Louisiana Sportsman


Catch Cormier - December 10, 2012

The colder, clearer waters of December – combined with low tides – provide some of the best sight casting opportunities of the year for those pursuing marsh reds. A wide variety of flies will work as the reds are more opportunistic in their feeding. This is a good time to try enticer patterns such as the Apte Tarpon Fly, Whitlock Baitfish, and Seaducer. Their undulating movement will entice large reds from several feet away! Patterns in darker colors – like a black Charlie, purple Haley’s Comet, or rootbeer Spoonfly - work well on both clear and overcast days.

Hot topwater action for speckled trout continues this month. Early morning or overcast days are best. If poppers aren't working, try a clouser under a VOSI on mild days, and a heavily-weighted clouser off the bottom on cold days. In winter, the black/chartreuse and LSU (purple/gold) clousers work best.

Crappie will be schooling deep this month, so a sinking line is recommended. I like Fluff Butts in blue/white, pink/white, and black/chartreuse, as well as Crappie Candies and even Charlies. If you're not among the fly purists, consider a Propbugger – a woolybugger with a tiny propeller near the eye.

Louisiana trout enthusiasts making holiday trips to Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alabama should bring their tackle. Each of these states stocks rainbow trout this month in a large number of waters, from year-round fisheries to community park ponds.

Here in Louisiana, the only public trout stocking will take place in East Baton Rouge parish sometime after Christmas. The limit in the BREC ponds is four per day, and will be strictly enforced. After a week, the trout acclimate and stop eating corn, and begin eating olive and black woolybuggers. Sizes 10 and 12 work best.