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Garrett Freeman, of Hineston, poses with the 13-point buck he shot on Friday, Oct. 21, in Vernon Parish. The big deer green-scored 170 6/8 inches B & C.

Hineston hunter nails giant 13-point in Vernon Parish

Garrett Freeman was a little out of his comfort zone in his box stand last Friday afternoon around 6 p.m.

9 hours ago
Youngsville's Chayson Richard shows off the 11.29-pound largemouth bass he caught near Hurricane Creek at Toledo Bend. The big bass inhaled a Yellow Magic topwater lure last Friday, Oct. 21.

Youngsville angler lands 11.29-pound largemouth on Toledo Bend

Chayson Richard knew deer season was right around the corner, so the avid bass angler wanted to get in one more Toledo Bend trip before committing to his deer stand this fall. 

14 hours ago
Last weekend, Tommy Vidrine caught speckled trout behind Dutch Island with live shrimp, as well as by the first two bridges on Highway 1 leading into Grand Isle. Along the road, his lure of choice is a 3-inch Tsunami swim minnow.

Speckled trout arriving along Highway 1 at Grand Isle

As the calendar inches closer to November, speckled trout are now steadily making progress transitioning to inside waters around Grand Isle, according to a local angler.

15 hours ago
Benji Stanley, of Vinton, shows off the big 10-point he shot Monday afternoon, Oct. 24, in Calcasieu Parish. The big buck green scored almost 147 inches Boone and Crockett.

Calcasieu Parish produces awesome 10-pointer

When you think of a place in Louisiana known for producing lots of redfish, speckled trout and flounder — that’s also a magnet for ducks and geese — Calcasieu Parish would probably definitely be on your list. 

17 hours ago
George Mason poses with the big Vernon Parish 16-point buck he shot near Rosepine on Oct. 10. Mason shot the deer with his .45-70 in a pasture behind his house, before he even made it to his stand.

16-point ‘backyard buck’ downed in Vernon Parish

George Mason has had his eyes on an impressive Vernon Parish buck since June, and earlier this month brought the big deer down — without even reaching his stand.

October 25 at 2:01pm
Grady Brown, 47, of Monroe, poses with the big 10-point he shot on Oct. 2 on the Big 8 Hunting Club's property near Transylvania in East Carroll Parish. The big buck green-scored 172 ⅛ inches at Simmons' Sporting Goods.

Monroe hunter sticks big 10-point in East Carroll Parish

Most hunters have to purchase their feed from a feed store, but Grady Brown grows his own.

October 25 at 11:27am
Nice speckled trout can be found in Lafitte this month using soft-plastics threaded on light jigheads.

The lowdown on Lafitte specks

Lafitte is a popular destination for anglers across the coast because it’s so close for many fishermen, particularly for those who reside in New Orleans.

October 21 at 11:00am
Nighttime is frequently the only time the older adult hogs are active, making them more difficult to hunt.

Feral hogs on the loose

On July 28, the Louisiana Departments of Agriculture and Forestry and Wildlife and Fisheries hosted a meeting in Mansura.

Topics included feral swine and chronic wasting disease in deer. As expected feral swine and LDAF’s new regulations concerning them were the main topic.

October 21 at 11:00am
Shane Rachal, of Forest Hill, poses with the 13-point buck he shot on Oct. 13 in Vernon Parish. Rachal thought he was shooting at an 11-point he had seen on his trail cam, but the deer was actually a 13-pointer that green-scored 147 ⅜ inches.

Case of mistaken identity in Vernon Parish results in 13-point buck

Hunting in a heavy fog the morning of Oct. 13, Shane Rachal, shot what he thought was a big 11-point buck his trail cameras had identified since summer.

But upon recovery of the buck, he actually found an even more impressive 13-point trophy.

October 21 at 8:40am
When the author found this gigantic rub, he knew this area was the travel corridor of a mature buck.

Get out and scout

When it comes to early season scouting for bucks with trail cameras, monitoring rubs and rub lines can be a very effective technique to better understand just what bucks are using your property, and how they travel around and through your property.

October 19 at 6:00pm
Daniel Murray, of West Monroe, shows off the 10-point buck he shot on opening day of bow season on a wooded, 10-acre patch in Ouachita Parish. The big buck green-scored 143 ⅛ inches at Simmons' Sporting Goods in Bastrop.

West Monroe hunter arrows 10-pointer in Ouachita Parish

About three weeks before bow season opened, Daniel Murray started getting trail camera pictures of a nice 10-point buck on a small wooded patch of property he hunts in Ouachita Parish. 

October 19 at 10:38am
Josh Chauvin, the Apex Predator, arrowed this mule deer doe with a 28-yard longbow shot during his third summer hunting on public lands in the Colorado mountains.

Apex Predator arrows Colorado mule deer

I set out on my yearly Colorado trip this year with one goal in mind: To harvest a big game animal with my 100-pound war bow. But since I was fortunate to have taken elk in the previous two years bowhunting on public land, I really had no pressure to get one with my compound. 

October 19 at 6:00am
The goal of using bleat or grunt calls in October should be attracting deer’s attention instead of bringing in bucks ready to fight.

Until the rut kicks in, keep calling, rattling low key

Few people in the hunting industry would ever describe Marshall Collette as “understated.”

The big, garrulous hunter, a long-time pro staff member for companies like Mossy Oak and Quaker Boy, is rarely at a loss for words or opinions.

October 18 at 6:00am
Fish the edges of Black Bay to catch Hopedale trout this month, Capt. Charlie Thomason said.

Hopedale fishing curve balls

Leave it to Capt. Charlie Thomason to march to a different drummer.

When I called the veteran captain looking for some Biloxi Marsh fishing tips, I received an unexpected answer.

October 17 at 3:18pm