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Garmin’s GPSMAP 1000 series units offer the company’s best technologies in a keypad-controlled design for those who aren’t ready for touchscreens. Garmin catches up (and then some)
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Garmin is bringing its down- and side-scanning sonar technology to the marine electronics market, calling them DownVü and SideVü. You can expect near-picture-quality views of the fresh- or saltwater world beneath and off to both sides of your boat like those you’ve been seeing on the screens of other manufacturers’ units.

SpotlightScan Sonar from Lowrance lets you pinpoint fish and see structure around your boat after a do-it-yourself installation. New SpotlightScan side-looking sonar
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Classic bass-fishing destinations like Toledo Bend Reservoir and Lake Sam Rayburn had a lot more standing timber in them back in the 1970s. In fact, once you got above their lower basins the only way to get around was to follow the many boat lanes cut through the trees.

Schools of bass used these boat lanes, too, as cover-free areas where they drove schools of shad to the surface in feeding frenzies.

The sight would raise the hair on the back of my neck, and I wasn’t alone; chasing these “schooling” bass in the boat lanes became a popular way to fish. The fish crashed to the surface, and then almost before you could cast they went deep again, leaving you wondering which direction to fire your lure until they popped back up.

Humminbird’s ONIX unit is perfect for freshwater applications, offering myriad options. Humminbird touchscreens
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Two years in development, Humminbird’s new ONIX and ION models offer anglers something different in marine electronics. The two models are the most-powerful Humminbird has ever offered, and were introduced at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October.

The old days of having to buy new units to take advantages of new functionality are long gone, since modern electronics are fully upgradable. Software updates
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Brand-new, highly desirable sonar and GPS features are announced at least once each product year by the makers of marine and outdoor electronics.

ProMariner chargers can be set to charge either flooded/standard AGM batteries or gel batteries. Battery chargers with a pulse
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The chemical process that produces electrical power in a battery can also damage it without human intervention.

The soon-to-be-released Power-Pole Mini is designed to work with any small boat. A better shallow-water anchor
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My club tournament partner and I were running out of time. We had barely 15 minutes of fishing left before we had to leave to make weigh-in, and we had just located our first concentration of decent bass.

Combining the wonders of GPS navigation and your MotorGuide trolling motor is now possible with the introduction of the company’s Xi5. X marks the spot
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The new MotorGuide Xi5 wireless trolling motor is obviously designed to take on Minn Kota’s successful Terrova, and MotorGuide took the time and trouble to do it right.

Choosing the proper electronic map can increase the odds of getting the most out of a trip to the Neuse River. How to get the best cartography on your chart plotter’s screen
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Back when the earliest digital maps for freshwater lakes began to appear on chart plotter screens, I was struck by how different they were.

NMEA 2000-based networks are mapped out by with cabled backbones with T-shaped fittings located near electronic devices. Can we talk?
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The National Marine Electronics Association is the organization responsible for setting standards for marine electronics, including those for communication between units. The purpose for setting communication standards is to provide a common language and wiring procedure so units and sensors from all manufacturers can talk to each other.

The evolution of LCD technology makes keeping screens more important than ever. Keeping it clean
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LCD screen brightness, contrast and resolution improve with every new generation of marine electronics. Higher pixel counts, new sonar technologies, more-vibrant colors and improved visibility under adverse light conditions let us see tiny sonar and chart details that would have been invisible a decade ago without zooming to enlarge the screen picture.

The Aqua-Vu Claw Discover is the latest in the company’s line of underwater cameras, and it makes finding lost items much more feasible. You dropped WHAT overboard?
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Shortly after handheld GPS units became small enough to fit in a pocket, I remember a fellow outdoor writer lamenting about losing his. He somehow dropped it as he stepped from a boat to a dock over water 30 feet deep.

There are many vacuum-sealing options to extend the shelf life of fish and game. Vacuum sealer systems aren’t just for the kitchen anymore
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Eating dinner at a friend’s house almost 20 years ago, I mentioned how good fresh fish tastes compared to fish that was frozen. He told me with a grin that the fish we were eating had been cooling in his freezer for two years.

This new wrist wonder does a lot more than just tell time. Super portable GPS
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When the press release about Garmin’s new marine-oriented Quatix sport watch hit my inbox, I opened it with lukewarm enthusiasm — but the more I read about it the more excited I got.

Two basic advantages of a watch with built-in GPS are that you don’t have to set it manually when you cross into another time zone and it can be accurate to within about a billionth of a second or, say, within one second every 30,000 years.

Torqeedo’s 80-horsepower electric outboard has plenty of torque to plane out boats Is there an electric outboard in your future?
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We fishermen have seen all-electric boats come and go, but most of these vessels have been small, slow and had limited carrying capacity that make them best suited to ponds or protected lakes.

Electric outboard motors with from five to 10 horsepower are available from several makers, and electric primary propulsion outboard motor systems for open utility and pontoon boats have long been available from manufacturers like Minn Kota and Torqeedo.

There are plenty of settings that will tweak the way your depth finder looks, allowing you to customize your experience. Semiautomatic fish finder operation
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In the early days of automatic fish finder operation, I advised serious anglers to switch to manual mode where they could tune in a much better look at the underwater world. I think that has changed, and I now suggest that fishermen run their units in auto mode and just tweak the settings where they see problems.

You can now go into a unit’s menu and set parameters that help its computer meet your personal preferences and better handle your recreational waters.

Touchscreen Lowrance electronics are smaller and easier to use than the old models that featured keyboards or buttons. Lowrance introduces new touchscreen unit, custom contour mapping service
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Do you have a favorite fishing area that isn’t mapped as accurately as you’d like? Now you can do it yourself with any Lowrance HDS multifunction unit, including new models with touchscreen control.