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Impulse Fishing Charters was born when the passion for fishing became too much of a hobby. Captain Rob enjoys putting other people on fish and watching their excitement just as much as doing it himself. His thirteen plus years of experience fishing the offshore and inland waters of the Bayou Dularge area guarantees you a very good fishing experience. If you would like to catch tuna, grouper, snapper and any of the varity of offshore species south Louisiana has to offer, Impulse Fishing has a 31 Contender equipped with all the latest fishing equipment necessary to make your day on the water as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Or if redfish and speckled trout are your desire, Capt. Rob has a very comfortable 22' Skeeter bay boat to handle your fishing needs.

As the name implies, I'm ready when you are! Capt. Rob

Kicked off summer with a bang raising 14 yellowfin on the night of June 1st! Seas weren't easy going as it was 6 foot rollers for what seemed like forever. But the light switch kicked on at 7:30 and it was constant action all night once I figured out the current and drift. We also lost a few before I figured out my snell knots were loosening on some previously made rigs I had stashed away in bags for a few weeks. Oh well, lesson learned. Start fresh. Around midnight we picked up a storm on radar moving east to west. It looked like it was going to skirt to the north of us but as it got closer I realized it was going to crush us. As the lightning got closer I asked the other two boats around us their thoughts and they both chose to ride it out. I'm not a fan of lightning and boats so I wanted to run south and away from it. Finally I made the decision to crawl up under the floater and ride it out with the rest of them, thinking 'safety in numbers'. When the storm hit it blew 35 kts for a few minutes but calmed down shortly thereafter. It was still lightning an hour after the storm passed. So now we've got 12 yellowfin and just wasted 2 hours of fishing. We set back up only to pick up 2 more fish before daylight and they would no longer touch the chunks. Throughout the night I had been occasionally setting out a huge chunk of blackfin on a 50W hoping for something bigger. The guy with the chunk was at the front of the boat slowly peeling off line when he begins yelling. We all look to see what the fuss is about and spot something doing back flips and cartwheels across 100 yards of water! My first thought was a sailfish, second a marlin. Whatever it was I told the guy with the 50W to reel up fast. The fish was on his line and he never knew it! By the time he got tight, the fish was done with its acrobatics and had slashed the 60 lb floro. Great trip and everyone was astonished at the amount of tuna we caught. Friday I had my cousin's bachelor party for snapper and mangrove. We made short work of the red snapper and the guys had a blast chumming up the mangroves for a total of 12. All red snapper were caught on butterfly and diamond jigs and the mangrove came on chunks of hardtail. For the tuna, we used 50lb mainline uni to uni 60 lb floro snelled to 7/0 frenzy tuna hooks

Capt. Rob Dupont

With good weather in the forecast and our blood still pumping from the last trip, it was time to head south again. Destination Green Canyon. Target...Yellowfin Tuna. At 1300 we left Falgout Marina and synced up the twin 250 Yamahas to the metal and punched in the coordinates of a destination 160 miles away. Our arrival at sunset found no activity, but the chum line was set out nonetheless. Hours and hours of an empty fish box reminded me of the Contender's first tuna trip when the tuna didn't eat until the night was almost over. Optimism kept us going and the decision to go further north was made. The resulting relocation found us in a more animated setting. A nice rip line was moving across the floater and there was bait everywhere. All at once, the reels begin screaming and we have tuna in the slick! We landed 4 nice Yellowfin in a few hours and set course north to fill our limit of Red Snapper thus completing another successful trip! The highlights included a 90 lb Yellowfin and a battle with a Blue Marlin. The Blue ate a tuna popper connected to 80 lb Power Pro on a spinning reel, but he won the battle in less than 10 minutes stripping every inch from the unmatched reel!!!

The Impulse Contender traveled to Grand Isle per a customer's request for a Red Snapper haul. As the island disappeared in the wake of the Contender, I was torn with the decision to go west of the dirty river water, or go due south toward the beautiful rip. Feeling rather lucky, I chose south. By 8:30 the Red Snapper limit was filled and of course the Mangroves were holding deep due to the dirty water. We did manage to snag two pretty ones amidst the wrath of the Red Snapper. Next up was an attempt to deep drop some grouper. That didn't pan out so to the rip we went. About a mile from the rip, the cobalt blue water seemed to glow beyond the filthy swath to which our eyes had become accustomed. A beautiful sight it was, with a perfect grass line teaming with chicken dolphin. The guys played with the chickens for an hour on extremely light spinning tackle and loved it. Next we dropped back a few Makaira's and Ilanders and fired up the grill. The guys drank some suds and ate grilled snapper while we pulled the gorgeous rip line. We had a few knockdowns on the Ilanders but after two hours and not catching anything, we ran back to the barn. It was an incredible day of fishing and this group of offshore virgins certainly made some memories.

I am booked through July but my schedule is wide open for Amberjack season which opens August 1st. Give me a shout if you want to go pull on some rig donkey's!

Starting Friday 9-30-11, I had Allie Adams, Don Dean, and John Korndoerfer as part of a 2 boat charter with Capt. Marty. We caught 18 reds and between Marty's crew and mine, the guys hauled some meat. Sunday on board was Bill and Roseanne Dooley along with they're daughters Erin and Sarah. This was the day after the front and the trout weren't as active, but we managed a half a limit of reds and a few bonus trout. Monday was a couple from North Carolina, Raiford and Pam McNeil, and they wanted catch and release. We did better on the trout the 2nd day after the front. Pam and I caught 27 trout on glow and chartreuse chubs under a cork while Raiford threw a topwater all day. He was determined to catch something on his favorite bait but it wasn't meant to be. We then polished off the trip connecting with 10 reds. Thanks to Capt. Marty Lacoste and Capt. Anthony Kyzar for the trips. I'm back at it Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and the trout should start to stack up in the lakes for better catches. Capt. Rob 225-776-9820

Saturday was some good fishing in Dularge! I was having engine problems Friday night and I got a call from my good buddy Marc Felterman to fish on his boat. I had to get my fix so I jumped on his new custom Charles Leonard built bay boat and got to the hot spot early. Baits in the water just at sunrise and the trout were feeding on the falling tide. Avocado and clear/sparkle plastic cacahoes were the bait of choice. We fished in 4-8 ft of water in the Lake Mechant area and then drifted some banks for our reds. The flounder were a nice bonus too! Sunday evening I ran a trip for Capt. Marty with Gary and Stephen from Oklahoma. They were in town for swamp tours and fishing while Stephen was on spring break. They GOT THEM SOME too!

Capt. Rob

Impulse makes its first overnighter of the year to the Mississippi Canyon aboard the Impulse 2 Contender. On board with Capt. Rhyan Leblanc was Jimbo Cox, Joey Stein, Zane Hebert, Dane Leblanc, and Russ Landry. The guys were late getting to the evening bite but persistence paid off during the night. A surprise Swordfish was landed in 1000 ft. of water using a butterfly jig! What? Ok, so the sword was hungry and lost! Doesn't matter he's in the boat! The night went on landing 28 blackfin tuna on poppers and 6 yellowfin on the chunk. The guys left at daybreak and pulled a beautiful grass line on the way in and picked up a wahoo and lost a nice one at the boat. Not sure what happened, but it came unbuttoned.

Impulse will be running overnighters from now through summer! GET U SOME!

Capt. Rob

Here's a short clip of a couple Mahi I ran across in open blue water. This was on an offshore trip with the crew from MMR. The guys caught umteen million blackfin and a couple yellows, and we got these two Mahi on the way in. One of the Mahi didn't wanna take an ice nap and raised some hell in the cockpit! Capt. Rob 225-776-9820

Slaughtering the trout down in Dularge on the Matrix Shad in Avocado!!! The only bait you need in the water!!! Friday was a day of touring the islands with Dr. Nick Hatzis in his new boat to lay down some tracks and learn the area. We just so happened upon 55 trout in the process. Monday my crew laid the smack down on the trout in some beautiful green water!!! Things are looking hot along the coast! GET U SOME!!! 225-776-9820

Chaos is the only word that can describe Monday morning's action! My crew dropped the hammer at daylight skull draggin' trout and slaughtering their limit of 125 by 8:30 am! Jodi and Lindsey were the ACES today and showed up Brandon and Hollis with the big mules coming in on their live minnows! I think they will be sore tomorrow! Smaller trout were nailing the guys double rigged Matrix shad in avocado color two at a time. Good tide movement this morning had the shrimp skipping and the birds diving. I have never seen so many seagulls in one area feeding on shrimp and every trout was vomiting shrimp in the boat. Good times in Dularge today as I couldn't have asked for a better group! I have this Friday open so come get it while it's hot! Capt. Rob 225-776-9820

We ran an overnighter on Friday out to the floaters of the GC. Left the dock at 9:00 a.m. and made bait pretty easily. Tuna crack and threadfin are plentiful around ST 200 blocks. First stop we sent back some divers and snatched a wahoo. Arrival to the destination greeted us with green water and no action for what would be many hours. Sticking it out thinking they would surface was a mistake, but we decided to make a move west at 1:30 a.m. That's when the fireworks went off! First live baits in the water at 2:30 a.m. got smoked! Most came on frenzy poppers and live hard tails. This action continued until daylight when the crew decided they had enough and we took it home.