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Arthur Borchgrevink landed this redfish on a crankbait while fishing a grassy Delacroix pond.

This bait isn’t just for bass

Crankbaits are among the top-producing baits across the bass circuit. Their ability to deflect off cover and get a reaction strike from largemouth bass makes them a tournament-winning weapon.

September 23 at 3:39pm
Capt. Ricky Brondum likes to target redfish this month out of Dularge with cracked crab instead of dead shrimp, because using crabs deters the bait stealers.

Redfish plentiful out of Dularge

When September rolls around, speckled trout are just starting to get the itch to head back to inside waters where they’ll ride out the fall and winter.

September 22 at 4:28pm
Capt. Brian Sherman, with Kayak Venice, shows off a redfish caught along the roseau canes on the east side of Yellow Cotton Bay. Positioning your lure as close as possible to the canes is key to catching quality reds, Sherman said.

Kayaking in Venice: Redfish plentiful in Yellow Cotton Bay

Some kayak anglers might be hesitant to toss a popping cork — attached to a twirling 2-foot leader with a Vudu shrimp dangling from the business end — straight at stands of leaning, swaying, hook-grabbing roseau cane, but not Capt. Brian Sherman.

September 21 at 11:03am
Capt. Casey Brunning finds redfish thick in grassy ponds this time of year.

Throw frogs to fish you can see

Topwater frog fishing for bass is impossible not to love. Watch the blowup, set the hook and horse the fish out of acres of the thickest cover the area has to offer.

Delacroix-based fishing guide Capt. Casey Brunning certainly loves topwater fishing, so when conditions are right, he brings the frog-fishing game into sight-fishing redfish this time of year.

September 16 at 8:10am
Aaron Hue shows off the 10-point buck and the doe he arrowed within five minutes of each other on the Atchafalaya Delta WMA.

The 411 on coastal WMAs

Harvest numbers are ultra-impressive from last season for one of the wildlife management areas in the Coastal and Nongame Resources Division — so high that many hunters might do a double-take and make immediate plans to hunt it in 2016-17.

September 15 at 7:00am
Rue’s selection of lures for fall redfishing is simple. All the jigheads pictured are made by Jenny’s Jigs.

Capt. Erik Rue’s fall redfish lures

Capt. Erik Rue’s go-to bait for most of this morning’s fishing trip was a simple jighead and MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait, but he made a special effort to point out the effectiveness of the Jenny’s Jigs jighead.

September 15 at 7:00am
The view from inside East Cove through the Grand Bayou Weir and Boat Bay into the lake shows the weir areaQ is actively used by both cast netters and anglers.

The Cameron-Creole Watershed Project controversy

The Cameron-Creole Watershed Project, like many marsh restoration projects, carries fishing controversy baggage.

Capt. Erik Rue did his best to provide a balanced explanation of what has gone on.

September 15 at 7:00am
This still-shot shows a barred owl snatching a bream from Cody Taylor near Savannah, Ga. last month.  LDWF ornithologist Michael Seymour said the bird was likely young an inexperienced, or just very hungry and saw the opportunity for an easy meal.

Video: Barred owl snatches bream from angler's hand

The old saying says if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day — but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

I guess if you decide to offer your fish to a watchful raptor along the river and it accepts, then it really might be a wise old owl. 

September 13 at 9:20am

Grass and Gator-Tails

Vegetation is a prime source of fish finding, and we had the right motor for the job in this episode.

September 08 at 6:00pm
Bull reds like this one caught during the Iberia Rod & Gun Club Saltwater Fishing Rodeo can be caught at Boxcar Reef this month.

Boxcar Reef - Find the ditches to locate big bulls

Fishermen who want to feel the brute force of a sizeable redfish on the business end of their fishing line in Vermilion Bay invariably point the bow of their boat to legendary Boxcar Reef.

September 08 at 5:22pm
Chris and Annette Ducote show off the overall winning bull reeled in by Annette last Friday night during the 56th annual Grand Isle Redfish Rodeo. The fish bit on cut mullet on the bottom, and tipped the scales at Bridge Side Marina at 41.34 pounds.

41-pound bull wins Grand Isle Redfish Rodeo

When Annette Ducote set the hook on a big bull in Caminada Pass Friday evening, it didn’t take long for her husband to realize the fish had a good shot at ending up somewhere on the leaderboard of the 56th annual Grand Isle Redfish Rodeo.

September 07 at 10:47am
This time of year you can catch bull reds in the surf and along the rocks.

Grand Isle bullies — How to catch September redfish

September can be a stressful month. We’re in the peak month for tropical activity — a fact that keeps most of us glued to the daily weather forecasts, and a significant stress producer in itself.

Plus, all the kids and students are back in school. Traffic is heavier, commute times are longer, and the Saints, LSU, Tulane and all our favorite prep and college teams are back on the football field, increasing our anticipation and anxiety.

September 01 at 7:00am
David Billeaud (with cigar) and Steve Smith have mastered the art of speckled trout fishing in the Vermilion Bay complex.

Vanquishing Vermilion — How to catch Vermilion Bay trout

Those wiggly, slimy, little silver fish just do something to a person. 

Speckled trout might not fight as hard and be as colorful as their redfish cousins, they might not grow as large as their black drum kin and they might not be as tasty as their croaker and channel mullet relatives, but specks rule in Louisiana.

September 01 at 7:00am
Although many of the early fish of the day came on orange-bladed spinner baits, the bite later shifted to spinners with chartreuse and gold blades.

A humdinger! Spinnerbait tips for more Venice bass

When I was a kid, a big lie was called a “humdinger,” as in “That Billy Bob shore tole a humdinger!” 

Nowadays, the dictionary definition seems to have settled on a humdinger being something extraordinary or outstanding.

I’m sure this definition is the one Tony Landry prefers. 

September 01 at 7:00am
Erik Rue is critical of fishermen who want to use their cell phones to find fish rather than read sign on the water.

Life after summer — Best fall fishing bets for Big Lake

“Look at the camera! Look at the camera!” 

Keeping him looking at the camera was almost impossible. Erik Rue’s brown predator eyes kept darting toward any sign of another fish to which to feed his artificial bait.

The 30-year veteran charter captain with Calcasieu Charter Service (337-598-4700) was out to show me there really is life after summer.

September 01 at 7:00am
Kristen Torres landed this jack crevalle while fishing with Capt. Ty Hibbs.

Jacks make for fun fishing

If you were about to die of pure starvation on a deserted island, you might entertain the thought of eating a jack crevalle, but in circumstances any less critical you’d look at the fish in disgust.

September 01 at 3:15am