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Fuel up the boat and make runs to the east of Grand Isle to find plenty of trout action this month.

Head to the Gulf for Barataria trout

Capt. John Pounders takes every shot the weather gives him this month to chase speckled trout in the big water. 

“July is a great month for us to burn a little fuel and head to the outside to catch specks, said the owner of Eccentric Charters (504-382-2268). “I will target them around Coup Abel, Four Bayous, Cat Island and the Bay Long area on the edge of the gulf.

July 25 at 5:03pm
J Lynn Vidrine shows off a nice mangrove snapper during a recent  offshore trip out of  Grand Isle. Her husband, Tommy Vidrine, likes to use a Carolina rig to deliver live croakers or pogies to whatever depth mangroves are suspending around the rig

Top 3 tips to mop up on mangroves

Every summer, when July and August roll around and Tommy Vidrine can tear himself away from catching hammer speckled trout at Grand Isle for a while, he heads offshore in pursuit of another hard-fighting fish.

He's after mangrove snapper, and he says now’s the best time of the year to catch them.

July 25 at 4:48pm
Capt. Britt Ordes fishes deep with live shrimp for big speckled trout this time of year.

Fish Hopedale trout where they cool off

Go to Blue Bayou Water Park on a scorching hot Saturday and you’ll likely be waiting more than an hour to ride the water slide.

July 22 at 11:43am

18th Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo set for July 28-30 out of Venice Marina

The 18th Annual Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo is set to roll next week out of Venice Marina, and this year’s event features a brand new five-fish red snapper stringer division made possible because the state waters line has been pushed beyond the old 3-mile boundary.

July 22 at 10:02am
Capt. Curtis LeNormand shows off a couple of nice speckled trout caught recently at the Empire Jetty.

Empire Jetty heats up for specks

When July rolls around, Capt. Curtis LeNormand said speckled trout action typically picks up at the Empire Jetty.

July 18 at 9:57am
Casey McLaurin likes never having to measure speckled trout caught offshore.

Go south, young man, for better trout fishing

The Vermilion Bay speckled trout fishery is known for two things. First, it produces a lot of big specks. Second, it’s a highly seasonal fishery.

July 15 at 7:00am
The afternoon before the trip, while McLaurin and LeMaire cook, Zeringue and Hutson make Carolina rig leaders and store them on Tackle Buddies. Having pre-made leaders speeds up the process of re-rigging after a break-off while fishing.

The bone-a-fide fishing style

Shane Zeringue, Casey McLaurin and Lane LeMaire fish with very few artificial lures, although they admitted speckled trout where they fish can be caught with fakes.

July 15 at 7:00am

Too Much Fun with Cajun Hookers

In this episode we drove down to Venice, Louisiana to have fun with Cajun Hookers.

July 14 at 6:00pm
Fishing where there’s water movement this time of year is key to success, according to Capt. Danny Wray.

Forgo sleep for July Grand Isle specks

In the winter, speckled trout reside in areas devoid of current. Fish in fast-moving tide on a frigidly cold day, and you’ll probably not set the hook the entire trip.

July 13 at 5:20pm
Jerry Rouyea shows off the leopard redfish he caught on the west side of the Mississippi River out of Venice on July 2. The 28-inch red had 660 total spots, the result of a recessive pigment variation, according to a fish geneticist.

St. Amant angler reels in leopard redfish with 600-plus spots out of Venice

Jerry Rouyea was definitely seeing spots on a recent fishing trip on the west side of the Mississippi River, but it wasn’t because of the stifling 93-degree heat and lack of any breeze that day out of Venice.

July 13 at 10:30am
Capt. Chris Danos said finding fish willing to eat is a matter of getting away from the dirty, fresh water coming out of the Mississippi River.

Robbing Lake Robin

Capt. Chris Danos (504-606-6223) operates his Screaming Reels Fishing Charters business out of Pointe a la Hache on the east side of the river. But these days he’s traveling over to Lake Robin and beyond to get into bigger and better speckled trout action.

At least until the river subsides.

July 12 at 10:00pm
Josh Chauvin's favorite topwater lure to catch speckled trout is Strike King's 4 ¾-inch Sexy Dawg, which features three treble hooks. Unfortunately for Chauvin, a shark nailed this speck before he got it to the boat.

Apex Predator tests topwater lures for speckled trout

Topwater action is really exciting, but it can become frustrating when speckled trout are only slapping at the bait or constantly coming unhooked during the fight. Since trout often feed on the surface only for short durations in the early-morning or late-afternoon, having a lure that puts fish in the boat as quickly as possible is important. 

July 05 at 9:17pm
Capt. Tommy Pellegrin finds plenty of speckled trout under birds and nice specks on the beaches this time of year.

Look for birds to find Cocodrie trout

There are some anglers who would sit in a dentist chair before they would reel in dishrag-like small trout. Those fishermen want violent, head-shaking specks that strip drag on the way in.

July 05 at 5:30pm
Capt. Kris Robert with One Last Cast Charters said both the L&N Train Bridge and the Hwy. 90 bridge are solid spots for speckled trout this month. His go-to setup is a drop-shot rig with live shrimp, and he said plan on being early to get a good spot.

Arrive early at L&N Train Bridge for July speckled trout action

Capt. Kris Robert said he thinks speckled trout act a lot like people when dealing with summertime heat: If they get hot, they go somewhere where they can cool down. And they prefer not to gorge themselves during the height of the heat of day.

That means early morning trips where cooler, deeper water and easily accessible bait are readily available. 

July 01 at 2:47pm
Offshore trout fishing is productive for the members of Team Bone-A-Fide and their guests.

Double up — Why you should fish nearshore Gulf waters instead of Vermilion Bay

Fishing for speckled trout over here isn’t for sissies.

The five anglers left Shane Zeringue’s camp at Cypremort Point at 5 a.m., and it was going to be at least a 45-minute run in his 32-foot Offshore Yellowfin.

It ain’t a slow boat.

July 01 at 7:00am
Heat-sensitive trout often seek cooler water around nearshore rigs.

Rigging up

Everyone loves a hot Delta bite, but you can expect the action to cool off when the weather heats up.

OK, if you don’t mind wading through the pun puddles, this is actually a straightforward premise: When summer’s swelter has the inshore fish languishing in lethargy, you’ll find your brightest opportunities where the warm-season discomfort has minimal impact.

July 01 at 7:00am