Deer Hunting

Jimmy Leonard, of Ventress, shows the left antler that was blown off with his initial shot at this 8-point 'Knockout Buck' in Pointe Coupee Parish on Nov. 19.

Hunter knocks deer out cold

On the big screen, the Italian Stallion had some epic boxing matches with Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago throughout the Rocky movie franchise.

Last November, Jimmy Leonard did his best Sylvester Stallone impersonation with a buck in Pointe Coupee Parish — minus the boxing gloves. 

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The author on a 1970’s deer hunt. Note the old style “truckers hat.”

Late-season reflections

As we go into 2017, most of us have had the good fortune of sitting quietly alone multiple times this season in the Deep South winter woods.

Yesterday at 5:07pm
Kyle Adams poses with the big 14-point he shot on Dec. 21 in Catahoula Parish. The big buck green-scored 172 ⅛ inches at Simmons' Sporting Goods in Bastrop.

172-inch deer down in Catahoula Parish

Kyle Adams hunts with 25 other members in Catahoula Parish on a 2,800-acre club near Harrisonburg. 

Yesterday at 6:50am
Ian Bankston, of Holden, poses with the big 12-point buck he shot on Jan. 2 at Bear Creek Hunting Club in Livingston Parish. The buck green-scored 158 6/8 inches, and set a new club record.

Holden hunter drills big Livingston Parish 12-point

An elusive 12-point had been seen on lots of trail cams at the Bear Creek Hunting Club in Livingston Parish, but never — not even once — during the day.

January 16 at 3:46pm

4 Louisiana prison guards accused of 26 illegal deer kills in Mississippi

Four Louisiana prison guards are accused of illegally killing 26 deer in Mississippi, according to media reports.

January 12 at 6:16pm
Retired football coach Joey Pender poses with the big Bienville Parish 10-point he shot on Jan. 4. The buck, which green-scored 155 ⅞ inches, was recovered with the help of a dog provided by one of his former players.

Former players help retired football coach find Bienville 10-point

Joey Pender coached high school football for 33 years, retiring from West Ouachita High School after the season that just ended. 

January 12 at 3:08pm
Bill Fair shows off the 171-inch 16-point he shot with 00 buckshot on Dec. 18 in Natchitoches Parish. A chattering squirrel alerted Fair to the buck's presence, and Fair put a bead on it at 25 yards.

Chattering squirrel alerts hunter to 171-inch buck

When a hunter is on a deer stand, the presence of noisy squirrels can sometimes be a big distraction. 

January 12 at 11:13am
The author took this Bossier Parish buck on Nov. 10 using deer urine and grunts to attract his attention.

Farts and Bubbles: Hunt like a champ

When the Notre Dame football players leave the locker room and head for the field they pass under a sign that reads, “Play like a champion today.”

January 12 at 9:00am
Marni Demelo, of New Orleans, dropped this big Mississippi 10-point Saturday in icy conditions in Jefferson County. The buck green-scored 163 inches B&C.

New Orleans hunter drills 163-inch Mississippi buck

Long before Marni Demelo ever saw a trophy Mississippi 10-pointer making its way through the woods Saturday, she heard it coming — thanks to the frigid conditions the region experienced during last weekend’s cold snap. 

January 11 at 3:48pm
Nick Sampey shows off the Natchitoches Parish 10-point he fooled on Dec. 13 by scouting bedding areas and imitating how a buck sounds as it moves through the woods.

Unconventional hunter fools big Natchitoches Parish 10-point

There are all sorts of deer hunters. 

January 10 at 2:56pm
Montgomery’s Thomas Lewis displays his massive Red River trophy 14-pointer taken Dec. 12 in Grant Parish.<br />

Montgomery hunter nails Grant Parish 14-pointer

No stranger to taking well-crowned bucks in Louisiana’s Red River delta country, Thomas Lewis was on a months-long quest for another.

January 10 at 9:11am
Rusty Thames, of Stonewall, shows off the 140-inch 8-point he shot in Red River Parish on Dec. 18. Thames' first two bullets did not fire, but he connected with the last one in his rifle from 140 yards.

Third bullet downs big Red River Parish 8-point

When the big buck you’re after finally makes a rare daytime appearance and you pull the trigger and hear a snap instead of a boom, what do you do? 

January 06 at 4:00pm

5 men cited with deer-hunting violations

State wildlife agents cited five men  for a variety of deer-hunting violations, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reported today.

One of the men, West Monroe's Joe Willis, was cited for allegedly shooting a deer at night in the investigation into alleged illegal activity in Ouachita Parish, the agency said. And two out-of-state hunters were cited with deer-hunting without licenses, the LDWF said.

January 06 at 3:31pm
Chuck Monroe shows off the big Vernon Parish 11-pointer he shot on Nov. 15 near Simpson. The big buck green-scored 143 2/8 inches B&C.

Doe scent fools big Vernon Parish 11-point

Earlier this deer season, we had the privilege of reporting on the success of Shane Rachal, who thought he was shooting at a big 11-point buck he had on camera — only to find out the buck he actually downed that foggy October morning was an even larger 13-point.

January 05 at 4:15pm