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Capt. Tracy Lucky, the author and Eric Stokes with gill netting and crappie from a case in 1984. Crappie crooks
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February can be a little slow, as far as hunting and fishing goes. Hunting seasons are ending. The fish aren’t spawning yet, and besides it’s still pretty cold for getting in a boat.

But in Central and North Louisiana, where a “speck” is a crappie and not a speckled trout, where it is a “white perch” and not a “sac-a-lait,” a little fishing is going on — and most of it is going on in the dark.

And it’s not exactly legal.

Lance Dupre’s favorite rods to build are speckled trout rods. If you want to go where Tony went
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The marshes of Terrebonne Parish are huge, and offer endless fishing opportunities. Like the fingers of a hand, five major bayous extend toward the Gulf of Mexico from Houma, easily the largest town in the parish.

From east to west they are Bayou Pointe au Chien, Bayou Terrebonne, Bayou Petite Caillou, Bayou Grand Caillou and Bayou du Large.

Launching at the fishing community of Theriot, Bayou Sauveur can be accessed by running southward in Bayou du Large and then eastward after the road paralleling the bayou ends.

Subsiding marsh and man-made canals south of New Orleans. The blame game
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words or, in the case of New Orleans attorneys Gladstone Jones and Jim Swanson, untold damages that are well into the millions.

At the mid-January meeting of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, Louisiana’s guiding coastal board, the two men offered up a PowerPoint presentation with 100 slides. But it was 11 in particular that helped explain the reasons why Jones and Swanson are representing the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East in its suit against 97 oil and gas companies. 

They displayed aerial photographs of St. Bernard’s unincorporated community of Delacroix, beginning in the 1950s and ’60s. While trappers and fishermen had come to define the area back then, the discovery of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico helped redefine it with canals cut across the marshes.

Jared Adams, 30, of Sulphur, with the 12.86-pound largemouth bass he caught on Feb. 9 at Toledo Bend. Saltwater guide catches 12-pound bass at Toledo Bend
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Every year, Jared Adams makes his first fishing trip for Toledo Bend bass in February, then transitions to saltwater fishing after early spring.

Lew’s BB1 Inshore Speed Spool Fishing reels
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Lew’s BB1 Inshore Speed Spool

Tough enough to stop a bull red, the BB1 Inshore Speed Spool combines strength and performance in a baitcast reel designed specifically for the demands of inshore saltwater fishing. Built for battle, these reels feature sturdy one-piece aluminum frames and gear side plates.

This series includes the IS1H with its 6.4:1 gear ratio and the high-speed IS1SH (7.1:1). Both reels sport premium eight-bearing systems with double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings for anti-rust reliability and high-strength brass gearing for stamina.

Lance Dupre changed lure brands and colors every few casts and all of them produced fish. Hot Rods — Handcrafted rods make a difference
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Dawg! What a job!

Here I was in the heart of Terrebonne Parish, field testing handcrafted rods on speckled trout with a “rod master” and a “master of rods.”

I actually get paid to do this.

Lance Dupre, owner of Swampland Tackle (985-852-1703) in Houma, built the rods. The 53-year-old with a ready smile and a devilish goatee has been building rods full time for individuals, corporate customers and guides since 2002.

In February, spawning sheepshead swarm around almost all structures in shallow water all along our coast. Black Bay Jailbreak — Fishing tips for sheepshead
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Doc’s spanking-new bay boat, a 24-footer, was primed for its maiden voyage. Doc himself seemed uncharacteristically pumped for the occasion; lately his fishing had seemed more perfunctory than the traditional obsession we all recalled while growing up together.

This period spanned from New Orleans The Times-Picayune’s McFadden Duffy through By HEK through Bob Marshall to Todd Masson. Quite a stretch.

But from the look on his face on this Endymion parade night at his French Quarter bungalow, the anticipation to wet his new boat had gotten Doc’s fishing groove back, almost like during Fat City’s heyday. His face looked like it did the night he won the “dance-contest” at Kenny Vincent’s South Side.

Gordon Matherne with a topwater trout caught on a MirrOlure purple demon. February Fishing Fix — Wintertime trout fishing hot at this Pointe aux Chenes hotspot
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February can be a tough month for coastal anglers. Frequent fronts, blustery winds and low water conditions can definitely be a challenge, even to the most experienced among us — and the wet, bone-chilling cold doesn’t exactly invite us to go outside and play on the water.

But anglers with salt water in their veins can only endure the inside for so long before cabin fever sets in and you’ve just got to go fix that ache in your gut for a stretched line and a bent rod.

A February fix might seem unlikely unless you know where to go. Fortunately, at least for those of us in the southeastern part of the state, a fix is not that hard to find.

Find an area that has some deeper water — preferably with an oyster bottom — and some cleaner water and some tidal movement, add any sign of bait in the water and throw in some nearby shallow flats or oyster reefs and you’re likely to have found a winning combination.

The fish in Delacroix’s Oak River are so thick in February that you can drift and cast almost anywhere and catch fish. Winter Retreat ­— Delacroix’s Oak River provides great trout fishing
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Last year the winter action in Oak River was good. In fact, better-than-good.

Capt. Ron “Ahab” Broadus (504-914-6063) said his February calendar from last year records some outstanding redfish catches and some decent speckled trout catches in a month not known for much in the way of productivity.

The majority of his action came from up in the Orange Bayou section around Bay Lori and in Lake Batolal, where he caught fish at the cuts in Oak River and drifting around points in Lake Batola while fishing plastics under a cork.

But last winter didn’t bring much in the way of cold down here to the southeastern part of Sportsman’s Paradise — at least not like this winter.

This winter is one for the books. We don’t often hear phrases like “polar vortex,” “arctic express” and “Hercules” in reference to extreme weather conditions. With summer heat waves or tropical storms, yes, but with winter?

Who woulda thunk it?

State officials expect speckled trout and redfish to survive the latest cold snap to hit coastal Louisiana this winter. Randy Pausina with LDWF said last week's cold temperatures hopefully prepared the fish and got them moving to deeper water. Louisiana's speckled trout should survive latest Arctic blast, officials said
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With air temperatures forecast to hit 50 degrees today and 70 degrees by Saturday, state officials are hopeful that speckled trout along Louisiana’s coast will dodge another cold-weather bullet and survive this week’s blast of Arctic air.

Marrero man arrested for illegal fish sales, operating without charter boat license Marrero man arrested for illegal fish sales, operating without charter boat license
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A 30-year-old Marrero man was arrested for alleged commercial fishing violations after undercover agents allegedly purchased speckled trout and redfish from his Jefferson Parish residence, according to a release from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Tommy Vidrine shows off a couple of nice speckled trout he caught along La. 1 Friday between Fourchon and Grand Isle. Vidrine is using a suspended twitch bait to target big specks. Grand Isle angler braves the cold for big winter speckled trout along La. Hwy. 1
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Conditions this afternoon are cold, damp, windy and generally pretty miserable along La. Hwy 1 between Grand Isle and Fourchon, but big speckled trout are biting, and that’s a good enough reason for Tommy Vidrine to brave the elements.

If you’re looking to catch trout like this without the headache of having to make a long boat run, there’s no better place in all of Louisiana this month than Geoghegan Canal in Slidell. Soft-plastic tips for Geoghegan Canal
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Many anglers like adding a little insurance in the form of live shrimp in their livewells when they push off from the dock. And there are times when having the real thing can turn the tide to your favor.

Steve Smith promised wintertime topwater trout action on the edge of the gulf and he delivered. Things to know before fishing Vermilion Bay
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Steve Smith is the ultimate teacher. The back of his business card is emblazoned with “Things to know before you go!!!!,’’ followed by directions to four information sources to make successful Vermilion Bay area fishing trips on your own.

With very low tides, the entire crest of the “trunk” of the reef is exposed. Note the reef is composed entirely of shells. About Tete Butte Reef
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Tete Butte Reef is a natural reef comprised almost entirely of oyster shells. Most of the shell is dead, and much of the crest of the reef is made up of broken shell hash.

One of our 2013 picks, Rise Green Series rods are priced at $100 and offer a lifetime warranty. Tippets
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Persistent, strong winds have plagued fly casters this fall. Here’s hoping December brings calm to the marsh. If it does, sight-casting opportunities for the Spottail Elvis should be prime.