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With very low tides, the entire crest of the “trunk” of the reef is exposed. Note the reef is composed entirely of shells. About Tete Butte Reef
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Tete Butte Reef is a natural reef comprised almost entirely of oyster shells. Most of the shell is dead, and much of the crest of the reef is made up of broken shell hash.

One of our 2013 picks, Rise Green Series rods are priced at $100 and offer a lifetime warranty. Tippets
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Persistent, strong winds have plagued fly casters this fall. Here’s hoping December brings calm to the marsh. If it does, sight-casting opportunities for the Spottail Elvis should be prime.

Winter trout generally hit soft plastics pretty readily, so live bait is less of a necessity. Things to know about fishing Stump Lagoon
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• All the areas discussed in the main story will hold about 3 to 4 feet of water on normal tide days. These spots are best fished on just such days, between the fronts. Hard winter fronts can drain the marsh and make water levels perilously low, so fish elsewhere at those times.

When water temperatures are in the mid- to low-40s, Capt. Marty LaCoste with Absolute Fishing Charters in Dularge said the Tank Battery Canal is a hotspot for redfish. As water temps rebound, speckled trout bite could turn on
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As water temperatures across Louisiana’s coast slowly rebound after this week’s Arctic blast, anglers are eagerly anticipating a potential speckled trout feeding frenzy after days of cold-induced inactivity.

As the state braces for the coldest temperatures in years tonight, LDWF said water temps usually have to remain below 40 degrees for more than a day to impact speckled trout. Temperatures forecast to plummet all the way to the coast Monday night
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With air temperatures expected to plummet statewide tonight, including into the upper teens and lower 20s all the way to the coast, the possibility exists for localized fresh- and saltwater fish kills, according to biologists with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Capt. Mike Gallo said redfish remain active until water temps reach the mid-40s, so now is the time to bounce a plastic jig on the bottom in the Biloxi Marsh and in the marshes along the Intracoastal Canal and the MRGO. As temps get cold, try Hot Water Canal area for speckled trout
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With cold temperatures in the forecast for at least the next several days, chilly water temperatures will continue to present challenges for anglers intent on fishing.

“It’s pretty nasty out there from what I was looking at earlier, and it’s only supposed to get worse temperature-wise,” said Capt. Mike Gallo, with Angling Adventures of Louisiana.

He recommended anglers give the Hot Water Canal area near Chalmette a try, and said he noticed a significant water temperature difference there on the day after Christmas.

Hunters who are able to imitate different goose calls will usually get rewarded with a flock of geese that respond. Rags to riches — 5 steps for successful goose hunting
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The tranquil predawn darkness was pierced with the command that echoed across the rice field.

If the winter remains mild to moderate, the speckled trout will be thick at Stump Lagoon throughout the month of January. Stump jumping — Fishing hotspots for Stump Lagoon
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If you leave out of my launching pad in Shell Beach you can enter the Biloxi Marsh by one of two general routes. Either you cross Lake Borgne and enter through one of the numerous bayous that wind snakelike into the heart of the marsh, or you head up Bayou LaLoutre and enter through Stump Lagoon.

Capt. Owen Langridge with Big O Charters said speckled trout are biting in and around Buras, but try to time your trip about three to four days after a cool front passes through. Fish the cold fronts this time of year for specks in Buras
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Speckled trout have moved out of the river and are now in the outer bays of the river system around Buras, a guide said.

The Vortex Shad comes in dual colors and a big V-shaped tail that wobbles, driving fish crazy. The Vortex Shad
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A veteran saltwater fishing guide who says he fishes with soft plastics 99 percent of the year always reaches for a bag of soft plastics he has the utmost confidence in when he’s out on the water.

Capt. Jakamo Laboureur with Jakamo South Fishing Adventures in Shell Beach said drifting over oyster reefs in the Hopedale area with live shrimp under a cork has been effective for speckled trout this week. Keep moving to catch speckled trout in Hopedale
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Limits of speckled trout are being caught in the Hopedale area now, but anglers should be patient and prepared to move frequently to fill their box.

A finalist for Best Event of 2013 is September’s Rio Grande Fly Fishing Rodeo, which drew more than 50 participants. The best of 2013
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As each year comes to an end, we are bombarded with lists of everything imaginable. For example, “Top 10 Movies,” “Top 50 Celebrities,” “Best Dressed,” “Worst Dressed,” “Best Cross-Dressed.”

Capt. Marty LaCoste with Absolute Fishing Charters said the speckled trout bite is on in Dularge. Most fish are being caught by slowly tight-lining Matrix shad in green hornet, or by using Matrix shad in pink champagne under a popping cork, he said. Specks 'plum ridiculous' now out of Dularge
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Water temperatures that were in the low- to mid-40s last week have now risen into the mid-50s, and the speckled trout are turned on in Dularge, a fishing guide said on Monday.

Deer hunting in the marshes surrounding Venice is anything but easy — and deer kills are far from certain — but Michael Frenette spends time on his stand every season. He said he feels a great sense of accomplishment when he puts a deer on the ground. Venice deer hunting hard but satisfying, hunter says
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Michael Frenette placed his bow across his lap and dipped a paddle into the brackish water of the Louisiana Marsh pushing his pirogue toward the only sliver of land within miles. 

Anglers enjoy the great speckled trout fishing Dularge has to offer. Dead-end Dularge
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“Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman’s job is simple: Pick out the best parts.” 

 — Charles Waterman

To consistently catch trout like this in Geoghegan, put your boat on the shore and cast toward the middle. The Easy Button — Speckled trout stack up in Geohegan Canal in December
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I started carrying cash because of the emotional connection I have to break to give it to somebody else.