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A feeding red cruises the edge of a Montegut pond at low tide.

Tip for flyfishing for redfish

Now that shrimp have flooded the marsh ponds, better pack those shrimp flies into your box. Among the many choices are Kwans, Charlies, Crystal Shrimp, Borski Hair Shrimp, Popovics Shrimp and Coma Shrimp.

May 15 at 7:00am
Learn the best, most-comfortable way to strip and respool line and stick with it to make it less of a chore.

When it’s time to change your fishing line

Changing line needn’t be a hassle; you simply have to control the situation. Line-stripping tools facilitate removal, but if you use the hand-wrapping method, keep your wrapped fingers spread, as relaxing them allows you to easily remove all that old line you’ve bundled.

May 15 at 7:00am
Peace Marvel has been one of the great innovators in offshore charter fishing business.

Venice fishing guide marches to his own drum beat

The man whose name has become almost synonymous with swordfish has the look of someone who has lived a lot of life and enjoyed every bit of it.

May 15 at 7:00am
Swordfish are one of the rarest trophies taken from Gulf of Mexico waters.

How to find swordfish

The Gulf of Mexico doesn’t look big on a map, but it’s a big ocean when you are looking for open-water fish like swordfish.

May 15 at 7:00am
Peace Marvel is careful to buy the largest and highest-quality food-grade squid available for his swordfish bait. Note that the bait is sewn on the hook.

Top rigging tips for swordfish

Fishing for swordfish ain’t like perch fishing. Nothing is tiny and delicate.

Everything is big and strong — and expensive.

Start with the reel. It’s a Shimano Tiagra 80W.

May 15 at 7:00am
Buteau ties his jigs in a rainbow of colors, with no two seeming to be alike. The box on the right holds the ones tied with silicone bug legs.

Best sac-a-lait fishing tackle

Rhett Buteau has his sac-a-lait fishing tackle down pat for his needs.

Start with his jigs: He ties his own on bulk jigheads ordered from Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s.

May 15 at 7:00am
Laydowns are fished both along their edges and in the interior of the branches. This particular laydown rapidly produced nine sac-a-lait, one behind the other.

When and where to fish Atchafalaya Basin crappie

The Atchafalaya Basin is huge and its habitats are complex. Besides the main channel of the Atchafalaya River that runs the length of it, the Basin has major and minor bayous, pipeline and oilfield canals, sloughs, coves, lakes and back-swamps. 

May 15 at 7:00am
Well heads are easy to fish and can be approached from any angle. Note that his jigging rod is a fly rod and fly reel.

How to fish different crappie cover

Although crappie — or sac-a-lait as Rhett Buteau knows them — will move into often move into open water, particularly late in the evening when they are feeding on midges, they are generally considered to be fish that like to hug cover.

May 15 at 7:00am
1- Select a good cork — The one on the right is better than the other because it has a tighter grain and is more resistant to breaking and chipping. Notice that Buteau wears eye protection to keep grinding debris from getting in his eyes.

How to make your own sinking corks

Rhett Buteau, like many other dedicated sac-a-lait fishermen, has had trouble buying fishing corks made of real cork in recent years.

May 15 at 7:00am
With numbers like this, Rhett Buteau needs a stopwatch to keep track of his catch and stay within the limit.

Jeanerette angler is ‘overboard’ for sac-a-lait

Rhett Buteau admitted a little guiltily that he is obsessive about fishing.

“I’m probably a tad overboard, as any sac-a-lait (crappie) fisherman can get,” Buteau said. “It’s all I think about. I log every trip. I record date, catch, water level, moon phase, color of bait and style of bait. I tie my own jigs.

May 15 at 7:00am
One of the prizes of small creek or bayou fishing is tasty sunperch like this one.

Best fishing hotspots on the state’s only national forest

Public access to small bayou and stream fishing in North Louisiana is almost unlimited when you consider the resources available in the five ranger districts of the Kistachie National Forest, located within an imaginary triangle between Winnfield, Natchitoches and Alexandria.

May 15 at 7:00am
This stream may not look like a fish haven, but it and others like it provide great bank and wade fishing.

LDWF biologist is small-water enthusiast

Ricky Moses knows what Scott Long is talking about. And he totally agrees.

May 15 at 7:00am
More than 50 streams like this one are in the Natural and Scenic Rivers System in Louisiana and all offer good fishing at times.

Fishing the scenic route

Fifty-one streams, bayous, branches and small rivers in Louisiana have been declared part of the Natural and Scenic Rivers System.

May 15 at 7:00am
Catching doubles is no foreign feet for Capt. Travis Miller, who does it all summer long at the rigs.

How to tie a double rig

Capt. Travis Miller is a big double-rig fan. They certainly catch boat loads of fish all over the coast, but it seems that they work particularly well in Dularge.

May 15 at 7:00am
Capt. Travis Miller targets marsh points and ponds to catch redfish during May.

Best best for Dularge redsfish

Capt. Travis Miller is a huge fan of trout fishing during May, but he still has to cater to his customers who want redfish. 

May 15 at 7:00am
Speckled trout can fight very aggressively when water temperatures are in there prime-zone for trout, like they are in May.

Inside specks still plentiful in Dularge this month

Catching trout in the big bays and outside waters isn’t for everyone, and not every angler has a nice large bay boat to overcome choppy seas.

May 15 at 7:00am