Speckled Trout

Don’t put away those topwater baits when the weather turns cool — specks will smash them all fall long.

‘Fall’ for trout

Cool temps and close fish are a kayaker’s dream
October 18 at 9:00am
If you’re targeting big fish, Capt. Casey Brunning recommends throwing topwaters this month out of Delacroix.

Delacroix trout can be tricky to track this month

‘Confusion state’ rules for specks, guide says
October 17 at 4:05pm
Marsh Man Masson went on a recent trout trip, and loaded up fishing with shrimp creole-colored  Matrix Shads under a popping cork.

The autumn speckled trout run begins

Fish are right where they're supposed to be
October 15 at 4:45pm
Chas Champagne, creator of the Matrix Shad line of soft plastic lures, is introducing a new 5-inch Matrix Monster that will be available in stores this fall.

The new Matrix Monster

The big 5-inch version swims just like a regular-sized Matrix Shad
October 15 at 12:00pm
The all-new 2019 Hobie Outback has literally been redesigned from top to bottom.

New gear review

October 15 at 7:00am
Great catches of specks can be had close to many launches during the fall. Start fishing as soon as you head out, and you may not have to paddle far before hitting pay dirt.

October’s Best Bets

October 15 at 7:00am
Matrix Shad's Chas Champagne believes water temperature is key to kick off the fall Trestles bite at Lake Pontchartrain. Even though our first cool front has finally arrived, temps are still way too high for now, he said.

Good days very near at Lake Pontchartrain bridges

Cool front is dropping water temperatures.
October 11 at 3:56pm

Marsh Man Masson vid: Catching speckled trout with a grizzly bear

Fish show up en masse at popular Louisiana port
October 02 at 9:40am

Trestle mania 2018

The World Series speckled trout run on eastern Lake Pontchartrain’s famed bridges is imminent, and just like in the Fall Classic, home runs and strike outs are both part of the game. Here’s how one guide keeps his clients swinging for the fences on the 5.
October 01 at 7:00am
When action is jam-packed at the Trestles in Lake Pontchartrain, head over to Lake Catherine for specks.

Lake Catherine is a solid choice for trout

Keep your eye out for wigeon grass and birds
September 28 at 10:58pm
Keeper-sized specks look like they've finally made a good push inside around Dularge, according to Capt. Lloyd Landry.

Speckled-trout bite finally kicks off

Fish showed up overnight, guide says
September 26 at 9:28am

Marsh Man Masson vid: Afternoon the time for hot speckled trout bite

Fish go crazy as sun sinks into horizon.
September 24 at 2:36pm
Jeff Bruhl targets speckled trout this time of year in Bayous Liberty and Lacombe, and occasionally catches some hammers fishing grass beds on the Lake Pontchartrain shoreline.

Trout tough - but still doable

Bayous Liberty and Lacombe offer specks a bait buffet
September 19 at 3:35pm