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Vermilion Bay and Marsh Island offer year-round fishing opportunities for anglers pursuing redfish and speckled trout.

Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints for Vermilion Bay

GPS is state of the art — make use of it
July 08 at 9:00am
Cousins David and Dick Pecot ran into a large school of bull reds out of Dulac.

Waypoints for Cocodrie & Dulac

Knowing where islands were located is critical for angling success now
May 08 at 9:00am

Capt. Paul’s fishing edge for Pearl River WMA

Turkey hunters: Waypoints aren’t just for fishing
April 08 at 9:00am
Big Lake is famous for trophy speckled trout, but is also home to big bull reds like this one.

Waypoints for Big Lake

March 08 at 9:00pm
Brian Young with a Biloxi Marsh redfish.

GPS waypoints for the Biloxi Marsh

February 06 at 6:00pm

Spotlight on Myrtle Grove

January 08 at 9:00am
A handheld GPS is not only typically waterproof, but is accurate to within about 10 feet.

GPS unit trumps smart phone in the outdoors

December 08, 2017 at 9:00am
On this topographic map, a benchmark is indicated with a small triangle just northeast of the hilltop.

Locating benchmarks

Geocaching makes for great GPS practice
November 07, 2017 at 3:51pm
On the left, a Garmin touch handheld. On the right, a Garmin handheld rocker.

Pros and cons: Touch screen GPS controls

October 05, 2017 at 6:20pm
GPS Babel can convert one type of GPS format to another.

Lowrance or Garmin Edge data for GPS units

September 08, 2017 at 9:00am