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Points, particularly secondary points inside a creek arm, offer the right mix of shallow feeding and deep water access.

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March 15 at 8:00am
For making small adjustments to your sight-fishing position, you can’t beat the stealth of a push pole.

Get pushy with spawners

March 15 at 8:00am
KP power spinners are available with willow leaf as well as Colorado blades and gold, as well as brightly colored blades.

The birth of a lure

March 15 at 8:00am

Shot placement

March 15 at 8:00am
Step 1: Cut a 2-foot length of 30-pound test monofilament line and tie a black swivel on one end and a #4 Mustad UltraPoint treble hook on the other, using four-wrap improved clinch knots.

How to make a pre-rig

March 15 at 8:00am
Bass action is heating up for the spring, and there’s no more exciting way to catch them than on topwaters. Chugging lures and frogs worked near stumps, weedlines or lily pads bring explosive strikes from feisty bass.

Kayak tourney news

March 15 at 8:00am
The Action Hat’s lightweight frame can be easily adapted to fit in your favorite fishing hat.

New gear reviews

March 15 at 8:00am
Small bug imitations work great on the fly rod for bream, but don’t be surprised if you catch a few bass also.

March 2018 ‘Yakin’ Best Bets

March 15 at 8:00am

Gator trout in Leeville

March 15 at 8:00am
This 5-weight outfit that cost $79 has landed countless bream — and twice avoided a drowning thanks to a section of pool noodle.


March 15 at 8:00am
Elite Series Pro Bill Lowen is fishing out of an all-welded aluminum boat from Xpress this season.

Elite’s Lowen jumps on the ‘Xpress’ train

Shallow-water specialist to fish out of all-welded aluminum boat in 2018
March 15 at 7:00am

Marsh Man Masson vid: Every idiot at a tackle store

You know you've bumped into some of these guys.
March 14 at 5:10pm
House Bill 391 has been filed in the Louisiana Legislature by Rep. Kevin Pearson, and seeks to make the state's tidally-influenced waters open to public access.

Bob’s Bayou Black Marina faces closure due to canal access issue; HB 391 filed in Legislature

Bill seeks to make Louisiana’s tidal waters public
March 14 at 3:58pm