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LDWF secretary Charlie Melancon has came out against Rep. Garret Graves' bill in Congress that would give management authority of Gulf red snapper to the five Gulf states, saying the program could be too costly to implement without any federal assistance.

Melancon opposes bill giving Gulf states control of red snapper management

A surprise statement this week from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries secretary Charlie Melancon opposing a bill in Congress that would transfer management of red snapper from the federal government to the five Gulf states has dented the previously unified front between the LDWF and Coastal Conservation Association - Louisiana, which has long-advocated for the switch on behalf of recreational anglers.

June 22 at 4:38pm
Meredith Ballay, of Buras, shows off one of the bull reds she caught during an unbelievable day of fishing with Capt. Kasye Bourn during the IWFA Venice Slam. Ballay went on to win the three-day competition.

Record redfish haul leads to IWFA win

Two anglers fishing an international women’s tournament in Venice last week found a honey hole that produced more than 50 bull reds and 50 rat redfish in one spot. 

June 22 at 11:40am
Their tackle box for fishing for trophy trout is small, kahle and treble hooks, swivels and fluorocarbon line for making Texas rig leaders, and 3 sizes of egg sinkers.

Top trout fishing equipment

Besides Craig Hunt, who used level wind bass tackle, all three Bruce men used medium-heavy spinning tackle for their live bait fishing.

June 15 at 7:00am
Tony Bruce’s STAR-winning speckled trout weighed 7.8 pounds.

Bruce finally scores STAR win

They say good things happen to nice guys.

On July 24, 2015, forty-nine days after our fishing trip — while fishing with trophy trout greats Ed Sexton and Dudley Vandenborre in the Faux Pas Lodge Invitational Rodeo — Tony Bruce finally caught his STAR-winning speckled trout.

June 15 at 7:00am
The playful Ruffin brothers, Jerry on left and Jimmy on right, each try to make their mangrove snapper larger than the other by holding theirs closer to the camera.

Why fish offshore of Louisiana?

Over a ritual pretrip supper with relatives at Leeville Seafood Restaurant in Leeville, Ricky Ruffin talked about his love affair with Louisiana fishing and cooking.

June 15 at 7:00am
Both redfish and speckled trout can still be found on the inside using live shrimp. Capt. Mark Munson targets points on rising tides, and cuts on falling tides.

Still plenty trout, redfish inside during June

For most anglers, Shell Beach is a pretty good hike. If you make the run, you want to be able to catch fish in different wind scenarios. 

June 15 at 7:00am
The author with two typical sized trout taken on fly in the surf at Grand Isle.

Fly fishing tips

For CCA members hoping to place an entry in the STAR tournament Fly Rod Division, June is the best month to register a larger-than-14-inch trout. As summer wears on, and water temperatures rise, larger specks become more selective in their feeding habits — and less likely to eat flies.

June 15 at 7:00am
The 22nd Annual ASA Fishing Rodeo will be held this Sunday, June 12 out of Breton Sound Marina. Fishing begins at sunrise anywhere, and weigh-in will be from 12 to 2.

22nd ASA Fishing Rodeo slated for Sunday, June 12

The 22nd annual ASA Fishing Rodeo — which raises funds for students seeking a degree in Motor Vehicle Technology at Delgado Community College — will be held this Sunday, June 12 out of Breton Sound Marina. 

June 07 at 10:44pm
Completing the Cajun slam requires catching a speck, red and flounder. Vlad Moldoveanu got it done and won second place in PaddlePalooza XIII, taking home a 2016 Hobie Outback as his prize.

Cajun slams abound at PaddlePalooza XIII

Twelve years and 13 tournaments later, PaddlePalooza XIII proves kayak tournaments in South Louisiana are the real deal.

June 07 at 8:19pm
The brand new Matrix Mullet 4-inch topwater bait — shown here in purple rain — retails for $7.99 and has already proven itself by catching some big time speckled trout.

Matrix Mullet topwater lure hits the market

After almost 10 months of on-the-water experimentation — and countless hook changes, weight adjustments and buoyancy tweaks — Matrix Shad soft plastic paddletail creator Chas Champagne last week rolled out a brand new topwater lure called the Matrix Mullet that’s already developing quite a reputation for snagging big speckled trout.

June 07 at 1:25pm
Capt. Brian Sherman with Kayak Venice said June is a great month to target speckled trout and redfish via kayak out of Joshua’s Marina in Buras because fish are typically not far from the launch.

Great kayak angling options in Buras

In a typical kayak, there just isn’t a whole lot of extra room for a vast array of pre-rigged rods, or multiple tackle boxes crammed with an insane variety of hooks, topwater lures, soft plastics and other items you never use but couldn’t pass up during your last visit down the fishing aisle.

For the most part, it’s a minimalist sport — which makes Buras an ideal June location for speckled trout and redfish because of both close paddling proximity, and the ease of using artificial lures this month.

June 07 at 8:29am
Capt. Kris Robert, with One Last Cast Charters, holds up a stringer of speckled trout caught this week at the Compressor Rig in Lake Borgne. The key is positioning your boat well away from the rig, over the shell pad surrounding the structure.

Speckled trout transitioning from Lake Pontchartrain into Lake Borgne

Capt. Kris Robert spends well over 200 days on the water each year in and around Lake Pontchartrain tracking down speckled trout and redfish, and he keeps a daily journal of his trips: where he fished, what he caught, the most effective lures and bait, along with the day’s weather conditions. 

June 02 at 3:19pm
St. Croix Avid Inshore

St. Croix Avid Inshore

Designed specifically for inshore saltwater angling, the Avid Inshore series from St. Croix Rod includes 22 spinning and casting models that will help you catch redfish, trout, flounder and drum. Avid Inshore features include Integrated Poly Curve tooling technology, super-grade cork handles tipped with corrosion-proof wind checks and Kigan Master Hand Zero Tangle guides with solid-titanium frames for the ultimate protection from saltwater conditions.

June 01 at 7:00am
Chasing big speckled trout has become a passion in Tony Bruce’s life.

Spotted fever — Top tips for catching Venice’s trophy trout

He’s got it. He’s got it bad!

Tony Bruce has spotted fever — a burning desire to put big spotted seatrout in the boat.

The sine qua non of his fishing existence is to win the 100-day long Coastal Conservation Association STAR.

June 01 at 7:00am
Nancy Comeaux proudly displays the type of Grand Isle specks anglers flock to the island for in June.

Grand Isle is grand — Guide’s tips for more specks, reds

The wait is over and the action is full throttle right now in Grand Isle. Forget the trout scarcity of last year and get going now to satiate that pent-up craving for bent rods and screaming drags.

I invited myself aboard Capt. Keith ‘Herk’ Bergeron’s 24-foot Blue Wave to get in on the action he’d been telling me about.

June 01 at 7:00am
Places like Bay Eloi and the MRGO rocks have nice trout at times.

The long haul — Go to Black Bay, Chandeleur Sound for lunker trout

You’re on your lunch break from work sitting in the A/C, but in the back of your mind you know it would be more enjoyable out in the heat catching speckled trout, like all of the guides are doing.

June 01 at 7:00am