G4 Burner, LLC

 2080 Hwy. 1 Raceland, LA 70395

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7 days a week

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About Us

Never worry about running out of propane in the middle of a boil!!

Why settle for a burner that requires so much planning when you have every thing you need at home?

The G4Burner
Uses household natural gas (4oz.) and is 100% stainless steel Boils 7 gallons of water in approximately 18 minutes.
Each Burner is handcrafted with 304 Stainless steel mill finished material.
Uses 5 jets for even heat distribution and side shield to block wind.
Comes with an 12’ gas hose with a quick disconnect on one end.
Weighs 11 pounds.
Can be used with a small stockpot or up to a 120 quart boiling pot.
Less than 1/4 the operating cost of propane.
Each burner is individually tested.

I have been married since 1999 and have 2 beautiful children. Growing up in Louisiana has really thought me the value of family. Often we gather with extended family and boil crawfish. Not only¬† do the adults look forward to visiting with one another but the children often ask “ When are we boiling crawfish again ?” because they enjoy and appreciate family gathering just as much as we do. After I built my first natural gas burner and realize the ease of not having to worry about propane, I wanted to improve quality family time for others. I hope your G4 Burner and enjoy it with your family and friends as much as I have enjoyed mine.

G4Burner gives back to the community!! 10% of all proceeds go directly to Join My World Center which is a local non profit organization whose mission is to enhance life long opportunities for individual with Autism and Other related Disorders by establishing and funding an academic enhancement program for children with Autism and Other Related Disorders.

If you are interested in selling my product please contact me for further information.