Bass Fishing

The wooded point in the background extends hundreds of yards out into the lake as a submerged ridge. Hay grass, which crowns the top of the ridge, is visible in this photo.

Learning to bass fish on Toledo Bend

February 15 at 7:00am
Buxton will always begin by fishing the two points approaching a dead-end canal to find bass especially early in February during the prespawn.

Lake Verret’s bass quality

February 15 at 7:00am
Heavy weights aren’t only for plastics and jigs; Wiley fishes heavy spinnerbaits over deep grass and uses them to increase his casting distance during windy weather.

Heavy spinnerbaits work, too

February 15 at 7:00am
This is one of Brett Preuett’s 10-pounders from Caney Lake.

Caney Lake largemouths on the prowl

February 07 at 2:46pm
Bill McCarty knows the Shell Cuts in the lower Atchafalaya Basin load up with bass each spring.

Shell Cuts offer quality fishing

Dead-end canals could be stacked with bass
February 02 at 4:18pm
Dusty Anders says that he works only to get more money for fishing and hunting.

Carolina on his mind — How to Carolina-rig Toldeo Bend

If you’re looking to catch more bass at Toledo Bend, this angler said there’s one rig that will produce day in, day out. And it’ll catch numbers or big fish — all you have to do is know how to adjust.
February 01 at 7:00am
Scott Buxton flips or pitches Texas-rigged Tightlines UV-Craws for good fish in February and March.

Verret virtuoso — How to catch Lake Verret’s spawning bass

The Lake Verret system warms up early, ushering in spawning activity by the areas bass. Learn how this veteran tournament angler methodically works these waters to build heavy stringers.
February 01 at 7:00am
Chad Wiley loves heavy weights because they are loud, obnoxious, and in-your-face enough to make bass bite even when they don’t want to.

Heavy metal — Go big to force bass to bite

You have to finesse the bass to bite when winter is in it’s last throes, right? Not according to this Bassmaster pro, who said you can get bigger bites quicker by using heavy weights.
February 01 at 7:00am
This is a break-out month at Toledo Bend, and 10-pounders like this one caught last February by Derek Mong should be brought to the scales.

Bring on the bass

Toledo Bend is back in business
January 27 at 11:20am
LiveTarget's new Swimbait Series features some magnum-sized lures perfect for targeting big bass at Toledo Bend.

LiveTarget's Swimbait Series looks just like live bait

Factory-rigged with extra wide-gap hook and species-specific oscillating tails
January 24 at 1:54pm
Dave Cavell (left) and Corey Wheat teamed up to win Claire's Heart benefit tournament in the Atchafalaya Basin by banging vibrating jigs off stumps around main points.

Stay off the banks for Basin bass, anglers say

Tournament winners say bass holding on points, stumps
January 18 at 5:36pm
Blue Strike King Hack Attack jigs with sapphire blue Zoom Ultra Vibe chunks were effective fish-getters all day.

The many Pearl rivers

January 15 at 7:00am