Deer Hunting

It is important that a hunter feels comfortable with his bow, and that means taking the time to select the right one.

The right bow inspires confidence

Yesterday at 7:00am
Simpson pours out rice bran instead of corn because he’s found the deer prefer it.

October bucks love rice bran

Yesterday at 7:00am
Scent eliminating sprays are widely available, and contain additives that reduce the scent on your hunting clothes. Coupled with cover scents and being mindful of the wind, it’s an effective way to fool a deer’s nose.

Must-haves for scent control

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The “Almost Buck” pictured with the son of the fortunate member who took the buck late in the gun season.

The “almost” buck

Yesterday at 7:00am
You may be fortunate to locate your trophy buck during bow season.

How to score on opening day

Preparation is the key
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A half-dozen items you should carry in your backpack this deer season

What’s in your deer pack?

Are you a minimalist or a pack mule? Either way, you need to consider including these items in your arsenal this season.
October 13 at 9:00am
Bobby Albert, 19, of Colfax, poses with the big public lands 8-point he arrowed on Oct. 8 in the Kisatchie National Forest.

Colfax hunter arrows big 8-point on Kisatchie

Albert’s public lands buck green scores north of 143 inches
October 12 at 10:00am
Wet habitat sites like this shallow lake bed area produce succulent herbaceous plants for deer to feed on.

Louisiana’s deer habitat in decline

Lack of new state record buck in 74 years points to concerns
October 11 at 5:00pm

Crazy bowhunting vid: Woman misses five times in a row

Hunter runs out of arrows shooting at one deer
October 09 at 7:39pm
Dr. Frank Sullivan killed this potential state-record non-typical behind his St. Francisville dental practice the afternoon of Oct. 5. The deer grossed between 220 and 230 inches.

Potential state record deer arrowed

St. Francisville dentist arrows non-typical grossing 220 to 230 inches
October 06 at 4:59pm
Geoffrey Henry poses with a big 21-point Richland Parish buck nicknamed Harvey that he arrowed from 35 yards on Oct. 3. The big buck green-scored more than 202 inches Buckmasters, and 192 ⅛ Boone and Crockett.

Richland Parish hunter arrows 200-class monster

'Harvey,' a big 21-point with double split brow tines, goes down Oct. 3
October 06 at 3:16pm
James Howell, who survived a stand malfunction because he was wearing his safety harness on Monday, stuck this nice 135-inch velvet buck on Wednesday near St. Francisville.

Hunter survives tree stand malfunction, sticks 135-inch velvet buck

Safety harness prevented 25-foot fall, Howell says
October 05 at 5:39pm
Black Widow Deer Lures

Black Widow Deer Lures

October 01 at 7:00am
Simpson advises hunters to always take the wind into consideration and find a tree that allows you to hunt from the north side of your food source.

The silly season

If there’s ever an opportunity to take advantage of a big buck with its guard down, that time is now. Depending on where you hunt and when your rut is, October just might be your best chance to arrow a big buck.
October 01 at 7:00am