Fleeting and Bollard Pull Services

We offer 3 location of Boat and Barge Fleeting area, attached is a video of the Stevedore and Babin Marine areas, we also have 1,500 Ft of Boat and Barge Fleeting located at Port of Bayou Black where we are working on expanding another 1,000 Ft. We will also be offering Bollard Pull Service in the near future at the Port of Bayou Black location, I have attached an area View pic. of the Port of Bayou Black location also. The Blocked out section if what is readily available now. If you have any question regarding Fleeting or Bollard Pull services please contact V.P of Operations Frank Fiore via email at frank@babinmarine.com or his cell (985)312-3944, he will be happy to assist.

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