Speckled Trout

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May 15 at 7:00am

May 2018 ‘Yakin’ best bets

May 15 at 7:00am
Sometimes — for whatever reason — speckled trout just won’t commit to your topwater presentation. When that happens, Capt. Nick Poe switches to a twitchbait, then opts for a soft plastic on an ⅛-ounce jighead if the fish are really finicky.

Topwater troubles?

If you’re getting blowups but no hookups, try these tips
May 15 at 7:00am
May typically means the speckled trout spawn is on — and that’s a great time to be at Big Lake.

It’s prime time for speckled trout at Big Lake

Spawning trout mean big boxes, guide says
May 11 at 3:47pm

Marsh Man Masson vid: Speckled trout barrier-island beatdown

Fish make grand appearance along Louisiana coast.
May 08 at 2:47pm
Christopher Lake, Capt. Bill Lake’s son, holds up a nice speck.

Raccoon Island speckled trout

Lots of boats ... but lots of trout
May 03 at 1:48pm
Capt. Tommy Pellegrin said nice speckled trout can be found using live shrimp and plastics this month.

Find the bait in Cocodrie

The presence of shrimp means trout are there, too
May 02 at 12:29pm
Capt. Ross Montet puts clients on consistent speckled trout action this time of year using live shrimp and plastics.

Speckled trout options out of Venice

Keep an eye on the river when planning your trip
May 01 at 12:11pm
Capt. Ty Hibbs flips in a nice speckled trout just after sunrise near the catwalk on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

South shore smackdown - How to target speckled trout in Lake Pontchartrain

Putting in some time on the computer before you hit the water could pay off big — if you can locate underwater reefs, shell pads and pilings in Lake Pontchartrain. One guide shares some tips that will help you catch more trout.
May 01 at 7:00am
This Google Earth image of Lake Pontchartrain near the I-10 Twinspan and the Highway 11 Bridge from January shows pockets of clean water, which typically appears as darker spots.

Inshore insights: Using satellite imagery to locate clean water

Google Earth gives anglers big advantage in finding potential fishing spots
April 26 at 5:38pm
Brian Dean, of Dallas, Texas, reeled in this 7-pound speckled trout Monday fishing the rocks at Southwest Pass with Capt. Brandon Carter. Dean also caught a 6-pound trout, both on magneto Matrix Shad in about 15 feet of water.

When wind allows, ‘big time’ trout bite on in Venice

Angler land 6-, 7-pound specks Monday at Southwest Pass
April 23 at 4:54pm
It turns out those predator eyes of a speckled trout can discern a pretty wide range of color, including violet, green and red.

Inshore Insights: Can speckled trout see color?

Or are all those lure colors out there designed to catch you - and not the fish?
April 20 at 1:54pm