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While some kayak tournaments require anglers to bring fish to weigh-ins, many are photo-and-release events. Gulf Coast Kayak Tournaments 2014:
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• March 29 — Boats on the Bayou, New Orleans. New this year, a special kayak division is added to the City Park Big Bass Rodeo. Kayaks will compete for trophies fishing Bayou St. John. Go to for more.

The Vortex Shad comes in dual colors and a big V-shaped tail that wobbles, driving fish crazy. The Vortex Shad
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A veteran saltwater fishing guide who says he fishes with soft plastics 99 percent of the year always reaches for a bag of soft plastics he has the utmost confidence in when he’s out on the water.

The shell reefs offshore of Vermilion Bay are considered speckled trout hotspots. Vermilion Chill — How to avoid the crowds for winter trout
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When it’s cold, it can be hot.

Water conditions are right in Vermilion Bay, and guide Todd Semar said fall is looking good for a solid speckled trout bite. Speck bite getting better in Vermilion Bay
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Water conditions remain solid and the speckled trout bite is improving in Vermilion Bay as the season’s first real cool front is expected to push through this weekend.

Redfish are active in and around Cypremort Point, but the speckled trout have not arrived in great numbers yet, according to Todd Semar with Bulls-Eye Charters in Lydia. Speckled trout bite slow at Cypremort Point
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The Atchafalaya River level is good and the water conditions are right, but speckled trout have not yet arrived in Vermilion Bay in solid numbers, a guide side on Wednesday.

Troy Amy of New Iberia holds on to the 7.85-pound speck he caught near the wharfs in Vermilion Bay Thursday morning. Amy caught the fish on a black-and-chartreuse H&H cocahoe minnow. New Iberia angler lands 7.85-pound speck near the wharfs at Cypremort Point
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Troy Amy never dreamed that a Thursday morning scouting trip for a weekend tournament would end with the speck of a lifetime.

Austin Melson of Bedford, Texas netted his first speck near Long Reef south of Marsh Island earlier this summer. With the Atchafalaya River low and a south wind forecast for the weekend, fishing conditions should be good at Cypremort Point. Improving water conditions could make for nice weekend at Cypremort Point
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Fishing prospects are looking up at Cypremort Point as the Atchafalaya River level continues to drop, allowing for higher salinity levels and prettier water than earlier this summer.

A lifelong Jeanerette resident, Elvis Jeanminette has been a tournament angler both fresh and saltwater for 37 years. No Tails Necessary — Redfishing options for Vermilion Bay
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Surrounded by boats, raucous gulls and terns dived into the green waters of Vermilion Bay near Weeks Island. And as quickly as lines could be cast, anglers were landing speckled trout.

Chris Bishop, 22, with the 257.4-pound Warsaw grouper taken 80 miles south of Cypremort Point. Potential No. 8-ranked grouper in state taken Saturday
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Twenty-two-year-old UL Lafayette student Chris Bishop is majoring in industrial technology, but Saturday morning about 80 miles south of Cypremort Point he got a serious lesson in physics.

The location of the new Leon and David Ortemond Reef will be about one mile off the shoreline from Cypremort Point State Park. Depending on weather, construction could be completed in a couple of weeks, with marine life expected on the reef in a matter New reef will make fishing 'sweeter' in Vermilion Bay
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Coastal Conservation Association Louisiana will begin construction on a brand new 8-acre reef Friday about one mile off the shoreline from Cypremort Point State Park.

Alyssa Broussard holds on tight to her 37.1-pound redfish, a new Junior Division record at the Iberia Rod and Gun Club's 60th Annual Fourth of July Saltwater Fishing Rodeo. Young angler sets rodeo record at Cypremort Point
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It didn’t take long for records to start falling at Iberia Rod and Gun Club’s 60th Annual Fourth of July Saltwater Fishing Rodeo at Cypremort Point.

CCA's Specks and Spots Tourney gets started at 6 a.m. on Saturday, July 13 at Cypremort Point. All tourney participants must be members in good standing with CCA. CCA's Specks and Spots tourney set for July 13 at Cypremort Point
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The Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana is hosting a Specks and Spots Tournament from Quintana Landing in Cypremort Point on Saturday, July 13.

Bass Kandi’s Coastal Crippler is making a big splash in saltwater circles of the Louisiana coast. Bass Kandi’s Coastal Crippler
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Mike “Redbone” Holland of Ragley, who owns Bass Kandi Baits — a Southwest Louisiana artificial lure manufacturing company specializings in soft plastics — and his 11-year-old son Payton were deer hunting the week before Christmas near Kerrville, Texas.

Use stake-out poles to keep your ’yak positioned when you find a school of fish. Fall’N for specks
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The specks are coming, the specks are coming! That jubilant cry can be heard from ’yakers all across coastal Louisiana. Fall is here, and hungry trout are filling the interior marshes where they’ll be easily accessible to kayak anglers for the next several months.

Catching massive amberjack like this is a matter of knowing how to get around the out-of-season snapper teeming off the Louisiana coast. Amberjack, blackfin tuna thick out of Cypremort Point
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Catching amberjack and a deck full of blackfin tuna always makes for a successful meat haul to the outskirts of the continental shelf.

Loading up on those blackfin is usually a breeze, but getting down to monster AJs and grouper, skipping over pesky out-of-season red snapper, is what any serious angler wants to do during his September bottom-fishing time.

Ray Hargrave caught his nearly 7 1/2-pound speckled trout during a recent fishing trip to Vermilion Bay. Vermilion Bay gives up 7-pound trout
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Trout are beginning to move off of the coast and back into the marsh and inland bays, making it the perfect time to head into Vermilion Bay. In fact, 70-year-old Ray Hargrave, a lifetime recreational fisherman, recently caught his biggest speckled trout after fishing the bay.

"I thought that it was a redfish at first because she (the trout) pulled down and never surfaced. I knew it was something big though, so I didn't horse it too much with my 12-pound test,” Hargrave said. “I like to use light line so that I can really feel that ‘thump-thump’ when it hits. It really wasn’t a tough fight. She finally surfaced and just swam straight into the net.”