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One of Ricky Aucoin's buddies, Randy Levingston, arrowed this doe at the Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area. Hunter enjoys extra-special season in the stand
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This has been a most unusual deer season for me.

Martha Sumrall poses with her trophy cull, which she shot in Tensas Parish on Jan. 2.The buck had 19 non-typical points, and green scored 153 5/8 inches Boone and Crockett. Ruston hunter takes down trophy 'cull' in Tensas Parish
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Martha Sumrall has hunted with her husband on Somerset Hunting Club for a number of years, and has taken several good bucks on the 5,800-acre property in Tensas Parish. 

Isabella James and her dad, David McMorris, pose with the 12-pointer James shot on New Year's Day on Three Rivers WMA. The big buck green scored 156 3/4 inches Boone and Crockett. A.S.H. junior shoots huge 12-point at Three Rivers WMA on New Year's Day
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Isabella James learned from her father at an early age to be as quiet as a church mouse when she was up in a deer stand.

After cutting off the birds’ wings, rough pluck them to remove the larger and stiffer tail and body feathers. How to clean ducks using paraffin wax
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Both Pat Bordelon and Mike Branton love to eat ducks. They eat them roasted. They eat them smoked. They eat them in gumbo. They eat them as bacon-wrapped roll-ups.

There is plenty of feeding going on prior to the rut, as shown by this trail camera photo. Feeding frenzies
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It was obvious that the bucks were feeding very heavily during September on the property in Desoto Parish (Area 2) in preparation of the upcoming rut.

When the moment of truth comes, it’s not the time to have a shooting problem. Missed opportunities
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Nothing bums me out more than going on a deer or turkey hunt, doing everything right, have the targeted animal come into range and then miss.

Hunting between the feeders and stands might provide better harvest opportunity. Take-home message
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The lessons from the track record of these bucks can be summed up as follows:

Scent Shield key to bagging bucks Scent Shield key to bagging bucks
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Brad Doughty is an excellent deer hunter, regularly bagging big bucks on public land. However, he does it with a little help from his Scent Shield and deer calls.

Doughty, who has taken 10 mature gobblers in the past seven seasons on Jackson Bienville, finds where turkeys are hanging out and stays with it, much like he does when hunting a big buck. Patterning key to sticking big bucks, gar and turkey
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As passionate as Brad Doughty is about chasing trophy whitetails, he is also an avid bow fisherman in a quest for outsized alligator gar and boss gobblers.

Call ’em in Call ’em in
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Brad Doughty relies heavily on two deer calls — a bleat can and a grunt tube — to draw in bucks during the rut.

Any effective management program includes shooting does, with the goal of bringing the population into balance. The benefits are an increased number of healthy bucks without stressing the habitat. Patience, flexibility key to effective management
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Many hunters claim they would like to kill trophies, while at the same time making hunting all about the numbers. What these hunters don’t understand is that quality deer require time to develop, and that means sacrifices have to be made.

Doubt what deer management can accomplish? Check out the camp wall at Hackney’s club for proof that patience and planning pay off. Keep records to track progress
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Detailed and meticulous records are vital tools for clubs wanting to raise the bar, Anderson-Tully Lumber Company biologist Mike Staten said.

The club placed 29 protein feeders throughout the property to help deer make it through the stressful summer and produce even larger racks. Protein could produce bigger bucks
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As we drove off the property, Greg Hackney and I passed a large flat-bed trailer being towed to the club’s camp. On that trailer were sacks of protein.

Thomas Whitney took advantage of his father’s club membership to kill a 7-point with main beams he could barely fit his hands around. Habitat a major issue
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One of the biggest benefits to proper deer management is a sustainable population of deer.

Bucks can have the best genetics and the best food sources in the world, but they’ll never reach trophy proportions if they aren’t allowed to age. The author was tempted to drop this healthy buck. Shoot or don’t shoot?
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Someone who has never hunted property holding numbers of racks would have a heart attack on Greg Hackney’s club trying to decide if a deer was a shooter or not.

Squirrel hunting was once a big tradition, both for young and old hunters in Louisiana. It ain’t like it used to be
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“When I was a kid, squirrel hunting was a big traditional thing, like deer hunting is now,” Bob Childress said. “Men would schedule their time off around squirrel season. There weren’t hardly no deer back then. If you saw one, it could make the paper, particularly if it was a big buck. The first of squirrel season, everyone would take their kids and camp out.”