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Cocodrie Redfish Cocodrie Redfish
Late video posting. Full report at

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Louisiana Redfish and Bullreds with Capt. Clark Trosclair Louisiana Redfish and Bullreds with Capt. Clark Trosclair
www.seacreaturecharters.comrnWe recently took out a film crew from Meridian, Mississippi for a new TV show called 'The Road In Between'. The show is hosted by Tom Sikes and is filmed by the Tony Boutwell and Alan Burford from BrightFX. The show...

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Alligator Gar Hunt on a kayak?! Alligator Gar Hunt on a kayak?!
This is gonna get good!...

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New Dockside TV  'Change of Pace' New Dockside TV 'Change of Pace'
www.DockSideLA.comrnwww.MatrixShad.comrnDidn't plan on shooting a video on this day but the Bass, trout, reds and flounder were biting a little so we decided to pull out the camera. Quick change of pace on this video catching all species of fish...

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November with November with
Check out the November action fishing with KayakVeniceLa.comrnKayak fishing has been incredible!!! Do you want to try the fastest growing sport in Louisiana, call Captain Brian (504)419-5645rnEmail CaptainBrian@KayakVeniceLa.comrnrnCheck out our...

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DockSide TV 'Fast and Furious' DockSide TV 'Fast and Furious'
New DockSide TV 'Fast and Furious'rnTemps have been Cold but Fishing is Hot as ever from rnwww.DockSideLA.comrnCheck out where the fishing is hot and what colors from Matrix Shadrnare

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White Catfish White Catfish
ANYBODY HERE EVER CATCH A WHITE CATFISH??? rnrnI'm not referring to a Albino Channel Cat, or Blue Cat. These fish are actually a smaller bluish gray type catfish. Supposedly they are present in the lower Mississippi River, and some of it's...

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www.DockSideLA.comrnHere is some great tips and action on what is going on in the Lake right now. This video was shot two weeks ago when the lake was just starting to heat up and we wanted to hold the footage until it was full swing so you can get...

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NoLa crew hit the water for some fall action outta Shell Beach! NoLa crew hit the water for some fall action outta Shell Beach!
Great day on the water with NoLa friends. Dan and Drew hit the water with us for a fun day up top in Biloxi Marsh. Started out on fish after fish trout action to polish off a 100 trout limit! Been catching more fish in the bayous then the bays....

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Fall Bullreds on Lake Borgne! Fall Bullreds on Lake Borgne!
A video of fall Bull redfish action in Lake Borgne.rnrnrn~Captain Markham Dickson~rnrnSalty Dog Charters, L.L.Crnrnwww.saltydogchartersllc.comrnrncmdthree@yahoo.comrnrn(504)481-8216 rnrnCheck out VIDEOS...

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www.MatrixShad.comrnHere we go again!!! Fall has finally stuck and water temps have hit the magic number--70--. Its on now until the water get too cold and that terrible number is 52. Check out this episode of DockSide TV 'UNDER THE FLOCK' as...

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Low Water Scouting Low Water Scouting
Finding fish is the biggest challenge anglers face during their daily fishing trips. Here's a fast and sure way of quickly learning prime spots that can produce a wide variety of gamefish, including red drum, flounder, seatrout, black drum,...

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Redfish On Crabs, With new No Brainer Rig Redfish On Crabs, With new No Brainer Rig
This interesting and remarkably simple bait rig hooks fish easily, and perfectly in the corner of the mouth for simple release....

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Kayak Sight Fishing Kayak Sight Fishing
Redfish action is going great down in Pointe Aux Chenes and the Trout action is heating up as well. On my 4th trip in my Pro Angler 14 I headed out early to get on some Trout and managed to find some quality keepers using a couple of my favorite...

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Last Weekend Bayou Lacombe - Specs Last Weekend Bayou Lacombe - Specs
Fished Bayou Lacombe last Sunday and actually caught fish with the camera rolling. Usually the camera means I won't catch anything. All fish caught on a mirrolure twitch-bait and Matrix Shad. You may see them in the video....

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'Before the Front'rnCome see us at GUS's TENT SALE this FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!!rnMatrix Shad will be sold in 25 packs CHEAP!!!rnEnjoy this episode of our latest DockSide

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