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Belle Chasse man cited for illegal shrimping, LDWF says

Enforcement agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries cited a 57-year-old Belle Chasse man for alleged shrimping violations Friday morning in Plaquemines Parish.

21 hours ago
BaitCloud fish attractant balls come in a variety of flavors to target multiple species, including bass, bream and redfish and trout. The attractant is also useful if you're using a cast net to target bait.

BaitCloud brings the fish to you

Instead of going out in search of fish, one company is changing the game and actually bringing fish to you.

Yesterday at 9:53am
The South Louisiana QDMA will hold its annual Deer and Wildlife Summer Seminar next Thursday, Aug. 4, at 6 p.m. at the LDWF headquarters on Quail Drive in Baton Rouge.

South Louisiana QDMA hosting summer seminar Aug. 4

If youre already preoccupied at work thinking of heading back into the deer stand this fall, the South Louisiana Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association is holding its annual Deer and Wildlife Summer Seminar next Thursday, Aug. 4.

Yesterday at 4:33pm
After baking, the tortillas in Lil’ Mac’s Smoky Trout Quesadillas have a delightful but light crunch that works well with melted cheese.

Let’s go Mexican - Trout Quesadillas is perfection

Casey McLaurin and his fishing partners eat a lot of fish. They have to if they are going to eat everything they catch (See this month’s feature story “Double Fish: Double Fish).

July 28 at 5:36am
Workers are currently digging holes and planting the first 40 trees of an 80-tree project that will feature 80 wind-resistant palms along Highway 1 into Grand Isle.

Grand Isle’s palm tree project surpasses fundraising goal

The Grand Isle Garden Club recently raised more than $25,000 which will purchase about 80 drought- and wind-resistant palm trees that will be planted along Highway 1.

July 27 at 4:57pm
Jerald Horst (rear) and his grandson Jake Gros spend a lot of time fishing, and they catch a lot of bream. Horst's goal for each trip is 200 fish.

6 tips to catch more bream

Louisiana Sportsman contributor Jerald Horst has a reputation as a serious bream killer. I’ve repeatedly heard stories of him returning to the landing with hundreds of bluegill and goggle-eye.

“My goal is 200,” Horst confirmed when he called and invited me to join him and his grandson on a trip yesterday to the sprawling Atchafalaya Basin. “If I don’t catch 200 it’s not a good trip.”

July 27 at 2:49pm
Capt. Curtis LeNormand suggests re-spooling your reel with wet mono or fluoro line so that it will go on smoothly and reduce memory issues.

Re-spool with wet monofilament line, guide says

Being a fishing guide, Capt. Curtis LeNormand probably re-spools more reels over the course of a year than even the most conscientious weekend angler.

July 27 at 11:10am

Three cited for illegal shrimping activities, LDWF says

Enforcement agents with the Lousiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries cited three men for alleged shrimping violation last week in Bayou Little Caillou in Terrebonne Parish. 

July 27 at 9:19am
Neal Pace with a nice Finch Lake bream.

Finch Lake is worth finding

Neal Pace will go almost to Alabama for some of the best summer bream fishing in north Louisiana — the Alabama Landing area of the Ouachita River, that is.

July 27 at 3:52am
Amazing footage captured by an angler out of Venice shows a hooked-up hammerhead shark being attacked by a tiger shark estimated to weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

Video: Hooked-up 7-foot hammerhead attacked by giant tiger shark

Question: When does a 7-foot fish on your line turn into live bait?

Answer: When you’re fishing for tuna in Venice and get hooked up with a big hammerhead that draws the attention of a 1,000-plus pound tiger shark, that’s when. 

July 26 at 3:04pm
This screen shot shows Furuno’s Target Analyzer engaged and indicating two red targets approaching. The Echo Trail feature shows the shadowy paths of the moving objects to help avoid the vessels.

Furuno’s new small-boat radar

Ask three fishermen what they like most about their radar units and you might well get three different answers.

The most-experienced user might tell you it ties with sonar as his most valuable fishing tool.

July 26 at 9:00am
Fuel up the boat and make runs to the east of Grand Isle to find plenty of trout action this month.

Head to the Gulf for Barataria trout

Capt. John Pounders takes every shot the weather gives him this month to chase speckled trout in the big water. 

“July is a great month for us to burn a little fuel and head to the outside to catch specks, said the owner of Eccentric Charters (504-382-2268). “I will target them around Coup Abel, Four Bayous, Cat Island and the Bay Long area on the edge of the gulf.

July 25 at 5:03pm
J Lynn Vidrine shows off a nice mangrove snapper during a recent  offshore trip out of  Grand Isle. Her husband, Tommy Vidrine, likes to use a Carolina rig to deliver live croakers or pogies to whatever depth mangroves are suspending around the rig

Top 3 tips to mop up on mangroves

Every summer, when July and August roll around and Tommy Vidrine can tear himself away from catching hammer speckled trout at Grand Isle for a while, he heads offshore in pursuit of another hard-fighting fish.

He's after mangrove snapper, and he says now’s the best time of the year to catch them.

July 25 at 4:48pm
Josh Chauvin shows off a frog he arrowed during a recent daytime public lands trip with his recurve bow. It's a lot more challenging than nighttime frogging, but Chauvin said it's a great way to get in some bow practice before deer season.

Apex Predator: Daytime frogging with a recurve bow

Recently I found out about an entirely new way to hunt with my bow in the offseason — and also get in some good practice in advance of deer season: Frogging with archery equipment during the day. 

July 25 at 1:55pm
Creature baits are great for plucking Atchafalaya Basin bass from active drains.

Basin run-outs light up

When the nation’s last great overflow swamp is done taking its annual bath and the water level starts falling, Atchafalaya Basin bass anglers can have a grand time.

A veteran angler who has fished the Atchafalaya Basin since he was old enough to hold a fishing pole saids one of the bassing hotspots will be Grand Lake.

July 25 at 10:08am
The recreational greater amberjack season in the Gulf of Mexico will not reopen as scheduled on Aug. 1 because NOAA says the recreational harvest of 1,034,442 pounds has already been reached.

Recreational amberjack season in Gulf will not reopen in 2016

If you were planning on making an amberjack trip in the Gulf of Mexico when the season reopened on Aug. 1, make other plans.

July 22 at 4:22pm

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