Redfish in Venice, all sizes

April 19 at 6:00pm
Redfish don't need saltwater to survive, but they do have to have it to successfully spawn.

Inshore insights: Can redfish live in fresh water?

Absolutely - but there's a catch
March 30 at 11:41am
Arrows flew and a good time was had by all when Sportsman TV ventured down to Dularge to bowfish for reds. The episode premiers Thursday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m. on Cox Sports Television.

Brand new Sportsman TV: Bowfishing Dularge reds

Check out the latest episode tonight at 6:30 on CST
March 29 at 4:00am
Sometimes we all fish under varying degrees of pressure, but Devin Denman is participating in the America's Redfish Cup tournament series this year to make himself an even better inshore angler.

Inshore Insights: Why I’m participating in America’s Redfish Cup

Make yourself a better angler by fishing under pressure
March 21 at 11:35am
Capt. Chad Dufrene caught this 8-pound redfish in Baker’s Bay on a Bomber Mud Minnow.

Destination Delacroix

March 03 at 9:52am
This redfish, caught in the Delacroix area, appears to be blind in both eyes and has sores on its body. A LDWF biologist said reds in the area likely contracted secondary infections after this winter's severe cold snaps.

‘Zombie’ reds invade Delacroix marshes

Blind, lethargic fish likely developed secondary infections after cold snaps, biologist says
March 01 at 9:20pm

Port Sulphur bank fishermen busted for alleged redfish violations

Trio in possession of 57 reds, of which 26 were undersized, LDWF said
February 21 at 1:46pm
Redfish can be found this month in the dead-end canals around Dularge, according to Capt. Anthony Kyzar.

Find reds in Dularge’s dead-end canals

Soft plastics tipped with dead shrimp is the ticket, guide says
February 06 at 8:22am
Capt. Mike Gallo, left, and his uncle Dan Couvillion with a 35-pound redfish caught at the Air Products Canal with dead shrimp on the bottom.

Top 5 cold-weather tactics for Chalmette success

Target more than just specks this month
February 01 at 10:58am
When targeting big reds under birds in Lake Pontchartrain, time is of the essence — so don’t approach them like you would a school of specks. Move into casting distance quickly when you see a bird dive, throw to that spot and then prepare for battle.

Be aggressive when targeting Lake Pontchartrain reds under birds

Speedy approach trumps stealth, angler says
January 15 at 2:00pm
According to Capt. Devin Denman, the Matrix Craw is a great all-around tool for targeting redfish — either retrieved quickly as a search bait, or bounced along the bottom like a jig.

Inshore insights: Top 3 redfish lures

Changing marsh dictates changes in lure selection
January 12 at 10:42am
Vince Theriot holds a bull red caught at the Mermentau River Jetties. Anglers can try the jetties if the reds aren’t biting at the Mermentau River Bridge, or the “Old River” of the Mermentau.

Hit ‘old river’ on the run to Mermentau

Redfish are stacked up at the drains
January 03 at 3:33pm