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About Us

Moby Marine - Moby Marine LLC is a Internet based business located in South Louisiana that represents top quality marine products.
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Moby Marine LLC is a Internet based business located in South Louisiana that represents top quality marine products including the Lock-N-Haul transom saver, Liquid Lite underwater LED light. Battle Wagon Buckets, Blackfin Skeg protector, The Box Light led compartment/rod locker light, Marine Battery knobs, Deck blaster nozzle, and Poly Glow gel coat restoration kits and Tailing Red fiberglass push poles. Visit us at or call 337-474-1858 for more information on these or any of our products.
The Lock-N-Haul transom saver is universally designed to work on any boat and all outboard motor brands, including most models and sizes of any brand. The unique patent pending 4-point inline load design will completely stabilize 90% of the outboard motors that are in use today, while they are being trailered.
The Liquid Lite underwater LED light is the most affordable underwater led light available on the market. its unique patented drain plug design makes it the easiest to install with no new holes required. Available in Green, Blue and White.
The Battlewagon (5 gal) and Coastal (3.5 gal) Buckets are the best rope handled bucket on the market with a massive 5/8" Euro-braid handle for superior grip. Completely stackable and the make the perfect tournament gift.
The Deck Blaster nozzle is made in the USA from the finest materials and won't leak or dribble. One hand operation specifically designed for use on board your boat.
Battery Knobs are the superior tool free connection to marine batteries and one hand installation with no arching or shorting. They are color coded for safety and sets are available for battery posts in 3/8" and 5/16"
Blackfin Skeg is the most affordable skeg protector on the market available for almost any size outboard or inboard/outboard motor.
The Box Light is a remarkable hatch, locker or lid led light that opperates on 3 AAA batteries and automatically comes on when you open your hatch/lid and goes off when you close your hatch lid.

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The Box Light
Purchase at

Great for the Duck Blind, Deer stand, Boat hatch or Tool Box. A Tool Box Light that is a waterproof motion activated light that is great for dark places that have no power sources. Uses 3 AAA batteries and turns on and off automatically.
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 19

Push Pole Holder or email
Made from ultra high molecular weight plastic; low profile Tailing Red Push Pole holder to hold push pole on boat gunwale. Resistant to ultra violet rays. Comes 2 per pack with screws and elastic strap to hold your push pole in two positions on your boat. Includes hardware.
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 33

Ring Toss Game Stainless Steel
Purchase from

The Ring Toss game comes with everything you need to start playing right out of the pack, including directions on how to set it up. Our version comes with high quality 304 stainless steel hardware (so it will stay in Top Shelf condition even outside), the ring is welded and then electropolished. 12 feet of high quality Dacron line is included to fit many different installations.

If you're going to install this outside on a patio or deck along the water you need the high quality stainless hardware that comes with this game. We've had some Folks along the Intracoastal tell us some other games have lasted less than two months before they rusted and scaled so bad they had to take them down. There are other games out there, but we haven't found one with all stainless hardware.

These are great for your bar, patio, Tiki hut or office. They also make great gifts and you’re cruising, fishing and diving friends will always remember those crazy times they’ve played the ring toss game with you no matter where you were.
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 12

Blood Tracker NEBO flash light email

in stock now!
The PROTEC™ Blood Tracker™ by NEBO® uses a high powered color-changing LED to produce 100 lumens of bright white light and 70 lumens of a red/green light mixture. This mixture creates an amber light that causes the color red (blood) to stand out. The red/green mixture is intensified most in flood light mode. The Blood Tracker™ features a 4x adjustable zoom to change the beam from spot light to flood light with the simple twist of the head. The Blood Tracker’s™ ergonomic textured handle keeps this light secure in the palm of your hand; and the steel clip allows this light to be used as a cap-light for hands-free lighting. Constructed of aircraft grade, anodized aluminum the Blood Tracker™ is shock-proof and water-resistant to ensure toughness and reliability. An unbreakable polycarbonate lens makes the Blood Tracker™ virtually indestructible. The lens is also convex so that it evenly distributes the light beam without any dull or dark spots.
• One color-changing LED bulb outputs 100 lumens of white light and 70 lumens of a red/green light mixture (bulb rated for 110,000+ hours of life)
• 4x adjustable zoom
• Anodized aircraft grade aluminum shock-proof and water-resistant compact body design
• Steel clip for hands-free lighting
• Aggressive self-defense face
• Unbreakable polycarbonate convex lens
• Rear glow-in-the-dark button uses hard/soft touch technology
o Hard Touch: Simply click through the functions. (Light will turn off in between settings.)
o Soft Touch: Press button halfway with no click. This allows the user to cycle through the settings quickly without the light turning off between settings
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 21

Poly Glow boat polish
Poli Glow is a proven concept in boat polish and is 'NOT' a boat wax. It is easily applied.

It wipes on without the need for rubbing or buffing. It will not wash off with soap and water. And lasts for over 12 months!

Poli Glow will work on the following: RV's, Boats, Canoes, Motorhomes, Painted Fiberglass, Painted Metals, Rubber and Vinyl Lettering.

Purchase at
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 69

Leaning Post Flexor Kit
Flexor Kit adds spring to your leaning post to prevent you from taking a pounding!Purchase from www.gomobymarine.comEasy to install!!!
Step 1: Identify middle of front legs of leaning post.Step 2: Mark and cut out a 3” section on each front leg.Step 3: File the inside of the leg to remove cutting burrs.Step 4: Install hinges (A) make sure they are lined up to fold forward and backwards (not opposite  directions of each other).Step 5: Drill into leg and through the hinges part that fit inside the pipe.Step 6: Insert bolts (B) in the holes you just drilled. The flat washer goes on the side with bolt  head the cut washer and nut go on the other. Tighten down bolt till it is firmly in place.  Then repeat this on the top and bottom of each hinge.Step 7: On the rear legs go straight back and mark a gap of 3.5” on each leg then cut that section out doing only one leg at a time.Step 8: Insert round plug (D) in the bottom of the leg opening after cleaning burrs off with file.Step 9: Attach spring (C) to plug using 7/16” bolt and washer. (just finger tight will do for now.Step 10: Insert plug into upper leg opening then attach spring using 7/16” bolt and washer finger tight for now.Step 11: Drill through plug and leg to install 5/16” bolt washer and then tighten with cut washer and nut till firm. Now go back and tighten spring down in place till firm.Step 12: Then repeat on the other rear leg then you’re finished.Step 13: Have a much smoother ride to the fishing Honey Hole!!
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 249

fishing towel keeper
purchase from Each pack contains 2 Keepers, These are great little gadgets that you'll come to appreciate. How many times have you had to fish a towel out of the water after it blew overboard? Or when you're in between dives and your skin suit blows over the side because you had it hung up to dry? Are Pillows blowing around on the Flybridge while you're cruising?

These Towel & Pillow Keepers act as a 'leash' for items you'd like to keep IN the boat. Low cost and easy to use, they'll pay for themselves with the first towel or Skin Suit they save.

Great to use on:

Float Toys
Dive Gear (Skin suits, Wet Suits, Gloves, Booties, etc)
Seat Covers and other Canvas Covers
Simply run the clip end around a cleat, grab rail or stanchion and then trhough the preformed loop. Make the clip fast to the item you want protected and you're good to go.
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 10

Lip grip digital fishing scale
purchase from

Length – 6.25”
Height – 4”
Width – 1.125”
Weight – 0.3 lbs.
Batteries – One CR2032 battery (included)


The Quarrow® Pistol Grip Digital Scale weighs catches up to 55 lbs. (25kg.) The ergonomic pistol grip design allows you to hold and weigh fish with one hand. The back-lit LCD display will give weight readouts in pounds, kilograms and Jin. Weighing a live catch can be difficult. The non-slip rubber trigger grip ensures a solid grip and the indicator light illuminates when the scale has calculated the exact weight. The pistol grip scale is water-resistant and features stainless steel jaws making it ideal for fresh or saltwater use. A durable nylon pouch and a coil lanyard with carabiner ring are included to keep this scale handy. Quarrow® Pistol Grip Digital Scale…ideal for serious anglers.

• Weighs up to 55 lbs. or 25 Kg.
• Back-lit LCD display
• Measures in Kg, Lbs and Jin
• Ergonomically designed pistol grip
• Indicator light signals exact weight
• Non-slip rubber trigger grip
• Stainless steel jaws
• Coil lanyard with carabiner ring
• Water-resistant
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 33

marine battery knobs
Why does your Boat need BatteryKnobs™???
• It’s all about a clean and tight connection to the engine and DC distribution system.
• Today’s modern outboards and marine inboards are bigger and have a higher current
• Higher horsepower usually means more electrical power output from the alternator
to run more and larger electronics and accessories – that is current being returned to
the battery and distributed onboard.
• ECM’s (Engine Control Modules) require clean and reliable power and ground
connections to function properly. A poor connection can have a direct effect on the
performance of the engine.
• With standard wing-nuts, it is difficult to apply the proper amount of torque by hand,
that’s why some battery manufacturers have gone to hex nuts.
• Using a wrench or pliers always exposes you to arching or shorting.
• A multitude of problems can manifest themselves due to loose or marginal battery
connections either Positive or Negative. A Floating Ground is a good example.
• Some compartments are so tight it’s difficult to get a wrench or pliers on the terminal.
• Since no tools are required it’s much easier & safer to maintain snug terminal'
connections. 5/16'; 3/8' and 5/16
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 15

Poly Glow boat polish
purchase at

Poli Glow is a proven concept in boat polish and is 'NOT' a boat wax. It is easily applied. It wipes on without the need for rubbing or buffing. It will not wash off with soap and water. And lasts for over 12 months!

Poli Glow will work on the following: RV's, Boats, Canoes, Motorhomes, Painted Fiberglass, Painted Metals, Rubber and Vinyl Lettering.

or email at
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 69

Cruiser's Utility Straps
Great for any boat

Purchase at Or email price per pack of 6 each

Available in RED WHITE and BLUE! These Cruiser's Utility Straps are a cross between a bungee cord, a zip tie and a tie down strap. We use them all over the boat as keepers, snubbers, tie downs and holders. There are no metal J hooks to scratch paint or gel coat, in fact there isn't even any hard plastic to scratch the deck or mar aluminum tube. The ladder design allows you to adjust the length and still have expansion and contraction capability. The ladder design also allows the tag end to be looped through a standard ½' grommet. This is a huge benefit for snugging up and tying down tarps, boat covers, biminis, dodgers, sails and other covers.rnrnThe ball end allows you to interlock two or more straps to get to the optimum length you need. The Cruiser's Utility Straps come 6 to a pack. Static length is 15' and the stretched length is approx 21'. Available in White, Blue, Red, Yellow (great for shore power cords),Green and Hunter Green. They will not mar any finish. Get a couple of packs and use them for: Gaff and Boat Hook's (the ball end allows for quick deployment)Door, Hatch and Anchor snubberrnFender Hangers and Fender stowagernShore Power Cord and Hose keepers Vibration dampeners (are doors & hatches humming when the Genny is running?)Gear hangersrnRod KeepersrnBundle MakersrnYou'll find tons of other uses; you just need to have an ample quantity on board!!rnrnThe Cruiser's Utility Straps are proudly made in the United States.
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 15

Lock-n-Haul Transom Saver
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 59

battlewagon bucket

If you've ever spent time on a serious Sportfisherman or a 'Battlewagon', you probably noticed that the 5 gallon buckets used on board had their wire handles removed and replaced with a piece of dock line. There are several reasons for this. The wire handles can rust, they rattle and they can also scratch the big buck paint job or gel coat finishes on the boat. Some crews like to hang them from the fighting chair for various reasons and the wire handle doesn't allow this. But the biggest reason that any Mate will tell you is that the rope handle is just more comfortable if you're lugging buckets full of water, ice, chum and fish all day long.
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 22

Coastal Bucket

The 'Coastal Bucket' incorporates some of the same great features of the Battlewagon Bucket but in a smaller footprint. This 3.5 Gallon, 11' tall bucket is more compact to take up less space on Coastal, Bay and Flats Boats. They store easily in smaller lockers and fish boxes. Kayakers and Pier Fisherman will like the smaller capacity as well.
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 19

Ultimate fishing seat
Purchase at

The Ultimate Fishing Seat by Deck Gear

Our 'standard' seat includes one rod holder and one drink holder. Product Description Aluminum Frame Height 30' Cushioned seat Includes One Rod Holder Includes One Drink Holder $699.00

Short Tourney Fishing Seat

Using the finest and best quality materials, Deck Gear takes pride in developing customs seats, ready to deliver, to meet your needs. Whether you are chasing big Tarpon through Boca Grand or hunting Red Fish on the Flats, these seats provide comfort and reliability. Our seats are used by Professional anglers all across the Country. Shown with optional Rod holder and Drink holder

Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 699

Under water Liquid Lite (6 led)
Purchase from www.gomobymarine.con

The NEW Liquid Lite with 6 LED product utilizes the latest LED technology for it's 800+ lumen brightness. The 6 LED Blue, Green, and White Liquid Lite is the first boat drain plug light in the world. This light, utilizing LED technology, is perfect for attracting bait fish, night diving for lobster or just your nighttime enjoyment. No new holes in your boat. It takes the place of your 1/2" drain plug!!
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 199

one hand hose nozzle
Purchase at

One hand operation, off is off and on is on, nothing in between Extremely high quality, both in Design & Construction Made in the good old USA Slim & streamlined, so you could stow it almost anywhere Water saving design, no leaks or dripples that cycled the boats potable water pump
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 34

Cush-it rod butt cushion/floation

introduce the “Cush-it”, a revolutionary new fish-fighting aid with unmatched versatility and design. Seasoned captains, first-mates, and avid fishermen all agree that the “Cush-it” will soon be a mainstay on every vessel that is serious about catching big fish. The “Cush-it” is available in three sizes; Inshore (ideal for bass rods $12.95), All Species (universal use $21.95), and Big Game (offshore$25.00).

Goes on in seconds


Doesn’t slip or twist during battle

Inshore will float the rod.

Big Game transforms a cooler in a fighting chair

Buoyant – closed pore design

UV resistant - Easy to store
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 12

Light Weight Crew Neck Shirt
Purchase at or email

Light Weight Crew Neck MTC dryprotect Shirt

our fishing performance shirts have 50SPF, Moisture Wicking and Anti Microbial technologies giving you the protection you need with a shirt that is designed to be one of the most comfortable shirts you will ever wear.
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 55

LED Yacht Lights Tri color
Spring Fishing SALE!!Purchase at GREAT FOR BAY BOATS or Yachts! same light gives you 3 colors to choose from.

i2Systems LED Yacht Lights are the brightest, highest quality, and most reliable products available today. An industry pioneer, i2Systems was the first company to integrate High Brightness LED technology into yachts and continues to lead the industry in technology development and innovative designs. •Beautiful Warm White & Perfect Consistency w/ LEDs placed In-House. •Active Thermal Management dims LEDs to Protect against Overheat. •LED Fixtures are Stainless Steel, Titanium Coated, and Waterproof.

•Made in the USA.

Tri color lights!

Patented 3-in-1 led. 3 led colors with easy 2 wire installation. email at
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 89

bright led tackle box light
Purchase from

Every tackle box should have one!


Output – 60 lumens Height – 6.375”

Weight – 0.235 lbs.

Batteries – Three AAA Batteries (included)


The Larry™ 8 LED Pocket Work Light is the essential handyman light. 8 powerful LEDs provide 60 lumens of bright white light. You can’t be a handyman if your hands aren’t…well, handy. The rotating magnetic clip gives you convenient hands-free lighting by attaching to virtually anything. The reinforced plastic body design is shock-proof and water-resistant, making the Larry™ basically indestructible. The Larry™ 8 LED Pocket Work Light…perfect for any job!


8 LEDs output 60 lumens of light (bulbs rated for 110,000+ hours of life)

Rotating magnetic clip Water-resistant reinforced plastic body design
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 10

extending fishing gaff
Purchase from
Length – 10.75” / Extends to 23.6”
Weight – 0.34
Description: Great for Bay Boats and kayaks
The Quarrow® Telescopic Fishing Gaff features high-grade stainless steel gaffs that are corrosion-resistant. A protective rubber cover is attached to the shaft of the gaff that keeps the hook tip covered when not in use. The gaff is also outfitted with an ergonomic PVC grip for a comfortable non-slip grip. The telescoping feature gives over an extra foot of reach, extending to 23.6” overall.
• High quality Stainless Steel hook with protective rubber hook cover• 2 Piece high quality aluminum alloy collapsible frame/handle • Non-slip comfortable PVC grip handle • Wrist strap included • Compact design • Gaff extends to 23.6 inches
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 20

10 lb big ice tray Sportsman show special!!
Just because it's cold doesn't meay you won't need ice!! Treat youself now!! For the Hunter or fisherman!! Purchase from

Big Ice is a breakthrough item for almost every fisherman and hunter. It’s longer lasting ice, which is simple to make. Just fill the trays and place in the freezer. Whether you're heading out for a day trip of fishing or driving out of town, you will finally be able to make your own ice, instead of driving back and forth everyday for more ice. Fishermen need ice to last all day while on a boat. Hunters need ice to preserve their game for a long trip home. This one critical aspect of both fishing and hunting trips impacts the preserving of their fish or game. Whether it is a hunter traveling eight hours or the fisherman offshore all day in the heat, their ice melts too fast.
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 19

Duck Commander 'field bucket'
The Battle “Field-Bucket” Duck Commander® model is available OD Green. It’s sure to be a hit with all Duck Dynasty® Fans. The OD Green Bucket uses our new Matrix Camo Flat Rope Handle. The handle allows heavy loads to be carried with comfort and ease. The rope handle also provides a better grip with cold and wet hands. The Duck Commander Logo is molded into the 5 Gallon bucket on two sides so it will look sharp for a long time. Anyone that carries heavy loads will appreciate the comfort of the Rope Handle. Whether you’re Duck Hunting, camping, shooting or “Prepping”, the Battle “Field-Bucket” allows you to carry heavy loads with comfort and ease. The Bucket & Handle have been load tested to over 200 pounds so it can handle just about anything you can carry. It won't rust or rattle either.Our patented Stainless Steel Transition Hooks allows the rope handle to be attached to the bucket with no holes, knots or other modifications, so every bucket can be filled to capacity and all buckets can be easily stacked. The rope handles are fabricated from massive 5/8” diameter round or flat marine grade Eurostrand Nylon so it’s comfortable in the hand and easily connects to rigging for tree stands or blinds. These buckets are high quality and long lasting. The Battle “Field-Bucket” Duck Commander®………carrying the load over rough terrain!! “Cut em Boys!” purchase at
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 25

digital fishing scale

When fish size and weight are important, here is one scale that gets the job done, regardless of lighting conditions. The Quarrow® Portable Digital Fishing Scale comes with a 3 ft. tape measure and 2 LED flashlight. The scale has a backlit digital readout that measures in pounds, kilograms and ounces. The scale also measures the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. This ergonomically designed fishing scale fits conveniently in your hand. Weighing up to 110 lbs. this scale is accurate to within 0.5 lbs / 0.05 Kg. The Digital Fishing Scale uses 2 AAA batteries (included.)
Phone: 337-802-0264

Lake Charles, La 19

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