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LDWF agent rescues two Belle Chasse teens swamped in Lake Salvador

Boat capsized after taking on water, LDWF says
19 hours ago
Despite its length, you can still connect on the hookset with the Mag 12.

The Mag 12 Buzz Worm

Foot-long offering from Mister Twister creates big bass buzz
Yesterday at 9:00am
Football jigs are one of the favorites for probing creek ditches.

Carolina concepts

Yesterday at 7:00am
It is important that a hunter feels comfortable with his bow, and that means taking the time to select the right one.

The right bow inspires confidence

Yesterday at 7:00am
Simpson pours out rice bran instead of corn because he’s found the deer prefer it.

October bucks love rice bran

Yesterday at 7:00am
Scent eliminating sprays are widely available, and contain additives that reduce the scent on your hunting clothes. Coupled with cover scents and being mindful of the wind, it’s an effective way to fool a deer’s nose.

Must-haves for scent control

Yesterday at 7:00am
The “Almost Buck” pictured with the son of the fortunate member who took the buck late in the gun season.

The “almost” buck

Yesterday at 7:00am
You may be fortunate to locate your trophy buck during bow season.

How to score on opening day

Preparation is the key
Yesterday at 7:00am
Vudu Shrimp Sauce may be daubed on the legs of a Vudu Shrimp to increase its scent appeal. Here Chaumont has removed the rattle from a Vudu Rattler and is squeezing more sauce into the rattle pouch.

Tips for fishing Vudu Shrimp

Yesterday at 7:00am
Chaumont secures his corks to his rods with inexpensive clothes pins.

Tip of the day

Yesterday at 7:00am
Like many others, Ken Chaumont is at loss to explain why Calcasieu Lake speckled trout are smaller than they used to be.

The forging of a fishing giant

Yesterday at 7:00am
Sweetening your trolling baits with added scents can help sell the deal.

Helpful hints for fall crappie

Yesterday at 7:00am
To increase your spinnerbait profile, try adding a big ribbontail worm trailer.

Tail gunner

Yesterday at 7:00am
Each choupique is added to the ice slush immediately after being caught to avoid stress on the animal.

Bring choupique back alive

Yesterday at 7:00am

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