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If an edict issued in the last hours of President Barack Obama’s administration is not overturned, bass anglers on Delta National Wildlife Refuge could lose the right to use lead lures to probe the fish-rich environment.

National policies really do matter

Lead ban could hurt our sport
20 hours ago
The Xpress XBay Series provides an aluminum hull with the best bay-boat features.

Xpress XBay 21 and 23

February 15 at 7:00am


February 15 at 7:00am
Redfish will stack up on cold days this time of year in the back-levee canals near Cox Bay, according to Capt. Lloyd Landry.

Let the wind work for you

Focus on Buras’ East Side Canals for plenty of wintertime action
February 07 at 1:55pm
On February days when water temperatures exceed 55 degrees out of Cocodrie and Dularge, Capt. Tommy Pellegrin likes to target speckled trout like this one reeled in by Elise Keriset. <br />

Take cue from February water temps out of Dularge

Warmer water target specks, cooler temps try for redfish
February 06 at 4:06pm
Capt. Scott Poche surrounded by brothers Reed and Rhett Gandy caught these 7-pound redfish under corks in the Texaco Canals.

Low-down Lafitte

Fish deep, fish slow in February
February 06 at 9:49am
Having a positive attitude is important for speckled trout fishermen, stressed Ed Sexton.

Plastic blast — How two trout masters fish soft-plastic baits

Live bait will certainly produce bites, but these trout masters understand soft-plastic lures will catch big specks. Here’s all you need to know to mimic their success.
February 01 at 7:00am
Jamie Mumphrey catches speckled trout within sight of Rigolets Marina this time of year in the Geohegan Canal.

Geohegan Canal trout are good to go

And the reds and bass ain’t bad, either
February 01 at 3:50am
Even though the famed Hot Water Canal in Chalmette has gone cold this winter, Capt. Bubby Lamy said several spots in the area still attract some great speckled trout and redfish.

Hot Water Canal goes cold

For the first time in a generation, anglers won’t be able to bank on warm water temperatures to catch specks and reds near Chalmette. Knowing that, here’s how a guide plans to target the area this winter.
January 26 at 9:41am
Capt. Eddie Berthelot Jr. favors cocahoe minnows under a popping cork or tight-lined Matrix Shad for January speckled trout in Catfish Lake out of Golden Meadow. <br />

Slow it down for wintertime trout

Try live minnows or soft plastics in Catfish Lake out of Golden Meadow
January 18 at 10:24am
Al Siener, an Army veteran who works in Afghanistan for a military contractor, relaxes when he’s home by kayak fishing.

On a mission

Group is sharing their love of kayak fishing with those that serve
January 17 at 4:00pm