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Breton Sound waters produce big trout for Charlie Thomason as soon as the weather allows him to get that far into open water. St. Bernard/Upper Plaquemines
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This area of the state has developed the reputation for providing the closest thing that exists to a 12-month-a-year speckled trout fishery.

Vermilion Bay can provide a lot of fishing action, as user reelin1 discovered. Who doesn’t want a fishing edge?
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Dear Capt. Paul:

Do you have the GPS position coordinates for Vermilion Bay and the Boxcar Reef?

– Thanks, WA

Speckled trout are just beginning to transition from winter to spring, and Capt. Ted DeAgano III said he expects more and more trout will start showing up through Easter in Delacroix. Specks beginning to show up in Delacroix marsh, guide says
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Speckled trout are starting to appear in the Delacroix marsh, according to a fishing guide.

Will LeBlanc, 36, of Baton Rouge, wanted to share the story of his hunting group's encounter with lightning on Jan. 11 in Hopedale so that everyone would be more aware of the weather. January lightning strike creates hunting nightmare in Hopedale
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Will LeBlanc, 36, of Baton Rouge, was one of nine men on a duck hunt in Hopedale who found himself in the thick of a lightning storm on Jan. 11. He wanted to share the story of what happened that morning so that everyone might be more cautious in the weather. At his request, the two victims of the lightning strike remain anonymous.

When Will LeBlanc, Capt. Ted DeAgano III and seven buddies headed out for a Hopedale duck hunt last month, they were hoping for just another fun-filled morning with plenty of birds to shoot and all of the normal joking, laughing and camaraderie that accompanies a typical day in the marshes of south Louisiana. 

In February, spawning sheepshead swarm around almost all structures in shallow water all along our coast. Black Bay Jailbreak — Fishing tips for sheepshead
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Doc’s spanking-new bay boat, a 24-footer, was primed for its maiden voyage. Doc himself seemed uncharacteristically pumped for the occasion; lately his fishing had seemed more perfunctory than the traditional obsession we all recalled while growing up together.

This period spanned from New Orleans The Times-Picayune’s McFadden Duffy through By HEK through Bob Marshall to Todd Masson. Quite a stretch.

But from the look on his face on this Endymion parade night at his French Quarter bungalow, the anticipation to wet his new boat had gotten Doc’s fishing groove back, almost like during Fat City’s heyday. His face looked like it did the night he won the “dance-contest” at Kenny Vincent’s South Side.

Ducks didn't seem to be as plentiful in Louisiana this year, starting with the lowest September aerial survey on record.  Larry Reynolds, waterfowl study leader for the state, termed it a below-average season. 2013-14 waterfowl season a mixed bag for hunters across the state
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Depending on who you talk to, the 2013-14 duck season was definitely a mixed bag for hunters across Louisiana.

The annual trout stocking at Baton Rouge parks provides a lot of fishing opportunities. Tippets
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For fly anglers, January can be the worst of times, the best of times. It all depends on the weather and if you prefer quality over quantity.

Capt. Jakamo Laboureur with Jakamo South Fishing Adventures in Shell Beach said drifting over oyster reefs in the Hopedale area with live shrimp under a cork has been effective for speckled trout this week. Keep moving to catch speckled trout in Hopedale
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Limits of speckled trout are being caught in the Hopedale area now, but anglers should be patient and prepared to move frequently to fill their box.

Despite low duck numbers in the aerial waterfowl survey conducted last week, many hunters reported successful opening weekend hunts in the coastal zone, with teal seemingly plentiful across the state. Many coastal zone duck hunters enjoy solid opening weekend
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Despite a low duck count in last week's annual aerial waterfowl survey, hunters across Louisiana's coastal zone enjoyed a pretty solid opening weekend.

The 2013 teal season was below average, with many reports of hunters seeing fewer birds than normal. The good news is that duck season in Louisiana opens on Nov. 16 and 23. Teal's closing weekend a mixed bag statewide
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The closing weekend of teal season was pretty much like the opening weekend of teal season: some mixed reports of good hunting, but a nagging feeling that fewer birds than normal made it into the state.

With strong east winds in the forecast this week, Capt. Jakamo recommended staying on the move and fishing for redfish on shell piles and windward shorelines near Hopedale. Strong east winds this week make redfish a good option near Hopedale
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Some small trout are starting to bite in the marsh near Hopedale, but most specks haven’t made the move inside yet and can still be caught in Breton Sound, a guide said. 

The state’s streams provide great fall fishing options. Tippets
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September is a month of transition. As we approach the fall equinox, shorter days and radiative cooling of water temperatures triggers annual migration and feeding habits.

Redfish remain plentiful in the Hopedale area, and Capt. Gene Dugas said speckled trout should begin heading back into inland marshes and coastal lakes next month. Speckled trout will be on the move in September, so you should be, too
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With the completion of the August full moon last week, a Hopedale fishing guide said speckled trout are probably just about ready to begin their migration back into coastal lakes and marshes starting in September.

Capt. Jonathan Sanchez makes the most of his time by never staying too long at an unproductive spot and always having live bait on board. The Breton Bounce — Top fishing tactics for Breton Bay
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Mention the word “August” to anyone who lives in Southeast Louisiana, and several thoughts immediately come to mind. None of them are exciting.

If the west winds forecast for this weekend hold, targeting reds in the Hopedale/Delacroix area might make for a good trip. Persistent westerly winds make specks tough to find in Hopedale/Delacroix area
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The persistent west wind for the last several days has dirtied the water and made speck fishing much more difficult in the Hopedale/Delacroix area.

The Cajun Marsh Anchor comes in a variety of lengths to match different size watercrafts. Recommended boat gear for fishing Delacroix’s marshes
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If you plan to fish the Hopedale/Delacroix marshes, two pieces of equipment that Capt. Ted DeAgano insists anglers should carry with them on their boats is a Cajun Marsh Anchor and long push pole.