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Nice speckled trout can be found in Lafitte this month using soft-plastics threaded on light jigheads.

The lowdown on Lafitte specks

Lafitte is a popular destination for anglers across the coast because it’s so close for many fishermen, particularly for those who reside in New Orleans.

October 21 at 11:00am
A brand new Deadly Dudley saltwater worm in blue moon (top) varies slightly in color compared to a sun-faded blue moon Deadly Dudley Terror Tail (bottom).

Sun-fade soft plastic lures to create slight color variations

Anglers have always tweaked their factory-made lures in their zeal to become more successful on the water — customizing them with upgraded treble hooks, scented dyes, additional “artwork” and thousands of other minor modifications in an attempt to catch more fish.

October 20 at 5:10pm
Bowfishing offers a lot of activity. In spite of all the shots taken at this redfish, it got away.

Pro bowfishing tips

With a little coaching, bowfishing techniques are easy to learn, even for the most inexperienced.

October 15 at 7:00am
Bowfishing reels are simple devices meant for efficiently storing line rather than for  fighting fish.

Top bowfishing tools

Early in the evening, Roy Lally IV explained the tools of the trade to me, starting with the most obvious: bows.

These are conventional compound bows set at 25 pounds draw.

October 15 at 7:00am
Keeping the sun at your back and wearing polarized glasses to more easily see underwater are keys to catching more shallow-water reds in the marsh, according to Chas Champagne, creator of Matrix and Vortex Shad soft plastic lures. <br />
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Top 5 tips to catch shallow water reds

Chas Champagne is easily out on the water more than 200 days a year, and when he’s not pursuing speckled trout in Lake Pontchartrain, you can bet he’s heading for duck ponds near Alligator Point and Bayou Bienvenue in search of feisty redfish.

October 10 at 10:06pm
Tim Borski subdued this Redzilla using one of his popular crab flies.

Creature of the Marsh Lagoon

With Halloween coming up, I’ve been looking for a costume resembling one of my favorite science fiction characters: the Gill Man.

October 07 at 9:00am
Capt. Nick Poe said to keep an eye out for flocks of birds working this month on Big Lake. Approach from the upwind side about one long cast away so you don't spook the specks feeding beneath them.

Birds lead the way to Big Lake specks

Fishing on Calcasieu Lake this month is for the birds — literally.

October 05 at 1:20pm
Bob Mercer displays a picture-perfect Lafitte redfish.

The backup plan — Lafitte fall redfishing tactics

Listen carefully and you’ll hear a universal sigh of relief as we close the door on September and the peak month of hurricane season.

Not that October can’t get nasty and produce tropical systems — and, officially, the hurricane season doesn’t close until November.

But, unofficially, we know that once we get past September the potential for the worst is over.

Now we can exhale.

October 01 at 7:00am
Nighttime bowfishing in the marsh produces a mixed bag of species.

Dark arrows — Top tactics for coastal bowfishing

It wasn’t like shooting fish in a barrel. I thought they would be just kind of sitting there, hovering helplessly in gin-clear water, hypnotized by the boat’s bright lights.


Easy pickin’s.

October 01 at 7:00am
Medium spinning tackle is sufficient to subdue even the largest bull reds near the breakwaters.

Wet-leg reds— Where to wade-fish for Vermilion redfish

The warm Gulf waters swirled soothingly around my legs. The October air was crisp and dry, but the briny broth still carried much of the warmth it stored up during the long Louisiana summer.

Unnoticed by his wife Debbie, the lean, normally reserved 56-year-old Pat Attaway looked at me and grinned broadly — like a little boy in a mud puddle.

He was happy.

October 01 at 7:00am

SC man arrested for guiding without a license, LDWF says

Agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries arrested a South Carolina man Thursday for alleged charter fishing guide violations in St. Bernard Parish.

September 30 at 4:45pm

STAR's West Division trout leader DQ’d for failing polygraph

The Louisiana Coastal Conservation Association’s STAR Tournament officially has a new first place speckled trout angler in the West Division — after the long-time leader was officially disqualified this week for failing a polygraph test.

September 30 at 4:02pm
For his Zydeco Sauced Fish, David Billeaud used blue catfish, but the recipe adapts easily to any mild, white-fleshed fish.

Vermilion Bay means seafood to Trout Masters

It didn’t take us long to learn that Vermilion Bay Trout Masters can cook as well as fish. Over a period of years, the two of us have cooked repeatedly with Steve and Pookie Smith and David “T-Coon” Billeaud, and we have enjoyed every bite.

September 29 at 9:00am
Venice redfish are always willing to eat, but you can get a lot more bites if the Mississippi River is low and green. And there's a trick to figuring out when that will happen.

Northern Mississippi River gauges key to Venice fishing, Hackney says

Fall is here. Temperatures have finally started to moderate, and some of the year’s best fishing will be available without getting heat stroke.

And Bassmaster Elite Series pro and Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney said he launches his boat at Venice as often as possible. 

“You’re getting in that time of year when the (Mississippi) river gets green,” Hackney said in a live Facebook feed from Venice Marina early this morning. “The trout start showing up in the Jump (and) they show up on the jetties in the main river.

“You can catch bass, white bass, redfish and trout — all on the same stuff.”

Of course, prime fishing is all about water clarity, and that’s dictated by the rise and fall of the river. A low river (generally below 4 feet at the New Orleans gauge) means water should be green and clear, while a higher reading hints at muddy conditions.

September 28 at 9:49am