For those of you that do not know me, my name is Joshua Goins. I am the founder of Flyway Federation of Louisiana. I started this journey with a simple post on this website. It was titled 'where are the ducks'.rnIt has been a journey full of ups and downs. I still have yet to take a dime from one person for this battle. I am however almost ready to accept memberships and donations. I have a petition being written up by a law firm and when it is ready, I will being needing everyone in this state to sign it. This inst just about hunters and ducks anymore. This is about rights and tax payers. rnThe whole economy in our state is being effected by the decisions of a select few to benefit a select few. The Canadian Government has joined forces with me and gave me access to the leading biologist in Canada Ryan Zimmerling and his team. Together we decided to utilize Audubon Christmas mid winter counts, to show migration manipulation. I will attach the graphs in this post in the comments section. The graphs will make your jaw drop. We used 1986 as the start year and 2017 end. The summary is written above the graphs by Ryan Zimmerling Phd. rnThank you to everyone that has been apart of this from the get go. I welcome anymore help that is willing to join this movement effort. We are making a difference and we will better our state for future generations to come.

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