Our staff is available with just a click. For those names without links, call 1-800-538-4355 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm (Central time), and ask for them by name.    
Advertising Department
Sales Rep
Sales Rep
Classified Ad Manager
National Sales Rep
Vice President of Sales
Sales Rep
Sales Rep

Production / Art Department
Art Director
Production Director
Graphic Artist
Asst. Production Manager
Graphic Artist
Production Manager
Graphic Artist

Internet Staff
Internet Managing Editor
Web Director
Greg Dutreix Web Developer
Internet Sales Manager

Office Staff
Credit Manager
Chief Financial Officer

Circulation Director
Shelby Wheat Circulation Field Rep.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Assistant
Editorial Director

Contributing Writers
Robert L. Brodie
Humberto Fontova
Bryan Hendricks
Gordon Hutchinson
Todd Masson
John E. Phillips
Don Shoopman
Rusty Tardo
Allen Tarvid
GPS Information

Web Mail