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November is my favorite month for marsh fly fishing, since the interior lakes and bayous are thick with speckled trout. 

November 15 at 6:00am
Capt. Chad Dufrene’s favorite topwater baits include the bone-colored MirrOlure She Dog and a purple demon Top Dog.

Don’t forget topwater for trout

I love catching fish any way at all: under corks, tight-lined, live bait, plastics, whatever.

November 15 at 6:00am
Capt. Chad Dufrene believes silence is golden when chasing redfish.

Reds also on the menu in Delacroix

What if we want to catch some Delacroix reds this month? No problem, Capt. Chad Dufrene said.

November 15 at 6:00am
The author’s brother, Tony Tardo, displays a speck he caught after casting close to the grass.

Don’t park when fishing for Delacroix’s fall trout

“Stick and move,” Capt. Chad Dufrene said repeatedly that day. “In the fall months you stick when they bite and move when they quit. And do it all over again until you put a nice box of fish together.”

That’s what we did over the course of the morning, and our box was definitely looking good.

November 15 at 6:00am
Observing birds from a distance is a great way to note exactly what areas the birds are using and which species may be present.

Top tactics for public waterfowling success

With so many quality options for chasing waterfowl on the Bayou State’s public land, most hunters usually find a few birds for the pot.

November 15 at 6:00am
External storage space for multiple rigged rods makes trout fishing from a kayak more efficient.

Top 7 features for trout kayaks

Sure, sure, it’s old news that kayaks are a deadly effective tool for slipping up quietly on redfish grazing for lunch is marsh ponds only a foot deep.

But speckled trout is a whole ’nother game.

November 15 at 6:00am
Lee Trahan’s favorite Prien Lake lures are a split tail beetle (mounted sideways) on a jighead and a trout-colored MirrOlure MirrOdine.

How to find Prien’s trout

Prien Lake holds few secret spots. It is roughly 6 feet deep in most of its bed, except where the Calcasieu River channel courses through near its western bank.

Its bottom is mud and oyster shell.

November 15 at 6:00am
Doug Menefee scored first, casting a Gulp! Swimming Minnow on the drop-off along the ship channel.

Why Prien Lake is a great kayak-fishing option?

John Williams is a lucky guy.

As owner of Pack & Paddle in Lafayette, one of the largest kayak and outdoor gear dealers in Louisiana, he gets invited by some of the state’s best kayak fishermen to fish in the coolest places.

November 15 at 6:00am
A steady stream of fresh mullet cut up for chum can separate tuna from the backs of the trawl boats and keep them near you.

How to catch offshore fish with mullet

Although inshore guide Capt. Cody Obiol prefers engaging mullet from their schools’ perimeters, he has on occasion put a few live ones into service when calm seas allow a nearshore tuna run.

November 15 at 6:00am
Colby Daniels holds up his three favorite waterfowl calls.

Shoot big for more waterfowl hunting success

With all the waterfowl gear available in the sporting goods world today, Davy and Colby Daniels are pretty basic — and old school — in their approach to guiding their 300 to 400 duck hunters each season.

November 15 at 6:00am
A good group of Top Gun ducks from the rice fields of Mer Rouge.

How to be a Top Gun

Guided duck hunts are expensive, but often cheaper than doing it on your own.

A day hunt at Top Gun with accommodations, for instance, is $375 per hunter.

That includes a private cabin that easily sleeps four on the Bonnie Idee, an excellent crappie and bass fishing lake — just in case you want to bring a rod and reel.

November 15 at 6:00am
Jim Bowman of Shreveport waits on incoming ducks.

Day in the life of a waterfowl guide

It isn’t long after returning from a morning duck hunt that Colby and Davy Daniels are already getting ready for the next day.

November 15 at 6:00am
Romano believes that deer have become more sophisticated at eluding hunters as both hunting pressure and deer herds have increased.

Deer are more educated, better at hiding, hunter says

The deer hunting world has changed. Hunters over 65 years old remember when hunting clothing meant a flannel shirt and khaki pants or blue jeans.

Footwear, if the hunter wasn’t hunting a wet swamp, was an old pair of work brogans.

November 15 at 6:00am
Russell Scarbrough harvested this public land buck after he hunted him for 12 days in 2013. He moved his stand several times after studying his trail cameras to figure out the deer’s movement.

Best public deer-hunting areas

Begin your deer season in the western part of the state in mid-September with plans to hit these WMAs. The rut starts earlier here than anywhere else in the state, which launches around the end of September in some locations and ends near mid-November.

November 15 at 6:00am