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Harvesting a turkey with a bow takes patience, practice and a bit of luck. Between a tom’s small kill zone and getting one within bow range, it can prove to be tough.

Stick it to a tom

Turkey hunting is tough enough with a shotgun, but if you really want to increase the challenge, break out the sticks and string. Here’s what you need to know to bowhunt gobblers.
March 01 at 7:00am
John Carl Thompson of Hammond with a gobbler killed near the Tangipahoa River in March. It had a 10 7/8-inch beard,  and 1 1/4-inch spurs. He shot it with a 12 gauge Mossberg Ulti-Mag—a 3.5” Magnum with Winchester Long Beard XR shells with #5 shot.

Tuning up for turkeys

Your shotgun, choke, sights and ammo all play a big part in your success — or lack thereof — out in the woods. Try these tips to tweak your gobbler gun, and you’ll be talkin’ turkey this spring.
March 01 at 7:00am
Lane Zimmer uses popping corks to see when a trout hits rather than having to try to feel a bite in high winds.

The wind can be your friend

Typically, windy conditions affect an angler much more than the fish. Use these tips to keep putting specks on ice this month — even when it’s blowing.
March 01 at 7:00am
Dawn was just a hot peach glow when the men caught their first fish.

Caillou Island’s ‘Junkyard Trout’

Old submerged oilfield trash makes this spot a treasure trove for springtime speck anglers. Here’s how to target it — without too many snags — and fill the box.
March 01 at 7:00am


March 01 at 7:00am
Yellowedge groupers are most common at depths of 600 to 900 feet. Fish reeled in from those depths show severe effects of decompression. Note the distended eyes on this fish. Close inspection will also show that the eyeball is cracked like a glass marble.

Meet the best-tasting grouper: yellowedge

A common catch for deep-droppers
March 01 at 7:00am
With deer season in the rearview mirror, take time now to scout your woods for sign you might have missed last season.

There’s no better time than now to prepare

Review this season’s successes and failures, then adjust to up your odds next fall
March 01 at 7:00am

Marsh Man Masson vid: More topwater trophy trout in entirely new area

Map study results in some really nice fish.
March 01 at 6:58am
Two adult black bears were found shot to death  in St. Mary Parish on Feb. 14, and authorities are offering a $5,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

$5,500 reward offered for illegally killed St. Mary Parish black bears

Two adult male bears found shot to death Feb. 14, LDWF says
February 28 at 2:53pm
Moss Bluff angler Ryan Melancon caught this 10-pounder while fishing Toledo Bend out of a 15-foot aluminum boat.

10-pound Toledo Bend lunker makes 'worst best trip'

Behemoth bass caught out of 15-foot aluminum boat
February 28 at 9:10am
Although the shrimp and chicken dressing can be served as an entrée, it’s delightful as one of the fixings with a holiday meal.

Gourmet taste can be gluten-free

Speedy seafood recipes still packed with flavor
February 28 at 9:00am
This photo shows rods and reels located in the Newman's Venice fishing camp taken in August of 2016 when officials with the Louisiana Department of Justice's Bureau of Investigation executed a search warrant at the property.

AG suggests not prosecuting former LDWF employees over missing fishing equipment

“Insufficient evidence” against Eric Newman and Monique Savoy, Landry says
February 28 at 8:45am
Missouri angler Mike Plank was just trying to catch a few crappie when this 8 1/2-pound bass sucked up his lure. Amazingly, the 6-pound-test line held until Plank's buddy netted the huge bass.

Crappie angler lands Toledo Bend lunker bass on 6-pound-test line

Big bass has measurements of 10-pounder, taxidermist says
February 27 at 5:36pm

Marsh Man Masson vid: Trophy trout completely wreck topwater plugs

Big fish make noisy appearance in Louisiana's marshes.
February 26 at 5:36pm