Speckled Trout

Sometimes subtle changes with your lure or presentation are all that’s needed to get trout with lockjaw to start biting.

Top 3 tips for finicky speckled trout

Subtle changes might make the difference when fish have lockjaw
February 19 at 3:14pm
Capt. Mike Guidry with a hefty February Sulfur Mine trout.

Target specks between the fronts

Throw topwaters for specks in the Sulfur Mine, Catfish Lake
February 06 at 8:15am
Tommy Vidrine shows off a nice wintertime speck caught in one of the deeper holes situated along Highway 1 heading into Grand Isle.

Highway 1 bridges are trout hotspots on Grand Isle

But on colder days, move to deeper roadside pits for specks
February 01 at 11:33am
Brian Epstein catches big speckled trout on a ringworm lure this time of year.

Slow down in Delacroix

February 01 at 11:01am
Speckled trout can be found in deep water this time of year, and Robert Campo advised anglers to target them slowly on the bottom.

Troll the bottom for trout

Use variety of soft plastics at Shell Beach
February 01 at 10:42am
Pike considers February an ideal month for anglers to learn how to fish with artificial lures instead of live bait.

Cold water consistency

In Delacroix this month, there is no “in-between” trout bite. Fish are either shallow — or they’re deep. Here’s how one guide regularly tracks them down.
February 01 at 7:00am
Tommy Vidrine shows off a big December speck caught at the Caminada Pass jetties at Grand Isle. By mid-December, trout in numbers hadn’t yet moved into their typical wintertime holes along Highway 1, where they normally ride out chilly temperatures.

Speckled trout tough to pattern on Grand Isle

Fish haven’t arrived in usual wintertime roadside spots
January 03 at 3:40pm
Capt. Troy Robichaux puts clients on big numbers of speckled trout in Catfish Lake this month.

Cold-weather fishing at Catfish Lake

Oyster reefs are key, according to guide
January 03 at 3:31pm

Marsh Man Masson video: The absolute best way to fillet speckled trout

Make quick work of a limit — and waste no meat in the process
December 19, 2017 at 9:09am
The author caught this hefty speckled trout last December jigging the MRGO rocks.

Target MRGO rocks on cold days

Structure provides warmth for specks
December 15, 2017 at 11:08am
Capt. Eric Olsen shows off a nice Biloxi Marsh speck.

Bust ‘em in the Biloxi Marsh

Bayous draining into Lake Borgne also a good option, guide says
December 05, 2017 at 4:55pm