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Topwater lures provide explosive, heart-stopping action and nearly always produce larger fish. The best times are generally early morning or late evening, but don’t rule out throwing one in the middle of the day.

It’s topwater trout time

And a ‘yak is the perfect platform for a stealthy approach
May 18 at 9:00am
Capt. Sean Thornton caught this 9-pound redfish in Bay Round on a topwater lure.

Trout fishing looking up in Lafitte

Speck action expected to pick up
May 16 at 3:29pm
Sometimes — for whatever reason — speckled trout just won’t commit to your topwater presentation. When that happens, Capt. Nick Poe switches to a twitchbait, then opts for a soft plastic on an ⅛-ounce jighead if the fish are really finicky.

Topwater troubles?

If you’re getting blowups but no hookups, try these tips
May 15 at 7:00am
Paddle Palooza XV Champion Mark Eubanks shows of his new Hobie Pro Angler 14 he won by catching the heaviest Cajun Slam. Of more than 225 participants, only three managed to catch a true slam consisting of a trout, a slot redfish and a flounder. Flounder

‘Yak tournament tactics

May 15 at 7:00am
May typically means the speckled trout spawn is on — and that’s a great time to be at Big Lake.

It’s prime time for speckled trout at Big Lake

Spawning trout mean big boxes, guide says
May 11 at 3:47pm
The Bubblehead Popper is effective for both bass and specks.

A cast by any other name

Why top fly anglers use ‘the Belgian’
May 10 at 9:00am


May 10 at 8:00am
Cousins David and Dick Pecot ran into a large school of bull reds out of Dulac.

Waypoints for Cocodrie & Dulac

Knowing where islands were located is critical for angling success now
May 08 at 9:00am

Brand new Sportsman TV: Tagging redfish for CCA Star near Grand Isle

Check out the latest episode tonight at 6:30 on CST
May 03 at 12:00pm

Marsh Man Masson vid: Lambasting Delacroix speckled trout

Celebrating an achievement with an epic fishing trip
May 01 at 3:42pm
Dr. Bob Weiss, a legendary Lake Pontchartrain trout fishermen, with a beautiful Seabrook speck.<br />

The Secrets of Seabrook

Much of the fishing in this legendary Lake Pontchartrain hotspot is concentrated in about a 1-square-mile area, so you might think location isn’t important. But you’d be wrong. Two certified trout masters share their plan of attack.
May 01 at 7:00am