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Taylor Broussard, 23, of Estherwood, shot this South American ringed teal on a duck hunt near Pecan Island on Dec. 1.

Rare South American ringed teal shot near Pecan Island

When Taylor Broussard and a couple of buddies went out for a duck hunt near Pecan Island, he was the only one who reacted when a teal buzzed their boat blind early on the morning of Dec. 1.

Yesterday at 11:30am
Emmitt Simmons of Baton Rouge landed this five-spot red while fishing recently with Capt. Lucas Brissett out of Hopedale.

The joys of Christmas fishing

I love those Hallmark Christmas movies, but they’re getting stale. Same old romantic plot.

Here’s an idea they should consider: The story involves a day spent fly fishing for speckled trout and redfish with friends, and gathering afterwards for some hearty po-boys. 

Yesterday at 9:00am
Kingston Morgan caught this Sibley Lake crappie.

Crappie fishing for Christmas

Chuck Morgan travels all over the region crappie fishing for fun and competitively, but he also enjoys being home for the Christmas season, looking for crappie on the Christmas trees or other assorted sunken tops and structure right in his own backyard.

That’s one of the advantages of living on the shores of the 2,000 acre Lac Terre Noir just outside of Natchitoches.

Yesterday at 8:31am
Casey Brewer, of Rayville, shot this big public land 10-point on Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge on Nov. 25. But he had to drag the 260-pound buck — which green-scored 155 ⅜ inches — out by hand after his cart broke.

Big 10-point goes down on Tensas River NWR

Casey Brewer parlayed an October squirrel hunting trip on Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge — when he did a little deer scouting as well — into the public lands buck of a lifetime after downing a heavy-horned 10-point on Nov. 25.

December 08 at 2:47pm
A handheld GPS unit aboard an in-flight plane. Note the speed and altitude. WAAS signals are being implemented because of aircraft navitation needs.

DGPS vs. WAAS: What is better in a GPS?

Dear Capt. Paul:

I am now running my Global Positioning System unit mated to a DGPS receiver while in offshore locations, but I am considering getting another GPS unit that I would be using in interior lakes away from the coastal waters. I am also considering one of the current handheld units offered.

I would like to see a comparison/discussion on DGPS vs. WAAS accuracy, and is WAAS available for all of Louisiana Mississippi and Texas? As you know a separate DGPS receiver can cost more than what several standard GPS unit would cost. Plus, the connecting cables make it a little inconvenient.

I would like to avoid that situation, if WAAS is as accurate.

December 08 at 9:00am
Capt. Nick Poe shows off a nice stringer of specks and reds after a successful day of chasing birds on Black Lake. Flats on the north bank of the lake are a good spot to try in colder conditions, when trout hunker down near the bottom for warmth.

Focus on Black Lake flocks

A good pair of binoculars in your tackle box is probably just as important as the jighead you’re throwing and the color lure you’ve selected when targeting speckled trout and redfish this month on Black Lake.

December 08 at 8:49am
Lake Providence regularly produces big bass like this during the winter months.

Go to Lake Providence for peaceful fishing

Largemouth bass fishing on Lake Providence is pretty good all year round, but there is an added bonus for fishermen this time of year that could almost go unnoticed.

The 1,380-acre lake is almost all wide-open water except for the shoreline. That makes it a magnet for boaters, skiers and party-bargers most of the year.

December 07 at 10:20am

Two convicted felons arrested for spotlighting deer, LDWF says

Enforcement agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries arrested two convicted felons in Washington Parish last weekend for allegedly spotlighting deer near Franklinton, according to a news release.

December 06 at 3:43pm
David Darnsteadt of Gum Cove caught this trophy speckled trout while wade fishing in northern Calcasieu Lake.

It’s a wonderful time for wading

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

That’s what some speckled trout anglers do in December on the northern reaches of Calcasieu Lake — especially those who want wallhanger fish weighing up to 10 pounds.

December 06 at 2:52pm
James Stuart shows off the 13-pointer he downed on Nov. 19 in Caldwell Parish. The buck, with an inside spread of 19 ⅛  inches, green-scored 148 ⅝ inches.

65-year quest ends with Caldwell Parish 13-point

They say good things come to those who wait. 

In the case of James Curry Stuart, it took 65 years, but the wall-hanger buck he’s been after since he was child finally materialized on Nov. 19 in Caldwell Parish.

December 06 at 9:51am
Bull reds likely will go a long way in determining who will win the Hobie Fishing Worlds 6 being contested this week out of Moran’s Marina. More than 40 anglers from almost 20 countries are scheduled to participate in the three-day event.

Port Fourchon set to host kayak world championship

More than 40 kayak anglers from almost 20 countries will descend upon Lafourche Parish this week to compete in the 2016 Hobie Fishing World Championship from Moran’s Marina in Port Fourchon.

December 05 at 2:04pm
Capt. Mike Gallo said action at The Castle should be hot as long as mild weather prevails.

Castle crowds

Capt. Mike Gallo (504-259-3474) idled his bay boat through the crowd anchored around the big rock pile near Violet formerly known as “The Castle.”

December 05 at 11:14am
Heath Clement poses with a 14-point buck he had nicknamed Handlebars after arrowing it on Oct. 26 on Hogue Island in East Carroll Parish. Note in the photo that the right G2

Big 14-point nicknamed ‘Handlebars’ arrowed on Hogue Island

It’s not often that a hunter who shoots a 170-class deer gets more excited to find a 6-inch piece of antler than the actual animal itself, but that’s exactly what happened with Heath Clement and a unique Hogue Island buck nicknamed “Handlebars.”

December 05 at 9:56am
Blackfin shiners are certainly the most common shiner in the state and can be found in virtually any moderate- to fast-flowing creek, bayou, or river.

It’s a tough little world for shiners

Most freshwater fishermen don’t give a lot of thought to the little fish in their bait bucket. They’re just shiners. Or to the glittery little fish flashing in the creek, river or lake — they’re just minnows. 

December 04 at 9:00am

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