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Ride the Bull VII gets underway this Saturday, Aug. 27, at 7 a.m. at Bridge Side Marina. Online registration ends at midnight Tuesday, Aug. 23, but you can register on-site this Friday and Saturday.

Ride the Bull VII ready to roll Saturday

After a quick 7 a.m. safety meeting this Saturday, hundreds of kayakers will churn into Caminada Pass in pursuit of a redfish big enough to win the seventh installment of the Ride the Bull tournament on Grand Isle. 

August 22 at 5:22pm
Gary Abernethy shows off a big bull red he caught recently with a LiveTarget hot pink rigged shrimp near Baptiste Collette Pass on the east side of the Mississippi River near Venice.

Now's the time to battle Baptiste Collette bulls

This time of year, schools of bull reds begin making their annual move back to inshore waters to spawn, and on the east side of the Mississippi River one of their favorite gathering places is at the mouth of Baptiste Collette Bayou near Venice.

August 22 at 9:13am
Capt. Jakamo Laboureur said avoiding the midday heat in August and heading out on early-morning or late-afternoon trips will be key to catch speckled trout this month out of Shell Beach.<br />

Late-summer heat means early start for specks on MRGO rocks

August typically features some of the hottest temperatures of Louisiana’s long summer, and for Shell Beach guide Capt. Jakamo Laboureur that means it’s time to get an early start to beat the heat to catch speckled trout.

August 15 at 1:57pm
Summer pop-up storms are no joke, so keep watch for sudden weather hazards.

Summer fishing weather warning

I have never fished the Mississippi Delta during the summer months without getting chased off a spot by a pop-up storm.

August 15 at 7:00am
A reciprocal agreement between Louisiana and Texas allows fishermen licensed by either state to fish the entire lake.

Sabine Lake fishing regulations

Border waters are tricky to fish. Which state’s rules apply where?

Don’t turn to the internet. Neither state had anything definitive on the rules for Sabine Lake fishing.

August 15 at 7:00am
Robbie Trahan and Mark Driscoll are from different parts of the country but talk the same hunting and fishing language.

Fishing forges friendship

Robbie Trahan and Mark Driscoll couldn’t be more different — in almost every way.

August 15 at 7:00am
In the interest of avoiding shark interactions, netting a trout is better than pinning the fish against your leg.

How to avoid Mr. Toothy

Capt. Theophile Bourgeois said to keep this truth in mind: You’re in Mother Nature’s yard.

August 15 at 7:00am
Zachary Bergeron, 17, of Marrero, shows off a redfish with a 'smiley-faced' dot pattern on its tail caught near Sable Island out of Buras in late July.

‘Smiley-faced’ redfish caught near Sable Island

It doesn’t take much these days to have a very pessimistic view of life.

The oilfield is in a big slump and lots of folks are out of work. It feels like it’s 105 degrees outside with 1,000-percent humidity right now. And to top it off, we’re all about to endure non-stop attack ads from a presidential election featuring two candidates with the highest negative ratings ever. 

August 08 at 8:27pm
Bass might not be huge in the lower Sabine River, but they’re plentiful.

Load up on bass in lower Sabine River

There’s a stretch of the Sabine River that gives up beaucoup bass in the heat of August. In fact, Lake Charles outdoorsman Ron Castille said it’s one of his go-to place for late summer for several reasons.

The former television fishing show host had plenty of good things to say about the stretch below Interstate 10 and above the Intracoastal Waterway near Orange, Texas, and the old Burnt Out Bridge.

August 03 at 8:55am
This 82-year-old Oklahoma City customer of Capt. Gerald Ellender got his money’s worth catching bull reds in Dularge.

Dularge slam dunk - Bulls on a rampage this month

Capt. Gerald Ellender (985-688-1715) said August begins the annual migration of bull reds into the deeper channels and holes around Dularge.

August 02 at 8:20am
Cade Candies of Thibodaux poses with his second-place 160-pound, 8-ounce tarpon caught this weekend during the 2016 International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo.

2016 International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo final results

Here are final results from the 2016 International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo held this past weekend out of Sand Dollar Marina. 

August 01 at 2:19pm
Team Paint Bucket shows off their red snapper stringer at the 2016 Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo held at Venice Marina.

2016 Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo final results

Here are final results from the 18th annual Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo held this past weekend out of Venice Marina.

August 01 at 11:27am
Accomplished Delta bull fighter Capt. Mike Frennette shows off a big’n.

Bull stampede — Fishing for bull reds in the Mississippi Delta

Gary Abernathy was sure he saw a fish move off the tip of a grassy point on the south side of a little cut between islands.

August 01 at 7:00am
Freedom Charters’ Capt. Mike May says he’s caught some great trout under the birds this summer.

Biloxi Marsh mix-up — How to catch trout and redfish during August

This goes down as one of my very best summers — ever.

June came in with intense heat and sweltering humidity, and an abundance of speckled trout. At least it did where I was fishing — in and around Bay Eloi.

August 01 at 7:00am
BaitCloud fish attractant balls come in a variety of flavors to target multiple species, including bass, bream and redfish and trout. The attractant is also useful if you're using a cast net to target bait.

BaitCloud brings the fish to you

Instead of going out in search of fish, one company is changing the game and actually bringing fish to you.

July 29 at 9:53am

18th Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo set for July 28-30 out of Venice Marina

The 18th Annual Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo is set to roll next week out of Venice Marina, and this year’s event features a brand new five-fish red snapper stringer division made possible because the state waters line has been pushed beyond the old 3-mile boundary.

July 22 at 10:02am