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  A Bird in the Bush
If you think hunting pen-raised quail is boring, you've abviously never done it.
  Delta Deer
Head to Atchafalaya Delta WMA for a different deer-hunting experience.
  Spilling Over
From now until January, the southwest Pall Spillways will be overrun with trout and redfish.
  Shotgun School
Think you're a good shotgun shooter? Odds are, you're not nearly as good as you could be
  Knocking off Nanny
Controlling does is a vital part of quality deer management, but killing the old, mature females can be as tough as getting shots at bucks. Here are some ways to up your odds.
  Terrebonne Tango
Three lakes in southern Terrebonne Parish provide anglers with easy opportunities to limit on speckled trout while drill-fishing.
  Weather of Not
Between September fronts and tropical storms, fishing in the Gulf out of Grand Isle can be fantastic.
  Simple Pleasures
Get back to basics by fishing our incomparable marsh from a kayak. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is and how much success you have.
  Ready, Set, Hunt!
Deer season is just around the corner, so here are some tips on how to be prepared for opening day.
  Multiple Sargassum
The grass that collects on rip lines in the Gulf brings
in monster fish by the droves.
  Bream Banquet
There’s a wide variety of bream that call Louisiana home, and their habits vary greatly among the subspecies.
  July Jamboree
The offshore offerings are varied this month. Here are the choices of some of the top charter captains.
  The Patron Saint of Bream
Lake St. John is such an attractive destination for bream fishermen that one group has driven in from Alabama every summer for the last 30 years.
  Addiction Affliction
If the recent windy weather has given you a bad case of fishing fever, redfish this month provide the perfect cure.
  Snapper Rig Showdown
When you're looking for big snapper, head for one of these perpetual hotspots.
  Bird Brains
Chase sea gulls in this easy-to-reach bay, and you'll be surprised how quickly you fill ice chest.
  What's Up Dock
All boat docks are not created equal. Find the sweet spot on the sweet docks, and you’ll land more bass.
  Amazing Amedee
Specks and reds roam this underfished lake in the spring.
  King Crappie
Tournament angler Bobby Phillips has got year-round crappie fishing down to a science.
  Laugh at the Wind
Blustery or calm, Lafitte’s Little Lake will produce sow trout this month.
  Handy Dandy Sandy
The Sandy Point rigs are always close and convenient, but they’re never more fish-filled than at this time of year.
  A Perfect Mix
There are some lakes in the state that produce only lunkers, and others where numbers reign. But here’s a lake from each district that’ll give you lots and lots of quality fish.
  Dancin' A JIG
January is jig month if you’re looking for a lunker.
  Late-Season Lessons
In many parts of the state, bagging a trophy this time of year can be difficult, so here are two hunters’ tried-and-true strategies.
  Top stories from 2002
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