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Hey Y'all !!!  Come by and see us at our newly designed website featuring great sunglasses, we were formerly but have changed our look and name ... We will be offering a great line of super quality sunglasses such as Maxx sunglasses and many others at a GREAT AFFORDABLE PRICE including our own Branded line of ShadyCajin sunglasses. Please take a look around at the many styles of Sunglasses we have, Fishing and Marine accessories as they will be apart of our site as always.There will more to come so come back and check us out every chance you get we will always be adding new glasses and other products to our fine line. Also Keep your eyes open for  Mrs. SHADYCAJIN soon to come .......... Oh man she's so prudddddddy !!!!!!!! We will be havin glasses with Mrs.SHADYCAJIN on them also .....   Thanks

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