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All Star ASNano Fishing rods
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All Star ASNano

Made to endure the intense demands of tournament action, All Star built this lineup of technique-specific rods with Nano Resin technology, which offers two distinct design options: lessening material for a lighter rod while maintaining break strength or keeping the same amount of material and significantly increasing break strength.

Going with Option 2 yields one of the strongest and most-durable rods on the market.

Royer uses his homemade rake to make holes in vegetation to get to the fish below. Murph’s crappie-fishing poles
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Murphy Royer’s confidence in his fishing is almost startling. During my first conversation with him, he asked me when I wanted to go fishing. I asked when the best time was to make a good trip.

Mitzi LaCaze demonstrating how to blast a turkey from a pop up blind. Ground blinds prefect for turkey hunting
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I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a ground blind.

If your hunting property doesn’t have plenty of supplemental forage, your deer herd might suffer. Forage plantings critical for deer
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In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray was stuck in time on a cold winter’s day that would never end. While the cold weather this year made for a great deer season, this winter in Louisiana has been one that seemed like it too would never end.

This 19-foot center console started taking on water about 11:30 Thursday morning near the mouth of Deer Bayou. Capt. Marty LaCoste came across the stranded anglers while fishing and took them and their belongings on board his 24-foot Blue Wave. 19-foot boat sinks in mouth of Deer Bayou on east bank of Lake Mechant
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Capt. Marty LaCoste is used to pulling lots of fish over the rails in the waters around Dularge, but Thursday morning he had to pull three people aboard as well. 

Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney hunts down feral hogs with an airboat on tonight's episode of Sportsman TV. The episode airs at 6:30 p.m. on Cox Sports Television, with bonus showings Saturday morning at 8:30 and Sunday morning at 9. Hog hunting — airboat style
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In tonight’s episode of Sportsman TV, host Greg Hackney travels to Violet for an airboat hunt to take down some feral hogs in the marsh.

LWFC approves various upcoming hunting seasons, rules and regs LWFC approves various upcoming hunting seasons, rules and regs
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The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approved both the 2014-16 hunting season dates and the 2014-15 general and Wildlife Management Area rules and regulations, including some modifications to deer area boundaries, according to a press release. 

Monterey man pleads guilty to killing Louisiana black bear, LDWF says Monterey man pleads guilty to killing Louisiana black bear, LDWF says
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Duell Moreland pleaded guilty on April 3 to illegally killing a Louisiana black bear in Concordia Parish last November, according to a press release from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Derris Wiman with his 11.51-pound lunker, taken at Toledo Bend on March 30. Wiman caught the big female with a 5-inch jerk bait, Strike King's KVD Perfect Plastic Caffeine Shad. Shreveport angler snares 11.51-pound whopper at Toledo Bend
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Shreveport’s Derris Wiman probably won’t hesitate from now on when someone asks him if they should get the net ready. 

Dennis Elmore shows off the 11.81-pound beauty he caught on March 24 near Buck Creek on Toledo Bend. Elmore caught the big female with a Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver in 4 feet of water. Texas angler catches big bass near Buck Creek on Toledo Bend
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After 39 years of dutifully fishing the spawn at Toledo Bend, Dennis Elmore finally scored the bass of a lifetime. 

Cut N Geaux Filet Magic Cut N Geaux Filet Magic
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Cut N Geaux fish cleaning tables are designed and built with the intention of making fish, game and seafood cleaning as comfortable and convenient as possible. All models are made from 1 ¼-inch furniture grade, schedule 40 PVC pipe with ½-inch thick HDPE cutting board tops. The 24-inch X 48-inch Filet Magic cleaning table was built to a “back saving” 43-inch height and comes with a 5 gallon bucket and 6 foot spray hose.

Tip with “maaw-ket” shrimp, cast over the abundant oyster beds in this area — and HOLD ON!  Plan A, B and C — Fishing tactics for redfish, drum and sheepshead
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“Redfish in April?” Artie laughed as Doc mentioned our forthcoming fishing trip. “Man, redfish ain’t ‘runnin now! Dey run in da fall! You guys gotta be outcha mind!

Capt. Mike Gallo and his wife Jackelyn with a beautiful Biloxi Marsh speckled trout. Fishin’ the ’hood — Springtime fishing tips for reds and trout
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Whenever I fish with Capt. Mike Gallo, we always bring a third man along. There’s plenty of room in his 24-foot bay boat, plus it means an extra set of hands and a third line in the water to increase our chances of catching something picture worthy.

Youth hunter Dane Humbles and the author with Dane's gobbler. Young turks — Tips for youth turkey hunting
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Twelve-year-old Dane Humbles tightened his grip on the shotgun and sighted down the barrel as the big gobbler closed the distance in a quick trot.

Spawning season offers the best opportunity for trophy catches, but pay attention to the detail work. Spawn Specifics — Pro tips for fishing the bass spawn
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When bass move shallow to make the next generation can be a time of great opportunity or a time of great frustration.

In this trail cam photo dated Feb. 23, the right rear leg of the buck is noticeably swollen. According to Dr. Jim LaCour, the interdigital joint is likely infected and it's unknown if the animal will survive. Buck's swollen rear leg likely the result of interdigital joint infection, state vet says
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A deer spotted on a trail-cam photo with a noticeably swollen rear leg on's forum likely has an infected interdigital joint, according to the state veterinarian.