All Star ASNano Fishing rods
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All Star ASNano

Made to endure the intense demands of tournament action, All Star built this lineup of technique-specific rods with Nano Resin technology, which offers two distinct design options: lessening material for a lighter rod while maintaining break strength or keeping the same amount of material and significantly increasing break strength.

Going with Option 2 yields one of the strongest and most-durable rods on the market.

This turkey target was shot from 30 yards for a pattern check, which is a good thing to do before the hunt. Youth turkey-hunting shotgun recommendations
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It’s hard to beat a youth 20-gauge for a young hunter in any shotgun application.

Mitzi LaCaze demonstrating how to blast a turkey from a pop up blind. Ground blinds prefect for turkey hunting
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I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a ground blind.

While some kayak tournaments require anglers to bring fish to weigh-ins, many are photo-and-release events. Gulf Coast Kayak Tournaments 2014:
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• March 29 — Boats on the Bayou, New Orleans. New this year, a special kayak division is added to the City Park Big Bass Rodeo. Kayaks will compete for trophies fishing Bayou St. John. Go to for more.

Steve Smith says that in spite of small areas such as the Cove receiving intense pressure at times, speckled trout in the Vermilion Bay-Marsh Island area receive very little overall fishing pressure compared to other areas in the state. Vermilion Bay/Marsh Island
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Of Louisiana’s seven speckled trout destinations, this one is hardest to describe (as well as being hardest to fish).

Like other anglers, Eric Rue focuses much of his effort on the rocks of the Lake Calcasieu jetties during the hottest time of the year. Lake Calcasieu
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Lake Calcasieu, locally called “Big Lake,” on the western end of the state anchors a speckled trout fishery known for producing large fish.

Jules Ballanger catches lots of speckled trout on Carolina rigs in beach waters fronting the gulf side of Grand Isle and its neighboring islands. Barataria Bay/Grand Isle
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Barataria Bay is a vast estuary ranging from near-freshwater Lake Cataouche in the north to near-marine habitats at Grand Isle in the south.

During the hot months, much of John Aucoin’s trout fishing is done around man-made structures in deeper bay waters. Timbalier/Terrebonne
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This huge estuary extends from the Bayou Lafourche ridge on its eastern side to the lower Atchafalaya River on its western border. Vast tracts of freshwater marsh and swamp lie within its northern boundaries.

Breton Sound waters produce big trout for Charlie Thomason as soon as the weather allows him to get that far into open water. St. Bernard/Upper Plaquemines
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This area of the state has developed the reputation for providing the closest thing that exists to a 12-month-a-year speckled trout fishery.

Brandon Carter is one of the guides that has developed the Mississippi River delta’s reputation for big speckled trout. Mississippi River Delta
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Everything seems magnified down the river. Long boat runs are common. Frequent fogs seem thicker there than elsewhere. Navigation can be tricky because sandbars seem to shift on any whim.

One advantage to using pogies for speckled trout bait is that they can be sized for the fish being targeted. Why pogies for speckled trout fishing?
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Steve Shook is known for two things: using live pogies to catch big speckled trout and fishing the rocks of East Timbalier Island.

Ginger and Steve Shook lived a high-profile lifestyle during their days on the Southern Kingfish Association tour. Ups and downs for the Shooks
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Steve Shook has lived his fishing life in the fast lane: expensive boats, glitzy destinations, cheering crowds, famous friends, big money — over $1 million in earnings in 1998 alone.

Royer uses his homemade rake to make holes in vegetation to get to the fish below. Murph’s crappie-fishing poles
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Murphy Royer’s confidence in his fishing is almost startling. During my first conversation with him, he asked me when I wanted to go fishing. I asked when the best time was to make a good trip.

Royer makes and ties all his own jigs. The two on the bottom are two of his four favorite colors. Jig-making tips for crappie
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Murphy Royer makes his own jigs from scratch.

Royer fished the entire morning within sight of the elevated interstate bridge to the south. Lake Henderson crappie fishing tips
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Lake Henderson really isn’t a lake at all in the classical sense, but more of a backwater area formed in the 1930s by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The author has caught many thousands of chinquapin on fly rod using only a few adjustments to flies and tackle. Tippets
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April is one of the best months for both freshwater and marsh fly fishing. In which water shall you cast your fly?