Two convicted felons arrested for spotlighting deer, LDWF says

Enforcement agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries arrested two convicted felons in Washington Parish last weekend for allegedly spotlighting deer near Franklinton, according to a news release.

Yesterday at 3:43pm
James Stuart shows off the 13-pointer he downed on Nov. 19 in Caldwell Parish. The buck, with an inside spread of 19 ⅛  inches, green-scored 148 ⅝ inches.

65-year quest ends with Caldwell Parish 13-point

They say good things come to those who wait. 

In the case of James Curry Stuart, it took 65 years, but the wall-hanger buck he’s been after since he was child finally materialized on Nov. 19 in Caldwell Parish.

December 06 at 9:51am
Heath Clement poses with a 14-point buck he had nicknamed Handlebars after arrowing it on Oct. 26 on Hogue Island in East Carroll Parish. Note in the photo that the right G2

Big 14-point nicknamed ‘Handlebars’ arrowed on Hogue Island

It’s not often that a hunter who shoots a 170-class deer gets more excited to find a 6-inch piece of antler than the actual animal itself, but that’s exactly what happened with Heath Clement and a unique Hogue Island buck nicknamed “Handlebars.”

December 05 at 9:56am

Raceland man cited for alleged deer violations

A 53-year-old Raceland man was cited last weekend for alleged deer violations by enforcement agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in Lafourche Parish.

December 02 at 3:06pm
Chris Evans shows off the 12-point he shot from 420 yards on Wednesday, Nov. 30, near Port Hudson in East Baton Rouge Parish. The buck's rack tallied 42 inches in circumference measurements, and green-scored 150 inches.

Port Hudson hunter downs heavy-horned 12-point from 420 yards

Chris Evans is moving to a new house near Jackson, leaving behind a 40-acre tract of family land near Port Hudson where he’s done a lot of deer hunting over the years.

December 02 at 11:40am
Essie Maricle shows off the big 8-point she shot on Richard K. Yancey WMA in Concordia Parish on Nov. 26. The big buck sported a rack with a 22-inch inside spread, and green-scored 148 4/8 inches.

Big 8-point goes down on Richard K. Yancey WMA

Essie Maricle has had not one, but both, knees replaced. However, surgery hasn’t slowed her down a bit — especially when it comes to deer hunting.

December 02 at 8:51am
St. Martinville's Gregg Durand poses with 15-point Caldwell Parish buck he shot near Columbia on Nov. 25. The big buck green-scored 174 2/8 inches B&C at The Spotted Dog.

St. Martinville hunter nails 170-class Caldwell Parish buck

When Gregg Durand pulled into The Spotted Dog in Columbia on the day after Thanksgiving, he wasn’t looking for any awesome Black Friday deals — he was simply trying to get a green score on a thick-horned Caldwell Parish buck he’d just shot. 

November 30 at 4:06pm
Chris Ebarb, of Natchitoches, poses with the big 16-point buck he shot near Ajax on Nov. 6. Ebarb had never even seen trail cam pics of the buck, which green-scored 169 ⅝ inches at Simmons' Sporting Goods in Bastrop.

Palmated 16-point goes down in Natchitoches Parish

Until a heavy-horned Natchitoches Parish buck stepped out into a shooting lane on his 1,500-acre lease near Ajax, Chris Ebarb never knew the deer even existed.

November 30 at 10:28am
Hayden Cassels, of Monterey, shows off the giant Concordia Parish 12-pointer he shot on Nov. 19. The buck grossed 190 6/8 inches at Simmons' Sporting Goods in Bastrop,  good enough now for 1st place in both the Men's and Largest Louisiana categories.

ULM junior drops hammer 190-class buck in Concordia Parish

Hayden Cassels spent most of last season and all of this year bowhunting for a big, heavy-horned  Concordia Parish buck he’d seen in trail cam footage on the 1,000 acres of private land he hunts near Monterey.

November 29 at 3:55pm

Two cited for alleged migratory game bird violations near Laplace, LDWF says

Agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries cited two men for allegedly being over the limit on wood ducks and shooting after hours last weekend in St. John Parish.

November 29 at 11:08am
Only about two weeks after taking down a big 9-point that measured 142-plus inches with his crossbow, Joey Busbice stayed on a hot streak and shot a 14-point on Nov. 23 in Winn Parish that stretched then tape to 158 inches.

Morgan City hunter's two November bucks total 300 inches of bone

There’s an old saying that lightning never strikes in the same place twice — but don’t tell that to Joey Busbice.

November 28 at 3:55pm
Brandon Lindsey, 20, of Lillie, shows off the 11-point Union Parish buck he shot on Nov. 19 near Spearsville. The deer green-scored 149 ⅛ inches B & C.

Big 11-point goes down in Union Parish

Brandon Lindsey was comfortable with the 36-degree morning in his Union Parish deer stand — but the same couldn’t be said for his fiancee.

Kaylee Bryant was cold and ready to leave her stand on land near Spearsville on Nov. 19, so Lindsey reluctantly agreed to come pick her up at 9 a.m.

November 28 at 1:53pm
Hammond's Jimmy Giacone understandably thought he was killing a buck when he shot this deer Nov. 20, but it turned out to be a doe.

Hammond hunter kills 16-point doe

Hammond's Jimmy Giacone was enjoying a morning hunt at a buddy's Mississippi lease Sunday (Nov. 20) when three deer stepped out.

"It was about 8:30, and I stood up and was getting down out of the stand when a spike, a doe and this deer stepped out," Giacone said.

"This deer" wore a crown of calcium on its head. A huge crown.

What Giacone  didn't know, however, was that the deer wasn't a buck.

November 21 at 4:05pm
Shreveport's Cody Upchurch shot this 152-inch buck, after passing on a larger deer because he was hunting on a friend's lease.

Friend's invite ends with 152-inch Bossier Parish buck

Shreveport oil and gas industry representative Cody Upchurch owes his friend named Mike a steak dinner for an event that took place Nov. 4. Mike invited the 28-year-old Upchurch to his Bossier Parish hunting club and, in the process, Upchurch downed a big 220-pound 13-point buck that taped out 152 inches.

“Mike said I could take any legal deer on our hunt,” Unchurch said. “‘Just so it doesn’t have spots,’ Mike said.”

November 21 at 3:00pm