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An umbrella can be rigged easily for just about any boat, is great in either rain or shine and also allows freedom of movement around the deck while fighting a fish. The Apex Predator brings along an umbrella and fishes rain or shine
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With warmer temperatures on the horizon, most outdoorsmen seriously begin hitting the bays and bayous with the arrival of spring.

The Apex Predator, Josh Chauvin, with  the nice 6-pointer he shot on New Year's Eve on Mississippi public land. Vehicle breakdowns couldn't stop Apex Predator's holiday hot streak  Video Included
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With the slow deer season I had endured, I was eagerly anticipating my winter hunting vacation.

The Apex Predator, Josh Chauvin, with the 155-pound doe he recently arrowed on Bayou Cocodrie National Wildlife Refuge. Bow season persistence pays off for Apex Predator  Video Included
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This hunting season was shaping up much like last year’s, void of an archery deer harvest. 

With frustration setting in, I had actually told a buddy in a phone call while scouting for gun season that I was hanging up the the bow until next season.

It had been over two full years and more than 150 archery hunts since I last got a deer with archery equipment.  Countless missed opportunities and arrows missing the mark wouldn’t have been the case if I used my crossbow more often, but the thrill of using a recurve and compound had remained irresistible. 

Since I enjoy eating plenty of deer meat, I figured I’d focus on my yearly tag-out mission by blazing lead. With the six tracts of public land I hunt, there would be plenty of gun and primitive hunting during the deer rut and colder weather throughout season’s end.

Life is relaxing in Concordia Parish at the Apex Predator's camp, which features great on-site fishing as well as awesome opportunities for public land hunts just minutes away. Enjoying the freedom and adventure of 'life at the camp'
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Anyone who has ever had one knows that special feeling when you arrive: the easy escape to freedom and adventure where your worries just seem to disappear.

I’m talking about that indescribable joy known simply as “camp life.”

Josh Chauvin, the Apex Predator, prefers to clean his hogs in the woods and backpack the meat out. Backpack cleaned hog meat out of the woods in one trip  Video Included
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When a hog hunt is successful, that’s when the going sometimes gets pretty tough.

Josh Chauvin, the Apex Predator, shot this bobcat with a crossbow on Richard K. Yancey WMA. No longer shutout by the shutdown, the Apex Predator takes aim at National Wildlife Refuge hunts  Video Included
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After preparing all season for an opening week of action on my favorite National Wildlife Refuge this year, my hunting plans got shut down by the government shutdown.

Two of the Apex Predator's pigs got a ride back to his camp in air-conditioned comfort. Chauvin said it was extremely hot that day, and didn't want the pigs to spoil in the heat. The Apex Predator shares hunting tips from a 'hog wild' September  Video Included
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I set a goal for myself last month to take down at least one hog on each of the 12 days I planned to hunt in September.

Josh Chauvin, the Apex Predator, left, and Cody Chauppetta, with an 8-foot gator taken on Labor Day Weekend at Elm Hall WMA in Assumption Parish. Apex Predator goes gator hunting  Video Included
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Unfortunately, my wife and I weren’t picked for the public land alligator lottery this year from the more than 5,000 people who applied.

The Apex Predator, pictured with Skye and his Vizsla puppy, Shasseh, after taking down two big sows before he even had the chance to hunt for doves on opening day. Rules change makes it easier to take hogs on WMAs
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If hogs are causing so many problems on state wildlife management areas, I’ve always wondered why hunting rules didn’t allow us to harvest these invasive animals more often. 

Blogger Josh Chauvin shows off bags and baskets of bayou bullfrogs. Frogging with the right equipment will definitely put more legs in the pot. Gear up for bayou bullfrogging  Video Included
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When it comes to frogging, having the best gear will definitely put more legs in the pot. These cold-blooded critters only pump hot blood during the summer months, allowing them to jump at even the slightest hint of danger.

The Chauvin The Bachelor Fishing Trip Reboot
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Last year, my younger brother had his bachelor party in Cocodrie for a fishing weekend with the guys. Since this year I got married, I decided to do the same thing, except my trip was a post-wedding party labeled “The Non-Bachelor Party.”

Blogger Josh Chauvin's honeymoon to the Florida Keys provided great fishing in a setting 180 degrees from the Louisiana coast. The Florida Keys vs. Louisiana’s coast
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Recently I went on a 10-day fishing excursion for my honeymoon to a place where an island is known as a key and the ocean view will take your breath away. A few friends told me this is the only fishery that can compare to coastal Louisiana.

Blogger Josh Chauvin, left, helped his younger brother take his first Louisiana buck during a deer hunting trip to Red River WMA this season. Tracking heroics on my brother's first Louisiana buck  Video Included
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My younger brother has been joining me on a few public-land gun hunts over the past few seasons on Red River WMA. I've been trying my hardest to get him on a deer, but even though he's seen five racked bucks from the stand, putting one down is never easy, as no shots were ever offered.

However, these brief teases got him hooked, and he’s returned each season with the longing of victory. Would this finally be his year?

Blogger Josh Chauvin was thrilled to have killed this fine public-land deer while hunting Bayou Red River WMA, but he only got it back to camp by swimming a flooded bayou. The Broken Bridge Buck
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My brother joined me for a few days of hunting Red River Wildlife Management Area during the bucks-only season. Rain was in the forecast, but he drove up early for a morning hunt, and we decided to tough it out in our ground blinds.

Only the rain never let up, and with the radar showing no end in sight we hightailed it out, soaking wet after a couple of hours.

Instead of waiting out the rain in boredom, my fiancee joined me on a tough, rainy trail run through the muddy paths of Bayou Cocodrie National Wildlife Refuge. I was wearing myself out, not knowing of the true test of my fitness that was yet to come.

The largest hog in this photo was arrowed, while the smaller pig was knocked out with a shotgun while tracking the sow. Both pigs came during a Red River WMA hunting trip on Thanksgiving Day. Recurve hog and bonus hog  Video Included
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My last article featured a hunt during which I chased down and shot two hogs. I was disappointed my camera was switched off when it happened. It just so happened when I least expected it a similar chase ensued while the film was rolling.

Thanksgiving Day, I awoke early (at 3 a.m.) and made the drive to Red River WMA for a day of bow hunting before the woods became filled with the weekend gun crowd.

Wingmaster HD tungsten shot shells put these two hogs down hard during a recent WMA hunt. Not enough arrows, just enough shells
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A few weeks ago I had the easiest shot at a dozen hogs, and I was stuck in a tree with no arrows left.

I never hunt with less than a full quiver of six arrows, but before I made that hunt I took a quick shot with my bow and noticed the site was knocked off. It took me awhile to allen wrench the pins back into position, and running late for the hunt I forgot three arrows in the target.

This is a mistake I’ll never make again.