Something I thought I'd share with y'all

Technically, this isn't about hunting, or for that matter, fishing either. Maybe it's a little odd, but anyway, here goes. Something I've come to enjoy lately is getting out to a canal near where I live and drive down the road next to it at night and just look for alligators and owls. Not to hunt, just to watch. I do bring my pistol along with me because the road has the canal on one side and crawfish ponds on the other and it dead ends in a huge cypress swamp, so the place is full of cottonmouth snakes. LOTS of them. One time I got out of my truck, walked to the front and looked at the road right under my door and there was a big fat one crawling out right where I was standing not 10 seconds before. So, I keep my pistol for snakes. I think both gators and owls are just cool creatures to watch. You always know it's a gator when you see those red/orange eyes shining in the light on the water. And the owls don't seem to be afraid of people. Early this morning I went out there well before daylight. Only saw two small gators, but I know there's a big ol' mac daddy out there too. He just doesn't show himself often. There were lots of owls. I brought my owl call and got them going. Within a few minutes of calling, I had 3 or 4 of them hootin' and squawkin' like crazy. Not way off in the swamp, I mean practically right overhead. I'd say they were within 20 yards away from me. I like it when they really get worked up and they sound like monkeys. They're entertaining to listen to. When I was a kid I thought about how fun it would be to take some 'city folks' out in the swamp at night. You know, to spook them a little and have some fun with them! LOL! Now, I would want them not to be spooked, but just to enjoy it. Anyway, I wonder if any you enjoy doing things like that? I sure do. Now that deer season's over, it just gives me an excuse to get out among the swamp critters once in a while. Later!

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