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Vermilion Bay can provide a lot of fishing action, as user reelin1 discovered. Who doesnít want a fishing edge?
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Dear Capt. Paul:

Do you have the GPS position coordinates for Vermilion Bay and the Boxcar Reef?

– Thanks, WA

Freeportís sulphur facility sits along Dennis Pass ≠ó right in the middle of some great fishing habitat. The Freeport Sulphur Mine near Garden Island Bay
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Dear Capt. Paul:

What are the coordinates of where the Freeport sulphur facility used to be on Garden Island Bay? What is the name of the pass they were on: Southwest or South pass?

Wreck Bay should be marked on the GPS of any angler fishing out of Delacroix or Point a la Hache. Pinpointing Wreck Bay
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Dear Capt. Paul:

Where is Wreck Bay out of Point a la Hache? What are the coordinates for the bay? I can’t seem to find it on my map.

Capt. Paul’s response:

By marking his track to a hunting stand and examining the path on his computer, the author found a more-direct route. Plot your course
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Yes, now is the time to really plot your hunting area with your GPS.

One of the basic functions of each GPS unit allows anglers set how the map is configured: course up (as shown), north up or track up. Get to know your GPS unit
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We are experiencing a revolution in navigation that began with the advent of the Global Positioning System communally referred to simply as GPS. This technology stands with the invention of the compass and the sextant in importance to the navigator.

Setting up your GPS with the proper north reference setting is important to being able to consistently find those fishing hotspots. Is north really north?
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Although simple, the choosing the correct north reference setting sometimes confuses GPS users.

If you donít know the correct datum but can still locate the wreck or reef you want to fish, you can always make the adjustment once you arrive. ABCs of GPS configuration, Pt. 2
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Datum settings are different from the “Position Format” or “Location” settings.

Latitude and longitude settings of GPS units simply refer to parts of the Earthís arch. The ABCs of GPS configuration, Pt. 1
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I know that I have written about configuration settings for a GPS unit in the past, but during my seminars and at least once a month I get a question concerning how a reader’s GPS should be set up.

Northwest Islands Northwest Islands
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Dear Capt. Paul:

Anglers were all smiles when they learned the Pickets wouldnít be removed. The Pickets
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As most know, the owner of the Pickets ó Apache Oil Corporation ó were in May in the process of removing some of the rig platforms that are no longer producing These platforms are in the Ship Shoal Leased Area, Block 26 area in Caillou Bay.

Freemason Island is noted on NOAA maps as a shoal, but itís actually a spit of sand that sticks above the water ó most of the time. Freemason Island
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Dear Capt. Paul:

Iím trying to locate the coordinates for Freemason Island.


The Mardi Gras rig is a favored trout hotspot for anglers heading out of Cocodrie during the summer. Correct coordinates needed:
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Dear Capt. Paul:

I have a new camp in Cocodrie, and Iím learning the area. I was hoping to hit some of the shallower rigs for a few lemonfish and perhaps even some snapper.
Do you have the coordinates for the Mardi Gras and EnStar rigs that are supposed to be near the shoreline?
What resources do you have available for us in the way of charts, waypoints, etc?

Thanks a million.

Having an older GPS go down usually means purchasing a new unit, since only the manufacturers work on them ó and might 
no longer support some models. Data card dilemma
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Dear Capt. Paul:
I have a Garmin 182c that is not reading the data card with topo map source on it. I have two friends who have the same unit, and their units are reading my data card. I tried their cards in my unit, and my unit does not read their cards. I called Garmin and they sent me the data card 6.0 update to update my unit but it would not work in my unit, so I called them back and was told the data card reader in my unit is bad and they no longer support this unit. I was wondering if you know anyone who can fix the unit or where I may get another unit secondhand because I have all the attachments and really like the unit. This unit was purchased in 2001. I just thought maybe you had a good idea on what to do since I like the unit so much.

The Sackett Bank ó or the Midnight Lump, as it is most-often called ó offers predatory fish easy feeding opportunities. That makes the Lump a great fishing spot. Finding and fishing the Midnight Lump
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If you are interested in line-breaking tuna and other large species in the Gulf of Mexico, then you should at least try the Midnight Lump.

No GPS map can take into account the ever-changing conditions of the Louisiana marshes, but there are some pretty good options out there for anglers. GPS recommendations and mapping for kayak fishing
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Dear Capt. Paul:

I recently bought a used Garmin GPSMAP handheld to use in my kayak so that I can find my way into and out of the marches, as I fly fish. It came with the old BlueChart MicroSD data card for the Mobile to Lake Charles area that is dated July 2008. Would I be wise to upgrade to the new BlueChart G2 chip, or what other mapping programs are available for the unit?

Navigating to your favorite hunting spot repeatedly can create a mess of trails on a GPS screen, so itís important to know how to save these routes. Understanding tracks and routes
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Dear Capt. Paul:

I hunt public property, and use my Garmin Oregon 450t constantly. I have the map provided from the management area pamphlet overlayed on my unit, but only main trails are shown on it.