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Redfish year round
Big Trout early spring and later fall
Trout in general mid March through December

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About Us

This is your ticket to the best fishing you will ever experience! Fishing in the Delta where "the best secret in fishing exists." I have a reputation among my clients and fellow guides for RESULTS! Why don't you join the list of satisfied customers? I treat every trip like it was me paying for the trip; you won't get better service.

When it comes to targeting fish - you decide. I'll make recommendations based on weather, tides, etc. but let me know what suit's you.

I target two main species - Trout and Reds. Yes, you can and will catch other fish from time to time but this is my specialty, not drum, sheephead, white trout, etc. I cater to those of you who prefer Louisiana's top inshore saltwater gamefish: Speckled Trout and Redfish.

My method for fishing them is artificial lures not to say I won't use other methods when required. I also believe in finding the mother-load as well; This captain doesn't sit still if I feel there will be better fishing somewhere else.

When it comes to trout there are different times of the year for different goals. If I were looking to catch big trout I would lean towards April, May, June for spring and November & December for the fall. They bite good from Mid March to December, but that's my recommendation for Big Uns.

If you want guaranteed trout I'd say April, May, June, early July, October, November, December and by that I mean limits without a problem.

Want a wall-hanger let me know and we'll discuss times and odds.

Mann's Mid One Minus.......

The Mid One Minus saved Roberts day as the plastic's just weren't doing him any favors....heh heh

What the Dr. ordered....

Day three for me with Harlow,Don, and Richard. Friday we had a pretty good catch with really nice reds pushing near 40 caught. Saturday we caught and released over 75. Today I went to my hog red spot and we lost the one we wanted due to a spit hook. I figure it was one pushing 40 or close to. We did manage about 30 Reds today while looking for the really big ones. This Catfish found Harlows soft plastic and it was on! What a fight it was. It was all I could do to hold it up for two camers worth of pics. It went 46' long but the girth was unbelievable. We released it and it looked like a shark swimming away in one foot of water............

OUR NET, YOUR GAIN??????????!!!!!!!!!! It's that time of year again. Funny thing, that is, is when Mullet season rolls around the lower units down our way start disappearing off of sport boats like Satsumas off of the trees. Well I donated mine last night and they just about had Capt. Lloyds minus one bolt. Oh well they got my lower unit but they are still left with their no brain intellect for the rest of their lives. I guess I still win. It's a shame it has to be that way but maybe next year I'll start a collection fund for them so they won't have to put others out of work. I always have a spare lower unit or spare boat ready to go so they won't deny me any trips, just a little hassle. I hear mine was the sixth one this week! Oh well just thought I'd send out a little warning to all you guys headed down the road this weekend... Can't wait to get 'em in the cross-hairs.........

readytogo, I am not a duck guide and not even a good duck hunter, however I do enjoy going. I am not even that great at looking at ducks at a distance and being able to tell you what they are. BUT when you are heading in from fishing and the bright green heads are jumping off the water (in the pass your going up) and Ray Charles could see them and they are swarming the skies around you I'd like to say it's probably going to be a good one. My point was if you love to duck hunt and know anything about Venice I'd sure be down there for opening weekend. But stay home for all I care, I make the same amount........

Nice to see Buras producing some good fish lately. The full moon or the low water really helped put the bait in the stomachs of the reds!

These guys manage a awesome Elk Ranch and are normally looking after what most guys dream about but the owners Barry and Lee brought them along for a change of scenery and they got to really put a pounding on the Redfish.

Despite a late start we had a group of pro baseball players in for a few hours of fishing. I can't tell you much about baseball but I can tell you these guys were a great bunch of gentlemen. I was really impressed at how nice and down to earth these guys were even though they make enough money to rebuild Buras! I won't name all of them but pictured is Tori Hunter, ME, and Carl Everett. Some of the others were LSU fame John Zeringue, UNO fame Thomas Diamond (home bred boyz), LaTroy Hawkins and several boatloads of others. It was a really fun day on the water and all the guides had as much fun as the players did. Some of them never fished before so it was quite an experience. I hope they enjoyed their evening in New Orleans as much as they did reeling those fish in...........

For those of you that will be home tomorrow check out a night fishing trip we filmed in Spring. We caught 75 trout in about half an hour and then let the camera man catch his 25 after the show was filmed! I think it will be on at 8:30 am on Keith Warrens Fishing and Outdoor Adventures on 'The Outdoor Channel'. I haven't seen it yet but it's been on twice this week and I heard it was a good one. For most the problem is the availability of the channel.....Capt.Ron