larger than a match head and the soup tastes more of sherry wine than turtle.

Country folks cook turtle differently. They put turtle meat in their pots — lots of it and they put the wine in the cook instead of the pot. Turtle is cooked lots of ways: it’s smothered; it’s pot fried; it’s stewed; and probably best of all they make sauce piquant with it.

Bridges and other permanent structures in the park still bear WPA logos and marks. The New Orleans City Park story
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Louisiana has other urban fishing holes besides those in New Orleans City Park, including Cross Lake in Shreveport, Sibley Lake in Natchitoches, Bayou De Saird and Ouachita River in Monroe and City Park and University Lakes in Baton Rouge.

But none have developed the reputation for producing bass like City Park’s Lake.

The lake, more properly called a lagoon system, is small, with only 110 acres of water. But it has 14 miles of shoreline (not counting Bayou St. John, which also falls under the park’s jurisdiction), and most of it is accessible to fishermen.

The New Orleans City Park Big Bass Rodeo and Fishtival draws hundreds of anglers each year. 67th New Orleans City Park Big Bass Rodeo slated
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Billed as the oldest freshwater rodeo in the country, the Big Bass Rodeo and Fishtival will be held on March 29 at City Park in New Orleans.

The Big Bass Rodeo features six categories: youth bass, adult bass, junior anglers (ages 12 and under for the heaviest perch, bream or cichlids), the Rio Grande Roundup (a team event to help rid City Park’s waters of the invasive species of Rio Grande cichlids), fly fishing for the heaviest bass or cichlids and a Champions Challenge bass division for past rodeo winners only.

Lawson Boyte, right, and his cousin, Bo Danley, pose in front of the 114-pound blue catfish Boyte caught Saturday afternoon in the Mississippi River near Lake Providence. Oak Grove seventh grader reels in potential state record blue catfish on Mississippi River
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Few people ever get the opportunity to reel in a fish that weighs more than they do.

Even fewer anglers ever experience that thrill with a new potential state record on the end of the line.

But 12-year-old Lawson Boyte did both Saturday when he hooked a massive 114-pound blue catfish in the Mississippi River near Lake Providence.

Many think all kingfish, aka mullet, are the same, but there actually are three distinct species that can be distinguished by their coloration. When a mullet is king
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Biologists like writing about cool fish — odd fish, fish that are a swimming riddle. This month’s guy (or more properly “guys”) is that.

Nooch Duran and Mark Fonseca (holding turtle) show off their alligator snapping turtle minutes after its capture. The Cajun and the Beast — How to catch snapping turtles
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The huge, scaly beast — its massive body partially supported by the water — swim-crawled its way along the soft, mucky bottom. Its bear-like, long, black claws stirred up clouds of half-decayed vegetation and silt.

Bubbles of swamp gas rose lazily to the water’s surface.

The alligator snapping turtle was on the prowl — looking for something to eat. It wasn’t choosy. Acorns would be fine; so would crawfish, clams and even the stray crab. A smaller turtle, one whose shell it could crush with its massive cleaver-like jaws, would be tops on the list. 

Bobby Burnette caught his fifth, and heaviest, entry in Toledo Bend's Lunker Bass Program on Sunday, a 12.71-pound monster he reeled in near the Indian Mounds. Burnette reels in 12.71-pound hawg near Indian Mounds on Sunday
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Most people dream of catching one 10-pound bass in a lifetime, but Bobby Burnette seems to have a knack for reeling in lunkers on a regular basis.

Danny Hicks was scouting for a tournament Friday when this 10.85-pound bass slammed his Rat-L-Trap. Scouting trip ends with another Toledo Bend 10-pounder
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On Friday morning, Danny Hicks of DeRidder had plans to prefish an upcoming tournament on Toledo Bend.

Unfortunately, his fishing partner called in sick that day, so Hicks’ scouting foray ended up as a solo trip.

“It was a little warm, very windy, and there were whitecaps on the lake,” the 54 year old angler said.

Launching at Big Bass Marina, he motored very slowly over to the Six Mile area due to foggy conditions on the lake.

Blake Carpenter, of Silsbee, Texas, with his 11.74-pound bass taken from Hausen Bay in Toledo Bend on Feb. 8. Texas anglers land two double-digit Toledo Bend bass Saturday
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Two Texas anglers had a whale of a day at Toledo Bend on Saturday.

Despite the cold weather this winter, several lunker bass have already been landed, and with warmer temperatures in the immediate forecast, it's shaping up to be a bang-up spring at the Bend.