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Planning, practice and preparation paid big dividends for retired LDWF Major Ronald Morris .

Get an early start on planning and preparing for hunting season

Not long after July 4, I’m pretty well burned out on fishing and already starting to think about hunting season.

July 22 at 11:00am

18th Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo set for July 28-30 out of Venice Marina

The 18th Annual Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo is set to roll next week out of Venice Marina, and this year’s event features a brand new five-fish red snapper stringer division made possible because the state waters line has been pushed beyond the old 3-mile boundary.

July 22 at 10:02am
The author packs his camera field bags with all the gear needed to set up successful camera sites.

The summer doldrums

Here in the Deep South, if the calendar says July would anyone in their right mind argue against the conditions outside being referred to as anything other than the hot and humid “summer doldrums?”

July 22 at 9:00am
Stanley Sevin, with Bait House Seafood in Chauvin, put together an 8-minute video with great tips on how to keep shrimp alive in your livewell. Check out the video for pointers to get the most bang for your buck.

Bait shop owner shares Top 4 tips to keep shrimp alive

Stanley Sevin pretty much grew up in the bait business — his family owns Bait House Seafood in Chauvin — so he knows a few tricks about how to maximize the lifespan of shrimp in your livewell.

“I’ve been in it since I was a little boy,” said Sevin, now 30, who works full-time offshore in the tugboat industry but still helps out at the bait shop located at 6003 Highway 56 on his days off.  “You know how we do it down the bayou, growing up in the family business.”

July 19 at 1:26pm

Buck Busters Seed Company

Managing wildlife is hard work.

July 14 at 6:00pm
The antlers on this young adult buck were beginning to bud out at the end of May. Quality nutrition is needed during June and July for the buck to reach its potential.

Grunts & Gobbles: Food plot points to ponder

Louisiana has seen its share of hoopla regarding various deer forages promoted to grow wall hangers.

July 12 at 9:00am
Hunters returning to Louisiana with a deer killed out of state like this Alabama buck — especially one to be mounted — will have to meet new provisions if a ban on imported cervid carcasses is passed by the LWF Commission.

LWF Commission mulling ban on out-of-state deer carcasses

Big changes could be on the way for out-of-state deer hunters returning home to Louisiana if a proposal banning the importation of cervid carcasses is ultimately approved by the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

July 11 at 5:05pm
Patrick Banks, LDWF's assistant secretary in the Office of Fisheries, told the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Thursday the price tag for Year 1 of regional red snapper management would cost $10,039,000.

Red snapper management would cost Louisiana $10 million-plus in first year, LDWF says

If red snapper management is ultimately turned over to the individual Gulf states through Garret Graves’ bill currently moving through Congress, the program would come with a $10,039,000 price tag for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in its first year, according to the state’s head fisheries biologist.

July 07 at 6:22pm
Posting photos and interacting with other outdoorsmen is easier than ever with the redesigned forum.

Newly redesigned forum is better than ever

Social media offers a lot of advantages, but outdoorsmen looking to talk hunting and fishing can find Facebook and Twitter distracting.

Fear not: has the perfect solution.

July 06 at 1:46pm
Josh Chauvin's favorite topwater lure to catch speckled trout is Strike King's 4 ¾-inch Sexy Dawg, which features three treble hooks. Unfortunately for Chauvin, a shark nailed this speck before he got it to the boat.

Apex Predator tests topwater lures for speckled trout

Topwater action is really exciting, but it can become frustrating when speckled trout are only slapping at the bait or constantly coming unhooked during the fight. Since trout often feed on the surface only for short durations in the early-morning or late-afternoon, having a lure that puts fish in the boat as quickly as possible is important. 

July 05 at 9:17pm
A 25-foot Grady-White lost its transom and two Yamaha 250 motors Saturday morning when it hit a sandbar in South Pass. The coordinates for the sandbar are 29° 1.233' north and 89° 10.369' west, according to Capt. Rob Buck with Sea Tow Westbank.

South Pass sandbar rips transom, two Yamaha outboards off 25-foot Grady-White

An overnight offshore trip came to an abrupt halt for four anglers heading out of Venice Saturday morning when their 25-foot Grady-White hit a sandbar in South Pass and ripped the transom and two Yamaha outboards completely off the boat.

July 05 at 4:37pm
Offshore trout fishing is productive for the members of Team Bone-A-Fide and their guests.

Double up — Why you should fish nearshore Gulf waters instead of Vermilion Bay

Fishing for speckled trout over here isn’t for sissies.

The five anglers left Shane Zeringue’s camp at Cypremort Point at 5 a.m., and it was going to be at least a 45-minute run in his 32-foot Offshore Yellowfin.

It ain’t a slow boat.

July 01 at 7:00am
These Point-aux-Chene crabbers had a good day on the wildlife management area. The state of Louisiana is flush with public crabbing opportunities.

Blue crab special — Public crabbing opportunities abound

The first time I ate crabs was way back in the summer of 1984. I’m not talking about those Alaskan king crab legs that are rapidly processed, quick-frozen and shipped to a chain restaurant or grocery near you.

It certainly wasn’t good old Louisiana blue crabs.

July 01 at 7:00am
Jackson Bienville WMA has provided quality public hunting for decades, but that era ended when a free-lease agreement couldn’t be hammered out with property owner Weyerhaeuser.

Jackson Bienville closure is disappointing

Jackson Bienville Wildlife Management Area has been a special place for several generations of Louisiana hunters. 

I know some folks whose earliest hunting memories were built on the 25,000-acre property. For many, Jackson Bienville WMA is part of an annual pilgrimage during which they travel from one tract of public land to the next like hunting gypsies.

July 01 at 7:00am
Fried Snapper Throats with Pam’s Remoulade Sauce.

He talks Mississippi but cooks Louisiana

Ricky Ruffin carries the twang of rural Mississippi, but make no mistake: He cooks as well as any born-and-bred Louisianan.

In fact, he ought to be an honorary Cajun. Besides doing all his fishing in South Louisiana, he cooks like the best of the bayou chefs.

June 29 at 9:00am
Sid Havard with two big Claiborne largemouths.

Put Lake Claiborne back on your radar

Bass after bass swirl on the surface of Lake Claiborne as schools of baitfish scatter like bird shot hitting the water, gaining the attention of fishermen across the lake. Those are striped bass chasing shad. It’s probably the most popular game in town during the hot months on this 6,400 acre reservoir.

June 27 at 3:57pm