Marsh Man Masson vid: Where, how to catch summertime crappie -- and bass

Use the searing heat to your advantage.
June 25 at 1:15pm

Marsh Man Masson vid: Catching monsters during popular fishing rodeo

It's all about the journey AND the destination
June 20 at 1:21pm
Some hook manufacturers completely seal off the gap between the hook eye and shank, eliminating problems created when line gets caught in that space.

Inshore insights: Gaps in hook eyes can be troublesome

A dab of super glue can solve the problem
June 18 at 3:54pm
Sammy Romano holds up a nice speck caught on a recent trip to Curlew Island in the Chandeleur chain. Trout hit a variety of baits, including topwaters, suspending jerkbaits and soft plastics, but the key was being mobile and staying on the move.

Top 3 surf-fishing mistakes

Avoid these common missteps to catch more trout on the beach
June 18 at 1:50pm
Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bernie Schultz shows off a nice bass caught in windy conditions this spring at Grosse Savanne Lodge in Cameron Parish during Shimano’s “Cast Smarter” Media Conference.

Top 3 tips for windy bass fishing

Elite Series pro says blowing conditions actually provide opportunities to catch
June 15 at 1:50pm
Bayou Rapides in central Louisiana is just one of the many freshwater bayous and lakes where hoop nets, slat traps or other legally licensed gear may be used to catch catfish.

Recreational alternatives to hook and line fishing

Hoop nets, slat traps effective
June 15 at 10:00am
Black Bayou Lake summer slabs like this one made Randy Smith a convert to white perch fishing.

Crappie making converts on Black Bayou Lake

Target structure in deeper water
June 15 at 8:46am
Ron Manning with two nice summer D’Arbonne catfish.

Drown worms for D’Arbonne cats

Nightcrawlers make great bait
June 15 at 8:31am
Micah Doyle walks the beach at Grand Isle with a net full of speckled trout.

Grand Isle wade-fishing

Set your sights between the first and second sandbars, angler says
June 15 at 8:23am
A mature male channel catfish (right) develops a swollen head and thickened lips before spawning season. His body color also changes from the normal olive green shown on the female on the left to a dark slate gray.

Catfish genes

June 15 at 7:00am
The size of the entry hole in the bottle determines the size of the catfish that can use it. Note the gaff hook in Gremillion’s right hand.

Treasured catfish tips

June 15 at 7:00am