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Josh Chauvin shows off a couple of big bullfrogs he speared caveman-style during daylight hours this summer.

Apex Predator: Daytime bullfrog spearing

'Caveman-style' hunts are a tough test
4 hours ago
The author has been practicing since late last month, and typically shoots 20 arrows per session in exercises designed to simulate hunting scenarios he might encounter at the Atchafalaya Delta WMA.

Public Rambling: Now’s the time for scouting

Plenty of sign, trails apparent at Atchafalaya Delta WMA, Aucoin says
8 hours ago
Total duck numbers are down by 13 percent from 2017, but the total of 41.2 million birds is still 17 percent higher than the long-term average.

Duck numbers down in 2018

But most populations still above long-term averages, USFWS says
Yesterday at 2:23pm
Josh and Jamie Gaspard both with the wicked-looking lancetfish they caught on Wednesday, Aug. 15 about 120 miles out of Fourchon in the Green Canyon.

Dragon-like catch shocks Louisiana guide

A lancetfish looks like something straight from a horror movie
Yesterday at 2:00pm
Chris Holmes, executive director of the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, shows off a nice red he caught sight-fishing in marshes north of Buras during the Marsh Media Bash at Cajun Fishing Adventures.

Sight-fishing bonanza for reds out of Buras

Low river, plenty of grass mean gin-clear water in marshes near Point a la Hache
Yesterday at 8:47am
A plastic boat and plastic lures make a good combination for catching a mess of panfish. Reliving childhood memories, Robyn Bordelon shows off a hefty basket of hand-sized fish just like she caught when she was a child.

Plastics for panfish

Get back to the basics and target bream in your ‘yak
August 18 at 9:00am
Skeeter's Steve Crowell landed this bull red working a popping cork around a bait slick off Buras' California Point.

Bull reds swarming east side of Buras right now

Forget dead bait — just hang plastics beneath popping corks for plenty of action
August 17 at 11:56am

Stephensville man arrested for alleged DWI, drug charges

Incident occurred Tuesday on Lake Palourde in St. Mary Parish, LDWF says
August 15 at 5:32pm

Lafayette man cited for fake mayday calls on False River

Air and water rescue missions were deployed, LDWF says
August 15 at 4:25pm
Mike Cork of Benton holds a good-sized bass that bit on a Tri-Alive 6.5 Nightcrawler made by Minden-based Mister Twister.

Mister Twister’s Nightcrawler

Unique colors offer fish something new
August 15 at 9:00am
Many clubs encourage all family members to participate.

What about rules?

August 15 at 7:00am
This father-and-son team both took a buck in the same morning. Many clubs are geared toward family participation.

Organizing your own hunting club

August 15 at 7:00am