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Barry Brown with Tebow: Scenes like this make it easy to understand why duck hunters love the sport so much.

Working the duck beat

Recalling early assignments on WMAs in Avoyelles Parish
10 hours ago
The author caught this hefty speckled trout last December jigging the MRGO rocks.

Target MRGO rocks on cold days

Structure provides warmth for specks
14 hours ago
Shallow-running boats are certainly great for sight-fishing reds, but lots of successful redfish tourney anglers like the safety and versatility  heavier bay boats provide.

Inshore insights: Which boat is best for sight-fishing reds

You might be surprised at some of the rigs tourney anglers use
14 hours ago
Shay Seacrist poses with Big Nasty, the 10-point Jackson Parish buck she shot on Dec. 10. The buck green-scored 155 inches of bone.

‘Big Nasty’ busted in Jackson Parish

Heavy-horned 10-point green-scored 155 inches
14 hours ago
In design since 2010, LiveTarget’s BaitBall Spinner Rig is available in three sizes, with two weights for each.

LiveTarget’s BaitBall Spinner Rig

“Any water, any time and anywhere”
16 hours ago
Teddy Dupuy, of St. Amant, poses with the big public lands 8-point he shot on Thanksgiving Day in the Kisatchie National Forest in Grant Parish. The big buck green-scored 158 inches of bone.

Kisatchie public land stud bites the dust

Dupuy's big 8 green scores 158 inches
16 hours ago
Pintail whistles are the men’s bread-and-butter calls.

Delta’s dirty dozen

18 hours ago
Hunting over a food plot is a great December tactic to knock down a nice buck.

‘Magic times’

18 hours ago
Continuing to put out corn gives deer a free meal — mostly at night —  and limits daytime movement.

Stay away

18 hours ago
The Mermentau River bass average 1 ½ pounds, yet biologist manager Sean Kinney said Florida bass fry have been stocked there recently.

Bass basics

18 hours ago
Mild winters have helped the reproductive success of apple snails in the Mermentau River system. If you see pink eggs, kick them into the water.

Bad apple snails

18 hours ago

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