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About Us

We are a full service kennel offering puppies, started puppies, started dogs, finished dogs, retriever training, obedience training (larger breeds), boarding (larger breeds), blood dogs, and blood/shed training. We also offer other customized training options including upland training. If you are interested in a Labrador Retriever for this upcoming hunting season, next season, or are in search of a family companion, we can definitely help you. If your dog is in need of training, we are your go-to kennel. We are located 1 hour from downtown New Orleans, and have been breeding, raising, and training Labradors from Ireland, England, and other areas of the UK for 15+ years. We have also trained other larger breeds during this time with the same great results. Our full scale kennel operation is known for producing well rounded obedient dogs, who make excellent companions and hunting partners. With one of the highest quality and largest breeding programs in the country, along with a stellar reputation for producing high quality retrievers, we are your GO-TO-KENNEL. All of our dogs are guaranteed non-affected by PRA, CNM, and EIC, along with a 30 month hip, elbow, and eye guarantee. Please visit WWW.ACESRETRIEVERS.COM, Call (228) 493-7474, or email us @ for pricing and more details. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, AND WE THANK MANY OF YOU FOR YOUR LONG LASTING BUSINESS AND FRIENDSHIP!

Large breed dog obedience, retriever, blood-trail, and specialty training services! 150$ per week. At Ace's Retrievers, we offer numerous types of training for your dog. We offer all levels of retriever training for hunting. From puppy introduction to started work, to casting & finished work for an advanced retriever. If it has to do with a hunting retriever, we cover it. We also offer basic and advanced obedience courses. Other custom training requests and habit altering training can be done upon request. All of our dog and training info can be seen @ WWW.ACESRETRIEVERS.COM. Call (228) 216-7474, or email us @ for pricing and more details. We also sell puppies, started dogs, obedient companions, blood dogs, and finished retrievers!

We are America's #1 started dog kennel. Loads of choices. Reserve early in the process, and spend time with us and your dog during training. Monthly payments accepted. Shipping friendly. Full AKC registration. At Ace's Retrievers, we have a very nice group of young Irish/British retrievers being raised for this year's started dog program. We consistently produce and sell started dogs all over the world, and are the best source for providing your next retriever. Our strong imprinting program teaches our young pups to retrieve from the first time their feet touch the ground. They will continue to do this for years to come with tail wagging. After the basic idea of retrieve and return is developed, we then move to birds, guns, and obedience. Before long, they are ready to be your next retrieving companion. We offer numerous levels of training, so our started dogs will fit your exact needs. Using your description of what you would like to see in your next retriever, we can hand pick the best retriever on hand that matches your description. We also offer custom training options such as young child introduction, boat introduction, platform work, and crate training to name a few. All of our dogs are microchipped and come with a 30 month hip and elbow guarantee, and are guaranteed non affected by PRA, CNM, and EIC. THIS IS A HEALTH GUARANTEE THAT IS MATCHED NOWHERE IN THE COUNTRY. Reserve your's today. Our dogs and program info can be seen @ WWW.ACESRETRIEVERS.COM. Call (228) 493-7474, or email us @ for pricing and more details.

Looking for an Irish/British Labrador puppy? We have pups on the ground right now with more on the way! Reserve yours today! We are offering numerous breedings from some of the top imported working lines of British and Irish Labrador retrievers in the United States. Every puppy comes with a 30 month hip, elbow, and eye guarantee along with FULL or LIMITED AKC registration. Every puppy is also guaranteed to be NON AFFECTED by PRA, CNM, and EIC. We offer the best health guarantee available. Our lines produce black, yellow, and Fox red, and carry some of the most accomplished working pedigrees available. We have successfully raised these lines for years, and produced great duck, upland, narcotic, shed, blood trailing, and companion retrievers with ease. If you are looking for your next great retriever and/or family companion, look no further. All of our dog and training info can be seen @ WWW.ACESRETRIEVERS.COM. Call (228) 493-7474, or email us @ for pricing and more details. Thank you for your consideration. Team Ace's Retrievers.

Here are some videos of 2 dogs we have ready for this upcoming season!

Teal, black female, ready in 4-6 weeks

Martin, black male, ready in 3-5 weeks