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LDWF's red snapper program will award 150 randomly selected anglers access to 25,000 pounds of Gulf snapper, without daily bag limits or season restrictions. Conservation groups oppose the measure because they say it privatizes a public resource.

Sportfishing industry also has ‘deep concerns’ on LDWF’s snapper quota program

Congressman Garret Graves also voices opposition
Yesterday at 2:12pm
Under an LDWF pilot program, 150 anglers will divide 25,000 pounds of red snapper in state or federal waters starting in 2018 —with no set season dates or daily bag limits. Conservation groups oppose the measure because it privatizes a public resource.

LDWF’s red snapper quota pilot program opposed by conservation groups

Starting in 2018, 150 randomly selected anglers will divide 25,000 pounds of snapper with no set season dates or daily bag limits
May 25 at 6:46pm
A rising Mississippi River combined with howling winds has killed the speckled trout bite out of Buras, but the good news is that redfish are still around. The key is to find cleaner water, according to Capt. Todd Seither with Cajun Fishing Adventures.

Rising Mississippi River dampens trout bite out of Buras

River forecast to crest at 16 ½ feet — just below minor flood stage — on May 30
May 24 at 4:22pm
Throwing a Hunchback wakebait near the shoreline, Oscar “Grouch” Flores scored the first redfish of the morning.

Fishing is not always about catching

Texas kayak club enjoys time spent in Louisiana
May 17 at 2:39pm
The Fish Rules app, available on most smart phones, can help you identify gamefish species, their creel limits and size regulations in the state where you’re fishing.

What’s that limit? Fish Rules app knows

Keep guide to local fish regs on your phone
May 17 at 2:33pm
Poonie Thibeaux caught this 7-pound speckled trout Wednesday morning on a live shrimp under a popping cork in the Bayou Donquita area out of Venice, according to Capt. Brandon Carter.

High river not slowing down Venice trout bite

7-pounder landed Wednesday morning near Bayou Donquita, guide says
May 17 at 11:18am
Using a heavy mono leader on your topwater plugs can help prevent your line from getting tangled in the treble hooks.

Tangle-free topwaters & can’t-miss inshore colors

A simple way to keep your topwater plugs from fouling
May 16 at 3:58pm
Cory Corso, 37, of Destrehan, poses with a couple of nice stringers of speckled trout and redfish caught Monday morning in the surf on Elmer's Island.

Big trout in Elmer's Island surf

Suspending twitchbaits working now for fat specks
May 16 at 11:49am
Tommy Vidrine caught and released this big speck at the Caminada Pass jetties last week, but reported trout on the beach at Elmer's Island were running bigger than normal.

Big trout on the beach at Elmer’s Island

Cast into the breakers — not smooth water — to catch big specks, Vidrine says
May 15 at 4:46pm
Ward almost exclusively uses live shrimp under a cork.

Rig ‘em up

May 15 at 7:00am
While the marsh west of Venice is generally better than the east, erosion has created a dearth of shoreline, where redfish like to feed.

The triangle of fishing

May 15 at 7:00am
A growing number of CPR tournaments are recommending plastic grips for handling difficult or large fish.

A contested matter

As attitudes change, fly tournaments expand
May 09 at 3:25pm
Capt. Matt McCabe flips another keeper aboard his Skeeter along the Trestles.

Braid or fluorocarbon? Best options for speckled trout

Two experts weigh in on when to use each
May 05 at 9:47am
Large croakers, called “bull croakers,” were common in the 1960s at offshore oil rigs, but have almost disappeared.

Croakers: blue-collar gamefish

Not as sexy as others, but just as tasty
May 03 at 4:25pm