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Rhonda Havens of Boyce with a nice buck taken on KNF near her home this fall.

Hunting federal lands in Louisiana

We don’t always think about it very much, but Louisiana has an abundance of public land available for hunting. That certainly is not true in every state, so we should count our blessings.

42 minutes ago
The author took this Bossier Parish buck on Nov. 10 using deer urine and grunts to attract his attention.

Farts and Bubbles: Hunt like a champ

When the Notre Dame football players leave the locker room and head for the field they pass under a sign that reads, “Play like a champion today.”

January 12 at 9:00am
When scouting, be sure to mark any rubs you see on your GPS unit.

Use your GPS now to improve your hunting in 2017

If you have a handheld GPS unit, you can really put it to use for your hunting. Even in preparing for the next season.

Of course a smart phone with a GPS program will work to a degree, but it will not be as accurate if you use your GPS with the wide area augmentation system (WAAS) feature activated.

January 08 at 9:00am

LWF Commission adopts proposal for hunting seasons, regs and WMA rules

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission on Thursday proposed several changes to future hunting seasons and Wildlife Management Area regulations — including new deer harvest limits in Deer Areas 4 and 10.

January 06 at 3:39pm
If you want to kill late-season bucks, staying on the stand is mandatory. So just be sure your rifle is sighted in properly and be ready for a midday deer to step out.

Missing pieces — Late-rut deer tactics

An old bass angler once told me he could tell what the fish were biting any time of year by looking at the empty pegs at his local tackle shop.

Assuming he could rummage around and find a few of the missing baits in his tackle box, he was confident he could get on some fish.

January 01 at 7:00am
During early and mid-winter, Lee Trahan focuses all his fishing time on Prien Lake.

Yak attack — How to fish Prien Lake with a kayak

The three kayaks looked like sleek raiders fanning out into Prien Lake from a friend’s pier near the public launch on the lake’s eastern shore. 

These guys were hard-core.

November 01, 2016 at 7:00am
Rattling works best in Louisiana wherever there is a known dominant buck living in a small spot with no hunting pressure.

Cage Rattler — Tips to rattle up a big buck

Teenage boys have a saying they sometimes use to express an understanding that they will put their fraternal friendships ahead of any teenage girls who might try to come between them.

Since some might consider this saying offensive and not proper to put in a family hunting publication, I’ll doctor is up a little bit and make it fit.

Bros before does.

November 01, 2016 at 7:00am
A big chunk of Louisiana's rice belt will move from the coastal zone into the east zone for the 2016-17 waterfowl season, and a portion of land formerly in the east zone in Northwest Louisiana will move to the west zone.

New zone boundaries in effect for 2016-17 waterfowl season, LDWF says

Louisiana duck hunters — especially those in the southwest and northwest parts of the state — need to be aware that new zone boundaries will be in effect when waterfowl season opens next month. 

October 25, 2016 at 2:48pm
This giant sweetgum has a 12-foot circumference and could be in the running for Champion Tree status. It is located on the author’s property in Clinton, and he calls it the Elephant Trunk Tree.

Champion trees and trophy bucks

Records are kept these days of just about everything. As we saw during the 2016 Summer Olympics the old adage “records are made to be broken” is still true.

October 11, 2016 at 4:00pm
The Southern gray squirrel is the most commonly found subspecies of gray squirrels in Louisiana’s forests. This prolific subspecies sports a grayish-brown body with a white underside. The central portion of its bushy tail matches the body coloration with

Bayou boogie — Best WMAs and squirrel-hunting tips

On opening day last year, conditions were favorable for squirrel hunting at Sherburne Wildlife Management Area and the adjacent Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge.

Winds were calm, temperatures were tolerable and the forest floor was moist as hunters made their way into the 44,000-acre wetlands complex.

Well before sunrise, Joe Speyrer and his three sons boated south along Big Alabama Bayou, making their way through the area locally called the “narrows” and traveling past the Bayou Des Glaises junction.

October 01, 2016 at 7:00am
The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced that two wildlife management areas — Peason Ridge and Tunica Hills —have expanded in size after a vote at the September Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meeting.

Acreage increases on Peason Ridge, Tunica Hills WMAs

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission in September approved sizable acreage increases for both Peason Ridge and Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Areas.

September 29, 2016 at 1:48pm
For his Zydeco Sauced Fish, David Billeaud used blue catfish, but the recipe adapts easily to any mild, white-fleshed fish.

Vermilion Bay means seafood to Trout Masters

It didn’t take us long to learn that Vermilion Bay Trout Masters can cook as well as fish. Over a period of years, the two of us have cooked repeatedly with Steve and Pookie Smith and David “T-Coon” Billeaud, and we have enjoyed every bite.

September 29, 2016 at 9:00am
Josh Chauvin, the Apex Predator, points out some of the advantages to using an over-under shotgun to pursue hogs on public land.

Double the barrel — Double the hog

Last year I found my wife’s forgotten Beretta 12-gauge over-and-under tucked away deep in the closet while searching through her old hunting gear from before we met. To a hunter like me, it was like finding buried treasure. 

September 28, 2016 at 4:38pm
A nice pre-season buck that the author captured at one of his camera sites in mid-September.

Pre-season scouting plans

If you are reading this, you obviously survived the long, hot summer — even though the heat and humidity will still linger into September.

The start of the 2016 archery season is just around the corner, and then less than two months later the gun season will open and we will be preparing to carve the Thanksgiving turkey.

September 21, 2016 at 3:44pm