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All Star ASNano Fishing rods
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All Star ASNano

Made to endure the intense demands of tournament action, All Star built this lineup of technique-specific rods with Nano Resin technology, which offers two distinct design options: lessening material for a lighter rod while maintaining break strength or keeping the same amount of material and significantly increasing break strength.

Going with Option 2 yields one of the strongest and most-durable rods on the market.

Redfish and black drum have been steady in the Lafitte area despite recent strong winds, according to Capt. Kris Hebert. Recent winds have muddied the waters near Lafitte, guide says
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Windy conditions have muddied the waters near Lafitte, but the redfish and black drum bite remains steady, a fishing guide said.

Ginger and Steve Shook lived a high-profile lifestyle during their days on the Southern Kingfish Association tour. Ups and downs for the Shooks
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Steve Shook has lived his fishing life in the fast lane: expensive boats, glitzy destinations, cheering crowds, famous friends, big money — over $1 million in earnings in 1998 alone.

Breton Sound waters produce big trout for Charlie Thomason as soon as the weather allows him to get that far into open water. St. Bernard/Upper Plaquemines
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This area of the state has developed the reputation for providing the closest thing that exists to a 12-month-a-year speckled trout fishery.

Jules Ballanger catches lots of speckled trout on Carolina rigs in beach waters fronting the gulf side of Grand Isle and its neighboring islands. Barataria Bay/Grand Isle
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Barataria Bay is a vast estuary ranging from near-freshwater Lake Cataouche in the north to near-marine habitats at Grand Isle in the south.

Steve Smith says that in spite of small areas such as the Cove receiving intense pressure at times, speckled trout in the Vermilion Bay-Marsh Island area receive very little overall fishing pressure compared to other areas in the state. Vermilion Bay/Marsh Island
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Of Louisiana’s seven speckled trout destinations, this one is hardest to describe (as well as being hardest to fish).

While some kayak tournaments require anglers to bring fish to weigh-ins, many are photo-and-release events. Gulf Coast Kayak Tournaments 2014:
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• March 29 — Boats on the Bayou, New Orleans. New this year, a special kayak division is added to the City Park Big Bass Rodeo. Kayaks will compete for trophies fishing Bayou St. John. Go to for more.

House Bill 1082 by Rep. Stuart Bishop (R-Lafayette), would increase the state's recreational saltwater license fee from $5.50 to $13. Bill to raise recreational saltwater license fee backed by CCA Louisiana
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A bill introduced in the Louisiana House of Representatives would increase a resident’s recreational saltwater fishing license by $7.50 and create a Saltwater Fish Research and Conservation Fund, which could provide funding for the newly-implemented Louisiana Recreational Creel Survey, officials said.

Redfish have been biting in the Biloxi Marsh on kamikaze Matrix Vortex shad tipped with shrimp, according to Capt. Jacques Laboureur. Redfish bite remains solid in the Biloxi Marsh, guide says
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Some reports of speckled trout biting along the southeastern shore of Lake Borgne are starting to trickle in, while the redfish bite in the Biloxi Marsh remains steady, according to a Shell Beach fishing guide.

Big Lake Guide Service's Nick Poe shows off a nice 28-inch speckled trout he caught in early February. The big female weighed about 7 pounds. Big Lake speckled trout starting to crank up
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As long as spring-like temperatures remain in the forecast, speckled trout fishing at Big Lake should keep on ramping up as water temperatures gradually rise, according to a fishing guide.

Tip with “maaw-ket” shrimp, cast over the abundant oyster beds in this area — and HOLD ON!  Plan A, B and C — Fishing tactics for redfish, drum and sheepshead
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“Redfish in April?” Artie laughed as Doc mentioned our forthcoming fishing trip. “Man, redfish ain’t ‘runnin now! Dey run in da fall! You guys gotta be outcha mind!

Capt. Mike Gallo and his wife Jackelyn with a beautiful Biloxi Marsh speckled trout. Fishin’ the ’hood — Springtime fishing tips for reds and trout
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Whenever I fish with Capt. Mike Gallo, we always bring a third man along. There’s plenty of room in his 24-foot bay boat, plus it means an extra set of hands and a third line in the water to increase our chances of catching something picture worthy.

Theophile Bourgeois loves topwater fishing more than any other kind of fishing and his favorite lure is bone-colored Badonk-A-Donk. 2014 Speckled trout forecast
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April is here at last—time for any red-blooded coastal fisherman to start thinking about the fish.

Capt. Owen Langridge said redfish are biting east of the river in Quarantine Bay and Bay Allen, while speckled trout are just arriving west of the river out of Buras. Specks showing up now on the west side of the Mississippi out of Buras, guide says
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Speckled trout are just starting to show up on the outer bays and over the oyster reefs on the west side of Buras in advance of a minor April spawn, according to a Venice guide.

Speckled trout are just beginning to transition from winter to spring, and Capt. Ted DeAgano III said he expects more and more trout will start showing up through Easter in Delacroix. Specks beginning to show up in Delacroix marsh, guide says
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Speckled trout are starting to appear in the Delacroix marsh, according to a fishing guide.

Al Siener slow-rolled an in-line spinnerbait to catch this slot red on a cold winter day. Redcicles
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As we get deep into winter, many kayak anglers hang up their paddle, preferring to wait until the first signs of spring make thoughts of getting back on the water more appealing.

Using this off-time to clean and organize gear and add those accessories to your kayak is not a bad idea.