Get an early start, keep an eye on the radar and take advantage of the falling tide for Lake Borgne trout this month.

Beat the heat for August specks

Plan early trips for falling tide in Lake Borgne
August 07 at 5:00pm
Redfish are thick in the Buras marsh right now. Just be certain you're putting your baits right up on the bank.

Redfish swarming the banks of Buras marsh

Cast close to banks for best success
August 06 at 3:25pm

Marsh Man Masson vid: Which soft-plastic is best for speckled trout?

Pool test reveals wide range of action
August 06 at 3:19pm
Longear sunfish are aggressive feeders to the delight of many youngsters.

So what’s a sunperch?

August 04 at 9:00am
Big Lake trout fishing has been off and on this summer, but there are plenty of redfish to keep your rod doubled.

Big Lake fishing is 'best of the season' right now

Calcasieu Lake guide says redfish, trout available throughout the system
August 03 at 3:20pm
Wes Rollo (left) and Hunter Owens of Natchitoches Central High School took the lead on the first day of the 2018 Bassmaster High School National Championship on Kentucky Lake with 19 pounds, 11 ounces.

Natchitoches High leads after Day 1 at Bassmaster High School National Championship

Owens, Rollo leading on Kentucky Lake
August 03 at 8:57am
Landings estimates from LA Creel indicate about 70 percent of the state's recreational allocation of red snapper have been caught so far. leaving about 213,000 pounds remaining before the season is closed.

LDWF: Red snapper harvest now at 530,300 pounds

71 percent of total recreational allocation reached
August 02 at 3:12pm
A violet goby is a speckled trout favorite, and just might be the reason we have purple-colored lures. Keeping a close eye on what a trout throws up when you reel it in can give important clues on what it’s eating that day — and might ultimately help you

Inshore Insights: Mystery baitfish revealed

Keep an eye on what a trout throws up in your boat — it might help you catch more fish
August 01 at 9:34pm
Red snapper get most of the love, but mangroves are well worth some attention.

The ‘other’ snapper

Mangroves may not get all the publicity their rosy relatives receive, but they taste great — and you can catch 10 per day year-round. Here’s how one Buras guide fills the box.
August 01 at 7:00am
Live shrimp and croakers will be effective in catching trout roaming over the shell pad bottoms of the sound’s rigs and wellheads.

Dog days specks

The heat is definitely on in Breton Sound right now, but you can still catch fish. Here’s how one Shell Beach guide stays on trout when the mercury soars.
August 01 at 7:00am
Fish smarter, not harder. You can still catch fish in the height of summertime heat.

Hot trout tips

Oppressive heat means keeper trout have moved to the fringes of the Louisiana coast. So unless your goal is to catch a million throwbacks, you have to make longer runs. These speck experts give you some tips to maximize your time on the water.
August 01 at 7:00am
Dave Pizzolato’s face is familiar to south Louisiana crappie addicts.

Jigging up Old River slabs

August 01 at 7:00am
Capps says he and Steve Coleman now fish only four poles out the front of their boat — two on each side.

Push-poling for slabs

With the advent of today’s electronics, this national champion crappie angler says old-fashioned spider-rigging is a thing of the past. Now that he can see underwater structure — he pushes his lure right where it needs to be.
August 01 at 7:00am